Hallmark’s Mystic Christmas: Shooting Locations and Cast Details

Image Credit: Robert Clark/Hallmark Media

Hallmark’s ‘Mystic Christmas’ is a holiday romantic film that centers on a world-traveling marine veterinarian named Juniper Jones who gets an opportunity to help her roommate by moving to the titular location where she lands a temporary job at the Marine Mammal Rehabilitation Center and Aquarium. Mainly dealing with a seal named Peppermint to help it get back in the wild, she explores the seafaring town and crosses paths with the owner of a famous pizza shop, Sawyer, with whom she shared a romantic night a few years prior.

Even after deciding to move past their complicated history, Juniper and Sawyer end up reigniting their spark. Since the former is in town temporarily, the pizza shop owner as well as the interns she oversees try to convince her to stay. Directed by Marlo Hunter, the movie unfolds in the town of Mystic where the main characters spend most of their time in the pizza shop and aquarium. So, if you wish to find out where ‘Mystic Christmas’ was shot, we have gathered all the necessary information about the same!

Where Was Mystic Christmas Filmed?

‘Mystic Christmas’ was filmed in Connecticut, particularly in Mystic. According to reports, the production of the holiday film took place at the end of spring, around May 2023. Now, without further ado, let’s traverse through all the specific sites that make an appearance in the Hallmark production!

Mystic, Connecticut

The shooting of the entirety of ‘Mystic Christmas’ was carried out in the village and census-designated place of Mystic situated on the east and west banks of the estuary of the eponymous River. During the production process, the director and his team primarily set up camp in and around the Mystic Seaport Museum AKA Mystic Seaport: The Museum of America and the Sea at 75 Greenmanville Avenue. Established in 1929, the museum is notable for its impressive collection of sailing ships and boats. The museum’s interiors and exteriors were decorated with fake snow, bells, Christmas trees, and lights, along with a large anchor at the entrance.

For shooting purposes, the filming unit also recorded several key portions in the Mystic Aquarium at 55 Coogan Boulevard and Mango’s Wood-Fired Pizza Co. at 27 Coogan Boulevard Building 8, both in the village of Mystic. Moreover, the Olde Mistick Village at 27 Coogan Boulevard served as yet another prominent filming site for the production of ‘Mystic Christmas.’

In an interview with CT Insider, Jessy Schram talked about the locations in Mystic where they shot the film. He stated, “When they said (the film) was going to be in Mystic, I looked it up and I thought that the pictures were adorable. I knew we weren’t going anywhere where we would not be enjoying ourselves, and I really loved the rehabilitation aspect that it focuses on for marine life.”

Mystic Christmas Cast

In the Hallmark holiday film, Jessy Schram plays the role of Juniper. Recognized as a star from a very young age, Schram has been bagging several important roles in numerous productions, after having started with featuring in commercials, voice-overs, and television work. She stars in ‘Shot Caller,’ ‘Royal New Year’s Eve,’ ‘Road to Christmas,’ ‘A Nashville Christmas Carol,’ ‘Time for Them to Come Home for Christmas,’ ‘Nashville,’ and ‘Chicago Med.’

On the other hand, Chandler Massey essays the character of Sawyer in ‘Mystic Christmas.’ The Atlanta native might seem like a familiar face to many of you as he has been featured in several productions over the course of his acting career. For instance, Chandler has bagged key roles in ‘Angels in Stardust,’ ‘The Standoff,’ ‘Hide in the Light,’ ‘Next Stop, Christmas,’ ‘The Professional Bridesmaid,’ and ‘Days of Our Lives.’

Besides the two leading stars, the film features other talented actors in supporting roles, including Delaney Quinn as Louisa, Patti Murin as Candice, Eric Freeman as Peter, Nick Jordan as Nick, Ralph Adriel Johnson as Eric, and Jeff Oggie Ogren as Paul. Furthermore, Keri Safran, Amelie McKendry, Robert Loftus, Jennifer Markes, Shravan Amin, Joe Curtin, Joanne Palumbo, Alex Barber, and William R. Moses feature in the Hallmark film as well.

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