Survival Of the Thickest Season 2 Begins Filming in Brooklyn This Month

Michelle Buteau is returning to New York City to shoot the encore season of her Netflix show! The second season of ‘Survival Of the Thickest’ is slated to begin filming in Brooklyn, New York, on July 22, 2024. Co-created by Michelle Buteau and Danielle Sanchez Witzel, the Netflix comedy-drama is expected to reprise its leading cast and continue its story from the happy conclusion of season 1 with a tentative season 2 release in 2025.

Mavis Beaumont is a plus-size fashion designer whose life begins to fall apart when she finds her long-term boyfriend, Jacque, cheating on her in their home. Distraught and moving into a new apartment that she shares with a stranger, the designer is helped through her low point by friends, one of whom connects her to Natasha Karina, a supermodel who requires her services. Mavis’ body-positive designs become popular, and she begins to work with a drag queen clientele. With her popularity and confidence on the rise, she is asked out by a man named Luca, and they begin to foster a relationship. However, Jacque returns, asking for another chance, and proposes, influencing Mavis to say yes through her parents.

Season 1 ended with the fashion designer realizing that she cannot let others influence her life decisions, and she puts an end to things with Jacque for good. She then flies to Italy and makes up with Luca, kissing him and looking forward to a new chapter in her life. Season 2 will likely continue Mavis’ journey with Luca in Italy and see her balance the overwhelming stress of work by giving more time to her personal life. However, she will still have to figure out how to sustain her relationship with Luca in the long run, given their distance.

Michelle Buteau is a stand-up comedian turned actress whose latest performances include essaying Dawn in Neon’s ‘Babes,’ Bree Washington in ‘First Wives Club,’ and Little Lisa’s Mom in ‘Clerks III.’ About the second season of ‘Survival Of the Thickest,’ the co-creator has called it “bigger, better, Blacker than before.” In an interview, she explained that there was a lot more left to explore in the life of Mavis, saying, “A lot of times, we’re supposed to think that we stopped growing like at 30-35 (years old). We’re like, we haven’t figured out, and we’re supposed to have all this money by the time we’re 50 and retire at 65 — that’s not it. We can still learn about ourselves in life. You know, we are complex; we are nuanced.”

The first season of ‘Survival Of the Thickest,’ was also shot in New York City, taking us through its iconic urban sprawl. Some other inclusive and diverse TV shows shot around the city include ‘Orange Is the New Black,’ ‘Elsbeth,’ ‘The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel,’ ‘Euphoria,’ and ‘The Morning Show.’

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