Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Recap: Darkness Declares the Glory of Light

AppleTV+’s ‘Truth Be Told‘ is a crime drama series revolving around Poppy Scoville (Octavia Spencer), a journalist turned true-crime podcaster investigating murder mysteries in Oakland, California. In the third season, Drea Spivey’s murder case leads Poppy into a web of sex trafficking and related crimes she must solve to protect young girls in the town. In the eighth episode, titled ‘Darkness Declares the Glory of Light,’ Poppy tries to find evidence against Andrew Finney while her relationship with Eva sours. However, an unexpected turn leaves question marks on Poppy’s investigation. If you are looking for an explanation about the ending of ‘Truth Be Told’ season 3 episode 8, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Recap

The eighth episode, titled ‘Darkness Declares the Glory of Light,’ opens with Emily Mills returning home and reuniting with her parents after Aames finds her in Marv Lanelle’s house. Emily is interviewed by a news reporter and thanks everyone involved in her search for a new lease on life. Meanwhile, Aames studies the notice board about Emily’s case and makes some strange observations. As a result, he is compelled to dive deeper into the case. Meanwhile, Markus and Poppy try to figure out why Andrew Finney was paying money to Bill Ochoa, who they suspect to be a John in the sex trafficking racket.

Markus discovers security cameras at the mixer house but cannot identify where the footage is being transmitted. As a result, he suggests taking the help of Frankie, an off-the-grid hacker who could help them find the video footage from the cameras. However, Markus insists on meeting Frankie alone. Meanwhile, Shreve meets Lee Hackman’s wife, Sybil, and they discuss Questeur’s expansion in Oakland, California. However, Sybil agrees that Lee giving Poppy access to private Questeur accounts should remain a secret.

Elsewhere, Aames visits the Mills family and questions Emily about her whereabouts during her kidnapping. Aames accuses Emily and Peter of planning the kidnapping to extort money from Emily’s mother. Aames reveals that Peter owed money to Marv due to his drug and gambling addiction. Therefore, Emily planned her kidnapping so that the ransom money could be used to pay off Marv and she could get famous. Aames backs up his claims with sufficient evidence, exposing Emily and Peter’s lies.

Poppy goes to meet Eva, who is devastated after Poppy does not drop her interview in her podcast. Poppy reveals that they have a new avenue in taking down Finney and that Eva does not need to expose herself in the public eye. However, Eva is distraught and angry with Poppy as she has to relive her traumatic memories. The two women end up in a verbal spat, and Poppy leaves Eva’s house. Meanwhile, Trini and Melanie spend some together, and the latter helps Trini meet Aubrey.

Trini meets Aubrey at the juvenile detention center but breaks up with him. After coming home, Trini comes clean to Zarina. However, she feels guilty for destroying her relationship with Markus. After seeing the video footage acquired by Markus, Poppy heads to meet Andrew Finney in person as she believes he is being blackmailed by someone higher up in the chain. However, Finney refuses to speak with Poppy at his office and gives her a note asking her to meet later in private.

Eva confronts Finney in a parking lot, but the latter refuses to recognize her. However, he checks her hand for a tattoo before leaving. A short while later, a mysterious car runs over Finney in the parking lot multiple times. As a result, Finney is killed. Aames arrives at the crime scene and informs Poppy of Finney’s death. Markus becomes dismayed by the dead end caused by Finney’s death. He reveals that the stress from the sex trafficking case and Trini’s situation has caused him to start drinking again. he tries to kiss Poppy, who becomes upset with his behavior.

Truth Be Told Season 3 Episode 8 Ending: Who Killed Andrew Finney?

In the episode’s final act, Desiree and the Scovilles hold a birthday party for Melanie. While everyone celebrates, Poppy mends her relationship with Shreve. However, the celebration is cut short after Aames informs Poppy of Andrew Finney’s death. He explains that the crime scene indicates a personal angel was involved in Finney’s death, as a car had run over the body several times. As a result, Poppy fears the worst and wonders if Eva is involved in Finney’s death. Therefore, she goes to Eva’s house and breaks the news of Finney’s death herself.

After learning of Finney’s demise, Eva is relatively unshocked and has a much better grip on her emotions. However, her conversation with Poppy seemingly implies that the true-crime podcaster is more than unconvinced of Eva’s involvement in Finney’s death. Considering Eva’s complicated past and final interaction with Finney, she may be involved in his murder. On the other hand, the timing of Finney’s murder is far too surprising since he was killed right after agreeing to talk to Poppy.

Furthermore, Finney failed to recognize Eva during their brief encounter before his death. All things said, Eva seems to be a red herring and might not have killed Finney. In the episode, Poppy suspects Finney is afraid of someone and under heavy surveillance. Therefore, it is likely that someone in a position of power killed Finney to cover their tracks. However, only time will tell how Finney was connected to the sex trafficking ring. Nonetheless, due to Finney’s demise, Poppy and Markus’ investigation will certainly become more complicated.

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