Where Was Home Team Filmed? Is Argyle, Texas the Real Filming Location?

Directed by Charles and Daniel Kinnane, Netflix’s sports film ‘Home Team’ revolves around Sean Payton, the New Orleans Saints head coach who coaches his son’s football team following his suspension from the NFL. Based on a true story, the film progresses through the challenges Payton faces to turn the football team competitive and hard-working.

The engaging sports drama in the film is accompanied by appealing locations that include cityscape to football fields. Inspired by the appeal of these amazing sites, we have dived into the filming locations in detail. Let’s take a look!

Home Team Filming Locations

‘Home Team’ was filmed in Louisiana and California, particularly in New Orleans and Los Angeles. The principal photography of the film commenced on May 10, 2021, and carried on for a few months before concluding in the first week of July 2021. Even though the film is set in Argyle, Texas, locations in New Orleans mainly stand-in for the Lone Star State. Now, let us share the specific locations in detail.

New Orleans, Louisiana

The filming of ‘Home Team’ chiefly took place in the Greater New Orleans region in Louisiana. Joe Yenni Stadium, located at 400 Phlox Avenue in Metairie, Jefferson Parish County, is a significant shooting location of the film. The scenes that feature the North Central Texas Championship were primarily filmed in the stadium. Opened in 1960, it serves as the home stadium of multiple Jefferson Parish high schools. A portion of the filming reportedly took place in East Jefferson High School, a public high school also located in Metairie, Jefferson Parish.

Located along the Mississippi River, New Orleans is one of the main commercial and cultural hubs in the Gulf Coast region of the United States. The city is often referred to as the Hollywood South due to the abundance of film and television productions it hosts. Over the years, The Big Easy has served as a significant shooting location for films and TV shows such as ‘NCIS: New Orleans,’ ‘Oldboy,’ ‘C’mon C’mon,’ ’21 Jump Street,’ etc. The incredible architecture and sparkling nightlife attract entertainment productions year-round.

Los Angeles, California

The city of Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood, is another location the production team used for the production of the sports film. The City of Angels is known for the numerous film studios situated in the city, that include Paramount Studios, 20th Century Studios, and many more. The sprawling Southern Californian city is one of the busiest entertainment production centers in the world. Los Angeles has doubled up as a filming site for productions like ‘How I Met Your Father,’ ‘As We See It,’ and ‘The King’s Daughter.’

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