Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Recap and Ending, Explained

AppleTV+’s ‘Truth Be Told‘ reaches an interesting juncture in its third season with Poppy (Octavia Spencer) and Inspector Aames making a major breakthrough in their investigation of the sex trafficking ring operating in Oakland, California. In the episode, titled ‘The Luxury of Self-Reproach,’ Aames exposes his corrupt partner, Detective Sun, leading to some interesting revelations about Drea Spivey’s murder. Meanwhile, Markus spirals out following Trini’s deteriorating mental health, and Poppy is forced to call in a huge favor from an unexpected ally. If you are wondering whether Poppy and Aames get any further in their investigation, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Truth Be Told’ season 3 episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘The Luxury of Self-Reproach,’ opens with Poppy interviewing Eva for her podcast and discussing her time as a sex trafficking victim. A series of flashbacks reveal a Young Eva working for Andrew Finney and convincing more young girls to enter the world of the sex trade. Finney promises to work on Eva’s mother’s green card case and convinces her they have a future together. As a result, Eva works with other young girls who need money. Elsewhere, Aames reports Detective Kevin Sun’s misdeeds, and he is arrested on the charges of obstruction of justice.

Trini continues having night terrors at the Killebrew house while Markus and Zarina try to comfort her. Poppy meets Aames to congratulate him on Detective Sun’s arrest. While Aames has collected some evidence against his former partner, Detective Sun has lawyered up. Therefore, he needs concrete evidence against Detective Sun to get him talking against the bigger players in the sex trafficking racket. Poppy decides to help Aames look for more evidence. Ames also reveals Detective Sun was planning to leak Shreve’s criminal records.

Through the records, Poppy learns Shreve was imprisoned for assaulting and nearly killing Alexander Troy, her biological father. Poppy meets her aunt, Leona, and asks about her mother’s former boyfriends. Leona explains that her mother dated Alexander before she married Shreve. Leona wanted Elinor to marry Alexander as he was kind, completely contrasting Shreve’s account of her birth father’s personality. Trini, Markus, and Zarina speak with a counselor about her nightmares. However, when Trini expresses concern for Aubrey, Markus is enraged.

Aames and Poppy visit Aubrey at the juvenile detention center and enquire about Detective Sun. Aubrey reveals a motel from where Trey and Detective Sun operated. He also explains Trey was afraid of Detective Sun. At Detective Sun’s office, Poppy and Aames discover a locker containing the missing evidence from Drea Spivey’s murder case and suspect him to be the killer. In prison, Aames taunts Detective Sun into talking about his involvement in Drea’s murder. Detective Sun admits killing Drea for disobeying him but refuses allegations of raping her.

Detective Sun refuses to reveal who he is working for, making it hard for him Aames to connect Drea’s death with the sex trafficking ring and its leader. Therefore, he must find another connection between Detective Sun and Andrew Finney. Poppy suggests using Lee Hackman’s help to access the private accounts linked to Detective Sun. Meanwhile, Trini tricks Zarina into letting her out of the house and meets Aubrey’s friend Cooper. She convinces Cooper to deliver a message to Aubrey.

Markus tracks down Bill Ochoa, the man who assaulted Trini. Markus steals Bill’s phone and establishes a connection between him and Finney. However, Poppy explains they cannot use it as evidence since the phone was obtained illegally. Poppy finishes her interview with Eva but realizes Eva said nothing incriminating against Finney. As a result, she cannot use any part of the interview on her podcast. However, Hackman agrees to help Poppy and Aames in their investigation. He gives them access to the private accounts allowing the duo to track secret payments made to Finney.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 7 Ending: How Did Aames Find Emily Mills?

In the episode’s final moments, Aames and Poppy meet with Lee Hackman, hoping to get his help. Hackman helps them duo out of respect for Poppy’s father. As a result, Poppy and Aames gain access to the details of private accounts on Quester used for making payments to other accounts. During Aames’ search for Emily Mills, he discovers the teenager’s connection to a man named Marv Lanelle. Aames suspects that Emily’s father, Peter Mills, is in debt and owed money to Marv. As a result, he gives Emily to Marv as collateral for the money he borrowed.

Poppy asks Hackman access to Marv’s Quester account, and Aames uses the details to confirm his theory. As a result, Aames obtains a search warrant and shows up at Marv’s house with the police. He searches the house and finds Emily locked in a cage. The episode ends as Aames rescues Emily and comforts her following her traumatic experiences with Marv. In the end, Aames’ hunch about Peter’s financial woes proves to be correct. As a result, he succeeds in tracking down and rescuing Emily. However, the entire Emily Mills case seems to be disconnected from the sex trafficking ring that Poppy and Aames are investigating.

The episode hints at several unknown factors in the sex trafficking ring case, and Poppy believes there is more to the story than meets the eye. Similarly, Eva’s interview about Finney’s involvement in the sex trade appears to be carefully constructed so that her words cannot be used against Finney. All things said, the mystery of young girls disappearing from Oakland seems far more complex, and with Trini, Melanie, and Emily all being retrieved, it is likely that Aames and Poppy will get one step closer to the truth.

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