Where is Single’s Inferno’s Choi Si-Hun Now?

A heady mix of ‘Too Hot to Handle,’ ‘The Bachelorette,’ ‘Love is Blind,’ and ‘Terrace House,’ Netflix’s ‘Single’s Inferno’ features 12 singles who have to make do with limited resources on a deserted island. What makes the show highly entertaining is that the singles can leave the island and go to “Paradise” (a fancy hotel) only if they romantically pair up. The rules also emphasize that personal information cannot be shared until the romantic dates, so it’s interesting to watch the interactions between the flirty strangers.

The first season of the South Korean dating show featured a bunch of niche social media celebrities, all of whom have become even more popular due to the show’s global success. Arguably, Choi Si-Hun is one of the most memorable participants and his complicated relationship with Song Ji-a kept the romantic drama steady throughout. Naturally, fans are curious to know where this handsome South Korean star is now. So, what is Choi Si-Hun up to nowadays? Let’s find out.

Who is Choi Si-Hun?

Choi Si-Hun is a 30-year-old model who was part of the original 9 singles on the isolated island. “I believe in destiny. I’d be really happy to find my destiny on ‘Single’s Inferno,’” stated Si-Hun in his introductory confessional segment. He immediately became popular for looking quite a bit like Lee Jong-Suk, a famous K-drama actor.

On Si-Hun’s date with Shin Ji-Yeon, the latter was surprised by his age, stating that she thought he’d be much younger. Even the panelists agreed that Si-Hun had a “baby face.” Then, Si-Hun revealed that he runs a fashion business and went on to talk about his approach to relationships. “Maybe it’ll take a long time for me to know whom I like, but once I know, I’m all in,” confessed the 30-year-old somberly. Later in the show, he revealed to Ji-a that he had a crush on her from the moment they made eye contact. However, Ji-a preferred to spend time with Kim Hyeon-Joong instead.

In the season 1 finale, the panelists stated that Si-Hun was the “most mysterious” and wondered whether he’d choose to leave the island with newcomer Kim Su-Min, since he seemed to get along with her. Si-Hun admitted that whilst Ji-a gave him a strong first impression, Su-Min was someone he was comfortable with. In a shocking twist, he ultimately decided to go to Ji-a, staying true to his initial statement about sticking to the person he likes. However, Ji-a chose to leave the island with Hyeon-Joong; Si-Hun thus left the island as a single.

Where is Choi Si-Hun Now?

It seems as though after his time on ‘Single’s Inferno,’ Choi Si-Hun is back to running his Seoul-based fashion brand, Hoten, which makes stylish headgears. He handles many roles — such as the creative director, product developer, and lookbook curator — in order to successfully manage the brand. It is possible that his fashion company will attain more customers due to his time on the extremely popular reality show; indeed, his social media follower count has been steadily rising ever since the show premiered!

It is likely that Si-Hun is busy with his hobbies — gymming and boxing — now that he has more time to himself and is away from the reality show’s cameras. He also stated on social media that he watched ‘Single’s Inferno’ from a viewer’s perspective and reminisced about his summer; clearly, despite how the show ended, Si-Hun had a good time and probably made friends because of it as well. In 2021, the Seoul-based model starred in ‘Romanced’ and ‘I Eat Well Today’ (also known as ‘I Ate Well Today’) — fans can go ahead and check these shows out if they’re craving more of Si-Hun. We’re also sure that more modeling and acting gigs will come his way in the near future!

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