Violent Night Ending, Explained: How Does Santa Come Back To Life?

Have you ever wondered how Christmas would look like if there were hammers instead of candy canes and blood instead of snow? Well, that is what the action comedy movieViolent Night’ presents to the viewers. Directed by Tommy Wirkola, the film narrates a rendition of ‘Violent Night, Scary Night’ instead of ‘Silent Night, Holy Night.’ Furthermore, the events of the movie are anything but calm. As a group of mercenaries takes the wealthy Lightstone family hostage, Santa Claus attempts to protect little Trudy and her family.

David Harbour redefines the Santa spirit with his quirky charm and heroic action. He is lovable while packing a mean punch. The movie furthers the debate between believers and pragmatic pessimists. Santa also sheds light on the growing greed and mindlessness in children of today’s day and age. Capitalism has spread its wings to divulge the modern spirit of Christmas. You must be wondering how the story reaches its climax. So, without further ado, let’s discuss the ending of the movie ‘Violent Night.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Violent Night Plot Synopsis

The movie opens with Santa getting drunk at a local bar. He goes on a rant about how modern kids have become greedy and obsessed with materialistic things. As he goes to deliver more presents, the kids’ list is filled with wishing for cash and video games. Santa misses the good old days when kids were indeed kind and wanted something meaningful.

In the meanwhile, we get a glimpse of the rich and spoilt Lightstone family. Jason and Linda are separated, but they celebrate Christmas together for their daughter Trudy’s sake. They go to the Lightstone mansion to be with the rest of the family. Jason’s sister Alva is already there, with her son Bert and boyfriend Morgan. Consequently, the siblings prepare to grovel and please their rich and successful mother, Gertrude.

Just as the family is gearing up to spend a magical Christmas Eve, the servants go rogue. The man-in-charge, Scrooge, gets everyone in order and takes the family hostage. The mercenaries disguise themselves as waiters and staff helpers to get into the mansion. Jason and Linda hear the gunshots and rush to get Trudy out of danger. However, the goons catch up to them, and every Lightstone family member is escorted to the main room.

When Santa witnesses this turn of events, he prepares to run away at first. However, as he sees a little kid in danger, he resolves that he cannot leave her alone. Subsequently, Santa beats up the mercenaries, who are all on his naughty list. He gets brutally injured in the scuffle as well. Additionally, Jason gifted a walkie-talkie to Trudy so that she could talk to Santa Claus. The device comes in handy as it matches the frequency of a mercenaries’ radio phone, and Santa gets to talk to Trudy. The unlikely duo band together to fight the bad guys while protecting the family.

In the midst of violence and gore, Santa and Trudy share some heartwarming moments as they talk about Trudy’s previous wishes. Santa fulfilled every one of those and remembered what she asked for. Furthermore, Trudy learns about Santa’s past and his deepest desire, which is to patch things up with Mrs. Claus. The subsequent fate of Santa and the Lightstone family is unraveled in the climax of the movie.

Violent Night Ending: How Does Santa Come Back To Life?

The movie’s evident violence and fight scenes can be tough to watch for some people. In Santa’s hands, anything can become a deadly weapon, from candy canes and Christmas lights to hammers and a sock full of balls. He fights with every ounce of energy as Santa cannot forgive the people who are extremely naughty and evil.

Moreover, we get a glimpse into Santa’s past life and experiences. He was previously called Nicomund. He was a brave warrior, raider, and thief with a desire for only riches and jewels. Wielding his weapon of choice, Skullcrusher, he swept up everyone who stood in his way. Leaving behind that life of violence and blood, he became Santa Claus. Consequently, Trudy urges him to use his past combat knowledge for good and fight for the good guys.

The encouragement from Trudy fills new life and ignites a fire in Santa. He gears up for the fight of his life as he single-handedly goes against a whole crew of skilled mercenaries. Unfortunately, Christmas magic does not protect Santa from getting cut or spewing blood. He gets badly injured by the end of the movie. He is left helpless after enduring multiple wounds and stabbings.

Jason, Linda, and Trudy huddle around him to find a way to save him. They realize it’s too late but build a fire to keep him warm. Trudy expresses how she believes in Santa and the festival of Christmas with all her heart. The events consolidate her belief in Santa and the inexplicable magic. The whole family chimes in to express their renewed belief in the world and Santa. The power of believing brings Santa back to life.

The greedy, non-believers keep their issues aside and come together to save Santa. Thus, they ascertain the spirit of Christmas. The festival of Christmas and its magic lies in people banding together without their issues and struggles to celebrate and have a good time. The Lightstones forget about their money and familial issues when they see the night unfold. Santa ignites the spark of faith in everyone, and the subsequent energy gives new life to Santa.

Do Jason and Linda End Up Together?

Despite the craze for video games and mobile phones in young kids, Trudy sets herself apart by wishing for something truly meaningful. She does not wish for gifts or expensive items. Rather, she prays for her parents to forget their differences and fall in love again. Her wish proves to Santa that some kids remain untouched by capitalism and the greed of modern times. Santa feels at peace finding a kid like Trudy. However, he is saddened to realize that he does not have the magic to fulfill her wish.

Santa is a powerful and magical being, but even he cannot make people set their differences aside. He couldn’t do so for himself and Mrs. Claus either. However, fate brings the two couples together and lends a helping hand toward the magic of Christmas. After the night’s unfortunate events, Jason and Linda come to see what they mean to each other. They risk their lives to keep each other safe.

Previously, greed and money were keeping the couple apart because Jason was too indulged in getting his mother’s wealth. Jason changes his ways and proves the same to Linda by setting the money on fire. Thus, Linda recognizes Jason’s true love and effort to keep his family together. In the end, Trudy gets her Christmas wish with her parents back together and in love. Furthermore, Trudy gets to experience the love of both her parents, and her family is complete again.

Even Mrs. Claus comes around by the movie’s end as she sends Santa’s spare sack with the reindeer. The climax of ‘Violent Night’ showcases a happy ending for everyone except for the malicious and covetous mercenaries who only wanted money. The ending elevates the true spirit of Christmas and highlights the value of being a good person.

What Was In Jason’s Letter To Gertrude?

From the moment Alva and Jason meet, they fight to earn their mother’s attention and love. More than being a sibling rivalry, it sheds light on Gertrude’s upbringing. She made her kids fight for her approval. No kid should have to go through that. A mother’s love is unconditional and unrivaled. Gertrude is rich and successful, so ultimately, the kids also fight for her money and riches.

Along with his gift to his mother, Jason wrote a letter to her. Gertrude was meant to read the letter in the morning, after the celebrations. However, the mercenaries make the family exchange gifts in front of them. Initially, she did not reveal the contents of the letter. But later, we get to know that Jason explained his plan of action to his mother in the letter. He stole the money from the vault with an aspiration to move away and start a new life with his family.

Jason already stole and hid the precious money that the mercenaries are after. Instead of getting mad, Gertrude praises Jason and expresses how proud she is. The Lightstone family always fights to take what’s theirs, and Jason does exactly that. She also had to fight her father to get the company’s reins, so she is happy that Jason followed in her footsteps.

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