Anchovy: Love Village Contestant is Thriving as a Professional Chef Now

Netflix’s ‘Love Village‘ is a dating show that is undoubtedly different from the ones you might be used to. Featuring participants between the age of 35 and 60, the Japanese series features many beautiful love stories and how the cast members balance their feelings and practical needs. One of the most interesting participants from the show is Anchovy, whose experience in the series was nothing if not bafflingly unique.

Anchovy’s Love Village Journey

Entering the Netflix show, Anchovy was hopeful about finding his perfect match and was already sure about what we wanted from his partner. Despite being a trained chef, he did not necessarily disclose the fact to all the cast members as he was afraid that people would always expect him to cook. Anchovy admitted that doing so would feel like he was still working and wanted a partner to understand this.

As the show progressed, Anchovy formed close friendships with Yukiemon and Totchan. However, while the two women did not seem to have romantic feelings for him, he was convinced they were pining for him. Anchovy believed neither of them had made a move because they did not want to damage their friendship. This particular assumption he made led to the creation of an elaborate dramatic love story that only continued to play in his mind. In fact, Anchovy even mentally decided to remove Totchan from his list of potential partners when he realized she spends a significant amount of money on her son monthly.

However, that particular “ban” did not last long. Anchovy was so convinced that he was wanted by the two women that he was confident that Totchan had rung the bell for him before he realized that she was walking toward Sakechan. With Totchan’s exit, one might think Anchovy’s imagined love triangle would end. However, the entry of Tomochin started a whole new series of assumed events and feelings that certainly confused many people. That said, it did seem like his dynamic with Tomochin might steer toward romance.

Where is Anchovy Now?

As of writing, Anchovy seems to be thriving in his career as a professional chef. He is the proud owner of a well-known establishment in Setagaya, Japan, and the food he cooks for his customers has earned him much praise. Interestingly, Anchovy is exceptionally skilled at Italian cuisine. The reality TV star has happily promoted the Netflix series and thanked those who have showered him with praise and affection.

Thanks to his time on the show, Anchovy did make some close friends like Yukiemon, Totchan, and Takahiro “Tabo” Fujita. We wish him the best in his life and hope he soon finds his future partner with whom he can share his lovely home.

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