Lifetime’s The Ex Obsession: Where Was the Movie Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

‘The Ex Obsession’ is a thriller movie that sees the accidental death of a woman’s ex-boyfriend and his identity being stolen by her husband. Kim and her husband, John, are heading to a work party while he raves about a new co-worker. Upon reaching, she discovers that he is talking about Grant, her ex-boyfriend, who has joined John’s workplace. Grant is suave and stylish, while John is unassuming and a little awkward. Kim hides the truth about Grant from John, pretending not to know him. However, when the former lovers later meet in private, John discovers them and mistakenly believes that Kim is cheating on him with Grant. In a fit of rage, John accidentally murders Grant and hides the body under Kim’s direction.

Kim keeps her composure and instructs John to take on Grant’s identity and use his credit cards, personality, and information. Reluctant at first, John discovers a new sense of confidence upon reshaping himself in Grant’s image, leading to success in his work and more attention from everyone around him. However, as the couple’s obsession with Grant grows, it becomes increasingly difficult for them to keep the truth buried. With Michael Civille at the helm, the Lifetime movie spins an intriguing tale of identity, manipulation, and misdirection, taking its course through commonplace settings with dark undertones. Thus, it is natural why many may be inclined to learn about the backdrops behind the movie’s spiraling narrative.

The Ex Obsession Filming Locations

‘The Ex Obsession’ was filmed entirely in Atlanta, Georgia. Principal photography began in May 2022 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by May 29, 2022. During their filming schedule, the cast and crew faced substantial challenges, including those levied by the COVID-19 pandemic. “We survived blazing heat, torrential rain and a small COVID outbreak. But they kept everything running,” wrote actress Chaley Rose in the caption of a picture she shared on social media. Allow us to take you through the filming destination chosen to lens this Lifetime film.

Atlanta, Georgia

Situated in the Deep South among the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains, Atlanta serves as the backdrop for ‘The Ex Obsession.’ The capital city provides an array of urban landscapes and suburban neighborhoods that perfectly complement the movie’s themes of secrecy and deception. The city’s vibrant neighborhoods, from the historic charm of Grant Park to the sleek modernity of Midtown, offer a diverse range of settings for the film’s unfolding drama.

The juxtaposition of bustling workplaces and cafes with quiet residential areas mirrors the contrast between the characters’ outwardly charming appearances and their hidden motives. Atlanta’s thriving arts and culture scene adds an extra layer of authenticity to the film, with local art and graffiti making cameo appearances in the movie. Moreover, Atlanta’s status as a major hub for the film industry provides access to top-notch production facilities and experienced crew members, ensuring that the filmmakers have all the resources necessary to bring their vision to life.

From soundstages to post-production facilities, Atlanta offers a comprehensive filmmaking ecosystem that facilitated the smooth production of ‘The Ex Obsession.’ Known as the Hollywood of the South, Atlanta has become a popular filming location for Lifetime movies due to its diverse scenery, skilled workforce, and generous tax incentives for filmmakers. Some of these include, ‘A Mother’s Intuition,’ ‘The Perfect In-Laws,’ ‘The Neighbors Are Watching,’ and ‘Murder at the Country Club.’

The Ex Obsession Cast

Chaley Rose steps into the role of Kim Revelle in ‘The Ex Obsession.’ The actress is well known for her performance as Zoey Dalton in ‘Nashville.’ She can also be spotted in ‘Holiday Heist,’ ‘36 Saints,’ and an episode of ‘Lucifer.’ Starring alongside her, B.J. Britt dons the garb of John Revelle. Britt is most well known for essaying Antoine Triplett in ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,’ Paul Patterson, Jr. in ‘Being Mary Jane,’ and Kyle in ‘Peaceful Warrior.’ You may have also seen him in ‘A Christmas Serenade,’ ‘For the Love of Jason,’ and ‘The Devil You Know.’

Anthony Dalton takes up the role of Grant. The Indianapolis-born actor garnered attention for his work in ‘The Paynes’ as Terrance. He has gone on to feature in productions like ‘Shots Fired,’ ‘Saints & Sinners,’ and ‘Sistas.’ Supporting cast members of the film include Kayla Sutton as Carla, Masud Olufani as Rob, Anne-Marie Kennedy as Raven, Soma Chhaya as Alma, Sandra Lee-Oian Thomas as Midge, and Alie Urquhart as Tippi. Also featured in the film are Krystal M. Harris as Chloe alongside Steven L. Thornton Jr. and Gabi Del Moral as Officers.

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