The Bourne Legacy: Where Was the 2012 Movie?

Directed by Tony Gilroy, ‘The Bourne Legacy’ is an action-adventure movie based on the eponymous novels by Robert Ludlum. It is the fourth installment in the ‘Bourne’ series and begins six weeks after Jason Bourne’s escape from Moscow. Aaron Cross, who is an operative of the Defense Department black ops program, visits Alaska to fulfill a training exercise. He skips training due to several extremities but receives horrible punishment for violating the conduct.

Aaron finds himself in deep trouble and uses chemical enhancers to boost his performance abilities. A major contributing factor that enhances the film is the choice of movie locations, from snow-capped mountains to bustling streets, that are perfect for an action-packed film. If you are curious and wish to know about all the movie locations, we’ve got you covered.

The Bourne Legacy Filming Locations

As reports suggest, the principal photography of the movie commenced in April 2011, and the crew wrapped up in November 2011. Throughout this period, filming took place across multiple locations, such as Alberta, the western Canadian province known for its friendly people and vibrant culture. They also filmed in Illinois, New York, Washington D.C, three rich and bustling regions which attract millions of tourists each year.

The production team also captured some sequences abroad in the Philippines, a tropical country with beautiful beaches, and South Korea, famous for K-Pop and its unique cuisine. Filming particularly took place in Calgary, Kananaskis Country, Palawan, Metro Manila, Seoul, Chicago, New York City, Hudson, and Long Island. So, without further ado, let’s traverse the exact sites.

Calgary, Alberta

Filming of some major portions took place in Calgary, a vibrant city with natural scenery, urban architecture, and a film-friendly atmosphere. The Calgary Tower, Stephen Avenue Walk, Heritage Park Historical Village, and Fort Calgary are some renowned filming sites here. Other action movies in Calgary include, ‘The Revenant,’ ‘Jumanji: The Next Level,’ and ‘Superman.’

Kananaskis Country, Alberta

Some shots were also recorded at the Kananaskis Country, which itself is a popular filming region in Alberta. In the movie, it stood in for Alaska, and some of its well-known shooting spots are Mount Kidd Manor, Nakiska Ski Resort, Spray Lakes, and Peter Lougheed Provincial Park. It is a heaven for mountaineers with multiple protected areas, wildlife, and natural attractions. Here, the production also took place at the Fortress Mountain ski resort, located in the Kananaskis Village. ‘Inception‘ and ‘How it Ends‘ are two other similar movies that were taped in this zone.

Palawan, Philippines

The shooting of several scenes toward the end of the movie took place at Palawan, a beautiful archipelagic province in the western parts of the Philippines. The lush forests, limestone cliffs, and pristine beaches are a sight to see. In the Last Ecological Frontier of the country, the crew also captured the beauty of El Nido, a small coastal town with lagoons and crystal clear water. It is home to several beaches, such as Nacpan, Marimegmeg, and Las Cabanas. It has also served as a filming location in ‘The Hunters of the Golden Cobra’ and ‘Birds of Passage.’

Metro Manila, Philippines

Most of ‘The Bourne Legacy’ was shot in Metro Manila, a region that encompasses the capital city of Manila and several other municipalities and cities. They lensed many segments in Manila, which is famous for its active and lively nightlife scene. The chase on the footbridge was recorded at Taft Avenue MRT Station of Pasay City, located at the Epifanio de los Santos Avenue (aka EDSA corner).

The filmmakers also shot a motorbike chase in the Binodo district, a place recognized for its historical landmarks and culinary offerings. The thrilling action scene took place on the William A Jones Bridge at HXWG+8W9. A similar sequence was also recorded at a roadway in Manila known as Ramon Magsaysay Boulevard. In Pasay, they also taped the airport scenes at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport, which stands proud at Andrews Avenue.

The Manila Yacht Club, i.e., the oldest prestigious member country in the country, is situated in the Manila Bay area. The well-maintained dock and its posh surroundings also make an appearance in the movie, and it is particularly located at 2351 Roxas Boulevard. Another local filming site includes Navotas Fish Port, one of the largest fishing ports and market for seafood in the country, which is situated at Radial Road 10, Navotas (a commercial fishing hub).

A few scenes were filmed at the center of Marikina city, the Shoe Capital of the county, famous for dishes like Marikina-style pancit, sapin-sapin, and bibingka. At the heart of the city is Marikina Public Market, a shooting location at J3MW+7C9, Captain Venciong Street. In Manila, the crew reportedly captured a few shots at Intramuros, a historic walled area that was built during the Spanish era and housed several historical monuments. The wall is built at Palacio del Gobernador in Plaza Roma. Here, Real Street, a popular tourist destination that covers General Luna Street in the north to Aduana Street in the south, served as a filming site.

The filmmakers seemingly shot at Quirino Avenue, a major road in Manila that extends from M.Adricatico Street to Bagong Lipunan in Quezon city. Another street here which stretches from the district of Malate to San Andres Street is Leveriza, which also served as a filming spot. The crew supposedly recorded some parts at the intersection of Remedios Circle and Jorge Bocobo Street, named after a prominent Filipino lawyer.

As reports suggest, the filmmakers also taped scenes around San Andres Street, which starts from Orosa Street in the north and ends at Guerrero Street in the south. The road is usually used by commuters who travel between the districts of Malate and San Andres Bukid.

Moreover, they purportedly captured some portions at the Sta. Lucia Street is known for its annual fiesta celebration in honor of the Sta. Lucia Church’s patron saint. It is a road in San Juan City that starts from N. Domingo Street in the east to Aurora Boulevard in the west. ‘Women in Cages’ and ‘Naked Weapon’ are two movies with action sequences lensed in Metro Manila.

Seoul, South Korea

The crew videotaped some portions in Seoul, the largest South Korean city with the perfect balance of modernity and traditional culture. The Gangnam-gu district in the southern region of the city is also a filming spot in the movie, and it’s renowned for all the high-end fashion trends and wild nightlife. Seoul also houses one of the largest wholesale markets in the city, i.e., Garak Market.

Here, they filmed at the subway station located on Line 3 and Line 8 of the Seoul Metropolitan Subway. The movie makers seemingly captured a few segments at the Seocho district, the art center of Seoul, with a massive cultural complex that features a variety of performance spaces, galleries, and studios. Other notable projects taped here include, ‘Squid Game‘ and ‘Star Trek Beyond.’

Chicago, Illinois

Chicago is recognized for its skyline, rich history, and diverse neighborhoods, making it an ideal filming spot for a movie like ‘The Bourne Legacy.’ A few notable constructions of the city are
the Willis Tower (formerly known as the Sears Tower), the John Hancock Center, and the Chicago Board of Trade Building. Two popular filming sites in Chicago are Millennium Park and Navy Pier. Known as the Windy City, it has previously been a backdrop in other action movies such as ‘Top Gun‘ and ‘The Batman.’

New York City, New York

The filmmakers recorded several scenes in New York City, the global hub of business, fashion, finance, art, and entertainment. The Metropolitan Museum of Art, Central Park, and Broadway theaters are must-visit places in the city. Here, they shot the exteriors of Camp Pouch, a Boy Scout Camp in Staten Island. The place spreads across 120 acres and covers forests, fields, and waterfront areas. Also known as the William H Pouch Boy Scout Camp, the place is located at 1465 Manor Road.

The team utilized the Kaufman Astoria Studios for majority of the sequences. The studio is established by paramount pictures, with high-tech facilities and a large area. The studio still stands tall at 34-12 36th Street in Astoria’s neighborhood of Queens. The sequences that portrayed the SteriPacific factory in Manila were originally taped at the New York Times newspaper’s printing plant, and its headquarters lie in The New York Times Building at 242 West 41st Street.

New York JFK Airport also served as a filming site in the movie, and it is located in Queens. Here they recorded some scenes in the internal terminal and Terminal 8 of the airport. ‘John Wick’ and ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ are two other movies with similar themes that were taped here.

Hudson, New York

The small city of Hudson also served as one of the filming sites in the movie. It is situated on the banks of the Hudson River, with beautiful countryside scenery. The city is a great choice for period dramas and historical projects because the place still preserves its heritage from the 18th and 19th centuries. The Dr. Oliver Bronson House is a historic house that stands in for Dr. Shearing’s house in the movie.

It is designed by Alexander Jackson Davis and uses a Hudson River Bracketed architectural style; the gorgeous abode is located at Worth Avenue in Hudson. More action movies that were recorded in the picturesque city include ‘Fatal Attraction’ and ‘The French Connection.’

Long Island, New York

The filmmakers also captured multiple segments at Long Isnad, a densely populated island with a diverse landscape, ranging from beaches to cityscapes. Jones Beach State Park, Montauk Point Lighthouse, and Sagamore Hill are some widely known shooting locations. Empress Diner, a historic diner in East Meadow, was also featured in the film. The diner has retro architecture, with scrumptious food, and it is situated at 2490 Hempstead Turnpike. ‘Gotham’ and ‘The Avengers’ are two other productions with mind-blowing and dark action choreographies that were lensed in Long Island.

Washington D.C

The movie is set in Washington D.C, but it only appears in establishing shots, in an ariel view. Some renowned filming sites in the capital city include the National Mall, Georgetown, Union Station, and the Library of Congress. Some other action projects shot in the region are ‘Raiders of the Lost Ark’ and ‘Shooter.’

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