The Ritual Killer: All Shooting Locations Explored

Based on actual events, ‘The Ritual Killer’ (originally titled ‘Muti’) is a detective thriller movie that chronicles the life of Detective Boyd, who is considering retiring from his stressful detective job following the tragic death of his daughter. However, when several patterned killings surface in and around the town, he can’t help but look into them. Upon investigating the crime scenes, Boyd realizes that the serial killer murders his victims by following a strange tribal ritual called Muti. Baffled and intrigued by the same, he seeks the help of an Anthropology Professor named Dr. Mackles, who specializes in the ancient rituals that the serial killer performs.

Unbeknownst to Boyd, Dr. Mackles keeps a horrific secret buried in his chest. Directed by George Gallo, the action thriller movie features some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry, including Morgan Freeman, Cole Hauser, Peter Stormare, Vernon Davis, and Brian Kurlander, all of whom elevate the quality of the intriguing narrative. Most of the story unfolds in a small Mississippi town, with the crime scenes set in some eerie locations. So, are you wondering where ‘The Ritual Killer’ was filmed? Well, let’s scour through all the sites!

The Ritual Killer Filming Locations

‘The Ritual Killer’ was filmed in Mississippi and Italy, especially in Jackson and Rome. According to reports, principal photography for the Morgan Freeman starrer commenced in August 2021 and seemingly concluded in October of the same year. Since most of the movie takes place in Mississippi, it was naturally the first choice for the makers. Choosing to tape on location in The Magnolia State also allowed them to make the narrative seem all the more authentic. Now, let us head down to the specific locations that can be spotted in the movie!

Jackson, Mississippi

To lens the scenes depicting the small Mississippi town where ‘The Ritual Killer’ is set, the director and his team took a trip to Jackson, Mississippi’s capital. In August 2021, the locals of Belhaven spotted the cast and crew members as they set up camp in one of the residential properties on Laurel Street in the neighborhood. Moreover, the filming unit reportedly utilized the campus of Millsaps College at 1701 North State Street in the city to record a few key portions for the thriller.

Since murder is the predominant theme in the entire movie, Jackson serves as the ideal setting due to the city’s notorious record for homicides. In 2021, during the year of the movie’s production itself, 155 homicides were recorded at a rate of 101 per 100,000, which was amongst the highest in the whole world.

Rome, Italy

Some important sequences of ‘The Ritual Killer’ were also lensed in Rome, with the production team moving across the capital city to incorporate suitable backdrops in the movie. The Italian capital is known for its iconic statues, and you will likely spot various popular ones in the background of a few scenes. Some are the talking statues — the Pasquino, the Marforio, Madama Lucrezia, il Facchino, and il Babuino. Providing picturesque and one-of-a-kind backdrops, Rome has been a prominent production location for numerous movies such as ‘John Wick: Chapter 2,’ ‘Once Upon a Time in America,’ ‘Gangs of New York,’ and ‘The Name of the Rose.’

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