The Wrath of Becky Ending, Explained: Does Diego the Dog Die?

Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote’s ‘The Wrath of Becky,’ a sequel to the 2020 film ‘Becky,’ is an action comedy film with a revenge plot at its center. Following Becky, an orphan girl with a knack for vengeful violence, the film charts her journey as she escapes from the foster care system with her loyal dog, Diego. After finding a place to stay with a kind old lady, Elena, Becky’s life begins anew until some men from a fascist organization attack their home and kidnap Diego. Armed with her fierce streak, Becky must face off against her aggravators, who call themselves “The Noble Men.”

If you’re curious to see where this new dangerous and gory escapade takes Becky and what it uncovers about the Noble Men, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Wrath of Becky.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Wrath of Becky Plot Synopsis

At 13, Becky’s father dies at the hands of three neo-nazis, whom Becky brutally murders afterward. After the incident, Becky gets passed around foster care a lot, where she pretends to be a trouble-free child until she gets the opportunity to flee. As such, by 16, Becky has run away from three foster homes before abandoning the system in an effort to strike out on her own with Diego. Once while hitchhiking, Becky finds Elena Cahn, who offers to rent Becky a room at her house without asking too many questions.

Now Becky and Diego have been living with Elena for almost a year, while Becky works at the local diner as a waitress. During a shift at work, three rowdy men enter the establishment and make rude comments toward Becky. The teenager, irked by their attitude, “accidentally” spills coffee on one of them. However, after Becky’s shift, the men, Anthony, DJ, and Sean, decide to follow Becky back to her house. In the dark of the night, the men invade her house, knocking Diego out when he tries to stop them.

Holding Becky at gunpoint, Anthony and DJ threaten the girl until Elena emerges with a shotgun. Nonetheless, Anothiny surprises her with a hidden gun and shoots the old lady dead with a bullet in her skull. When Becky tries to attack them in her rage, Anthony knocks her out, and the men escape. The next morning, Becky wakes and realizes the men that killed Elena took Diego and vows to take revenge on them. Recalling the men mentioning someone named Darryl at the diner, Becky tracks two Darryls down in the town.

The first Darryl turns out to be an old woman, but Becky finds Anthony’s friend Darryl on the second try. The man lives in a remote property with a barnful of ammunition and weapons. Soon, Becky realizes that Darryl, Anthony and his friends, and Twig, another house guest, are members of a fascist terrorist organization, “The Nobel Men,” who are planning a rally in the following days against the state’s liberal female senator, Hernandez.

Becky sneaks into one of Darryl’s rooms and steals a USB containing the names and addresses of thousands of people who are a part of Darryl’s bigoted cause. Afterward, Becky lures Anthony out of the house by leaving a phone on the doorstep with a cryptic voice message. Once Darryl learns the truth about what Anthony and the others did, he orders Anthony to return Diego to Becky.

However, Anothony tries to intimidate Becky, chasing after her but falls into her trap and meets a gruesome end. Once Darryl realizes Becky’s potential and learns that she has stolen the USB and hidden it somewhere, the gravity of the situation starts to dawn upon him. Simultaneously, Sean realizes that the Nobel Men are planning an insurrection, and he tries to leave, unwilling to play their game any longer.

As a result, Darryl, an ex-army man with dangerous anger, kills Sean with his bare hands. Nevertheless, when he orders DJ to hunt down Becky, the latter flees from the scene in his car. Meanwhile, Becky serves another grisly death by hacking at Twig with a machete. Preoccupied with Twig, Becky doesn’t notice Darryl, who sedates her with a dart. The next time Becky wakes, she is in Darryl’s house, tied to a chair with Diego still locked inside a small cage.

The Wrath of Becky Ending: Does Diego The Dog Die?

For the bulk of the film, Diego’s retrieval is the primary drive behind Becky’s actions. Becky and Diego have been together through some tough times, and he has been her constant companion. Moreover, Becky has lost several important people in her life, including her parents and Elena. As such, in many ways, Diego is the only family she has left, and she won’t give up on him in the face of a bunch of far-right fascists.

Additionally, once Becky discovers that Darryl is planning a dangerous politically-driven attack, she decides that if she has the chance to take out the terrorist group, she should take it. Although Becky is able to ensure Diego’s safety by threatening to call the cops on Darryl if she hears her dog getting hurt, Becky soon loses the advantage after Darryl catches her.

After Becky’s capture, Darryl calls in the head of Noble Men to assist him with retrieving information about the USB. Shortly after Becky returns to consciousness, the group head Darryl’s mother, Darryl Sr, the old woman Becky previously met, arrives. Despite the group’s grossly misogynistic values, Darryl Sr. poses as its ironic head and presents an even crueler picture than her son.

After Darryl Sr.’s threats of rape fail to get Becky to share the USB’s location, the former realizes Becky’s weakness. Consequently, Darryl Sr. frees Diego from the cage and threatens to hurt him. The same leads Becky to give in and agree to tell them about the USB. However, Becky only uses it as a distraction and frees herself from her ties, lunging for the bear mace nearby.

Attacking Darryl with the mace, Becky works on cutting her ties completely to free her movement. At the time, Darryl Sr. pulls a gun on Diego, but before she can pull the trigger, Becky throws a knife at her. Becky’s exceptional knife-throwing skills prove themselves as the knife lodges straight in the middle of Darryl Sr.’s skull, killing her and saving Diego from danger.

Does Becky Kill Darryl?

Following Darryl Sr.’s death, Becky leaves Diego at the house, promising to return for him, and takes off for the woods. When Darryl returns to the living room after reorienting himself from the mace, he sees his mother’s dead body and chases Becky, full of rage.

Knowing that Darryl would immediately start following her, Becky leads them deeper into the woods until they arrive at the last trap Becky had set. Although Becky carefully steps away from the marked spots, Darryl unwittingly walks into it. A bear trap clamps onto Darryl’s leg, and another follows when he steps forward again.

With both legs injured, Darryl falls to the ground right into the third perfectly placed trap that pierces his head and neck. Becky watches as Darryl, the last of her targets, dies. Afterward, Becky returns to Diego and finds Darryl Sr. somehow still alive, but due to the severe brain damage, the latter fails to hurt Becky. Instead, Diego attacks her, ripping her to shreds. In the end, Becky takes her revenge and ensures her dog’s safety. Moreover, she remains in possession of incriminating evidence against several “Noble Men.”

What Happens to The Noble Men?

The Noble Men is a large terrorist organization formed on the basis of sexist and racist ideologies. Many group members, like DJ and Twig, are neo-nazis who idolize Hitler and want to rid America of non-white individuals. Likewise, they have an immense deep-seated hatred for women and view them as sub-humans, inherently evil and dislikable.

Darryl and his mother sit at the top of the organization, planning and organizing their violent, hateful rallies. The duo even managed to plan a big-stakes insurrection against Senator Hernandez. Therefore, Becky likely slows down Noble Men’s mobilized actions after killing the mother-son duo. Furthermore, a day later, Becky takes the USB evidence to the authorities, bringing her face-to-face with a CIA agent Kate Montanna.

Montana has been looking for the Noble Men for years since they form one of the most influential terrorist organizations within the country. By bringing the organization’s leaders down in just a day, Becky leaves an impression on Montana. As a result, she offers Becky a job as the CIA’s youngest recruit.

Montana also asserts that they’ll be working together to uncover the secret behind Becky’s key and its hidden coordinates. In the end, Becky, now working for the CIA to hunt down the rest of the Noble Men, finds DJ and blows him up with a grenade launcher. The film’s end promises a thrilling future for Becky and a deadly one for the Noble Men.

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