Where Are Kaz And Kieran Bishop From Dated & Related Now?

Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related‘ is a dating show with a unique premise that intrigues many. All the participants in the reality series are accompanied by their siblings as they enter a luxurious villa to find the perfect romantic match for them. While there, the participants must not only try their best to find someone to love but also support their siblings to do the same. At the end of each season, one romantic couple gets to take home a cash prize of $100,000, yet the path to winning the competition is far from easy.

The show’s first season has made fans interested to know about the cast members, including the sibling duo of Kaz and Kieran Bishop. The twins from London had the viewers’ attention of the viewers and housemates since they first stepped into the villa. Now, if you are curious about what the brothers are up to these days. Well, we are here to answer the same!

Kaz And Kieran Bishop’s Dated & Related Journey

From their first day in the villa, Kaz and Kieran Bishop had their eyes set on Diana and Nina Parsijani, respectively. Diana, too, was quite taken with Kaz though things took a turn when Joey and Corrina Roppo won the first sibling challenge. Given Corrina’s interest in Kaz, the Roppos chose to go on a double date with the Bishops. Despite the date going well, for the most part, Diana was torn about Kaz’s intentions. After returning to the villa, he conversed with her, assuring the Parsijani twin that he only had eyes for her and would clarify things with Corrina about the same, leading to a make-out session between them.

After Kaz clarified his situation with Corrina, he and Diana finally got together and decided to help push Nina and Kieran together, but things changed with the entry of Alara Taneri. In the game of Pass the Parcel, which was organized to welcome the Perfettos and the Taneris, she kissed Kieran on the cheek and expressed her interest in the Bishop brother. Yet, when the parcel landed on him, he decided to kiss Nina on the lips to clarify his intentions to both women.

The following day witnessed a small fight between Nina and Alara, and Kieran decided not to intervene. Things took a dramatic turn when Alara and her brother Ceylan Taneri won a secret task and knowing where his sister’s heart was, he chose Kieran to be her date. This miffed Nina, who then decided to watch from afar as he and Alara spent their double date with Ceylan and Julia Perfetto. Kieran once again clarified that his eyes were set on Nina during the date; however, that did not stop the Parsijani sister from getting upset.

Upon Kieran’s return, Nina and he got into an argument where she claimed that she was hurt by the fact that he was apparently entertaining Alara’s overtures. This led the two to split up briefly, and Kieran decided to talk to Nina again after the tempers cooled down a bit. Sadly, that option fell out of the window with the entry of Henry and William Wade, who decided to take the Parsijani sisters on a date.

Following the double date, Kieran and Nina talked and got back together, prompting Henry to reveal that she had told him she was single during their date. Upset by the revelation, Kieran had a conversation with Nina, which led the two to split up for good. After learning about Kieran’s split from Nina, Alara decided to ask him to the Lady’s Choice Prom Night. While he accepted the proposal, he was still unsure about his feelings for the latter, though that was resolved afterward.

On the other hand, Kaz decided to take the next step and enlisted his brother’s help to bring Diana to a romantic spot and express his love for the Parsijani girl. Using a placard, Kaz asked Diana to officially be his girlfriend, which she accepted and expressed her love for him.

Kaz and Diana, along with Keiran and Alara, were two of the three couples still standing at the end of the season, along with Nina and Daniel Perfetto. All three pairs enjoyed luxurious dates and celebrated their success; the eliminated participants were brought back to the villa to vote, leading Kaz and Diana to win the $100,000 cash prize. So, for those wondering about the current whereabouts of the Bishop brothers, we have your back!

Where Are Kaz And Kieran Bishop Now?

Both Kaz and Kieran are doing well in their lives, yet their relationship status with Diana and Alara seems to be under wraps. However, given some of the comments made by Kaz on Nina and Diana’s posts, we have to believe that Kaz and Diana are at least on amicable terms, if nothing more. As of writing, he works as a firefighter while Kieran is a banking consultant. Nevertheless, this does not mean that the two have given up on the entertainment industry.

In fact, ‘Dated & Related’ is far from their first time on television as the twins also appeared on ‘Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion.’ Moreover, the brothers are fond of traveling and recently made a trip to Ibiza, Spain. Out of the two Bishops, it seems that Kieran has more of a social media following than Kaz. In October 2022, the brothers will celebrate their 31st birthday, and we wish them the best for the same, hoping that they find happiness in their personal and professional lives.

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