Where Was The Outfit Filmed?

Screenwriter-director Graham Moore – whose adapted screenplay ‘The Imitation Game‘ won an Academy Award – returns with another period piece titled ‘The Outfit.’ The enthralling crime thriller film follows veteran English tailor Leonard, who used to have a shop in London’s Savile Row. However, a personal tragedy compels him to traverse the Atlantic, and he ends up at the other side of the pond, in Chicago. Leonard opens a small tailoring shop in a shabby neighborhood in the city, where his only clientele is gun-hurling gangsters.

When the gangster family ends up at his shop, Leonard finds himself embroiled in Chicago’s criminal underworld. While his hand is only accustomed to stitching clothes, he also must try his luck in stitching fatal wounds in the gang’s company. Most of the storyline unfolds in the lowbrow neighborhood in Chicago, painted with a noir ambiance. However, if you are curious about where the movie was lensed, allow us to spill the beans.

The Outfit Filming Locations

‘The Outfit’ was filmed in London, England. Principal photography commenced in early March 2021 and was wrapped up in early April 2021. Getting the movie’s period look was difficult for the team. Thus, post-production took a considerable amount of time. Although most of the events in the film take place in Chicago, the ambiance was seemingly created in the Big Smoke.

Legendary cinematographer Dick Pope of ‘The Illusionist’ fame came on board as the director of photography. At the same time, Gemma Jackson – known for her work in Guy Ritchie‘s ‘The Gentlemen‘ and ‘Game of Thrones‘ – became attached to the project as the production designer, and Tonja Schurmann (‘Avengers: Endgame‘) handled the set decoration. Let us now take you to the specific locations where the movie was shot.

London, England

Although the cast and crew have been tight-lipped regarding the filming process, we can confirm that principal photography primarily took place in and around London. The largest city in England sits on the banks of the River Thames. The production team paid minute attention to removing anachronistic markers from the scenes. In effect, they succeeded in creating an enticing period ambiance.

Seemingly, some sequences were captured in a studio located in the Greater London area, where the team had the liberty to develop fiery spectacles. Due to its eclectic mix of cultures and complex history, the city has been one of the world’s cultural centers for several centuries. From Christopher Nolan‘s mind-bending masterpiece ‘Inception‘ to Steven Soderbergh‘s ‘Contagion,’ production teams for several blockbusters visited the city as a part of their filming schedule.

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