Who Gets Evicted In Too Hot to Handle Season 2 Episode 5?

Netflix’s ‘Too Hot to Handle‘ is a fascinating reality series wherein a group of sexy singles from all across the world is thrown together on a luxurious island to mingle. However, the twist here is that they are encouraged by a virtual assistant named “Lana” to forge meaningful connections instead of merely indulging in physical intimacy. For some motivation, there is a prize set at $100,000, with each rule break resulting in a deduction.

This celibacy challenge, which also includes kissing and self-gratification, means that contestants should ignore their libidos, but let’s be frank, they rarely do. Thus, with season 2 showcasing this at every step of the way, it comes as no shock Lana chose to put Operation Wake Up Call into place. At the end of episode 4, she states that she’ll be eliminating a player from the experiment. So, let’s find out who they could be, shall we?

Who Gets Evicted in Too Hot to Handle?

Even though Lana is an artificial intelligence android, she takes her role of monitoring the contestants’ actions and behavior seriously. To ensure that everyone is navigating their personal bonds as they should, she keeps her metaphorical eyes open at all times. We know by now that she is stringent when it comes to the purpose of the show and hates it when her rules get broken. Therefore, we assume that defaulters might be the first ones to be dismissed from this fun and all-entertaining island paradise.

In other words, participants like Cam Holmes, Emily Miller, Peter Vigilante, Carly Lawrence, and Melinda Melrose, who have all broken the rules twice or more, might be the ones in trouble. With that said, though, the player who might have to say farewell to the others for good would probably be out of Cam, Emily, or Peter. After all, they have ignored the regulations the most, and their connections with others aren’t that safe either. Yes, Cam and Emily are a couple, but they’ve also been very naughty.

As for Peter, Carly, and Melinda, their daring yet meaningless kisses led to trouble within Carly’s relationship with Chase and Melinda’s coupling with Marvin. But even with that, Peter couldn’t form a deeper bond with either. The pairs worked things out and are now looking steady, so we don’t think Lana would separate them just yet, which only leaves Peter. It appears as if he has formed great friendships, but romance without physicality is the aim of the game. Thus, he, Cam, or Emily can be eliminated.

Another angle for the eviction may be a lack of active participation by the players. If that’s the case, then Larissa and Kayla are the targets. Neither of them has taken it up upon themselves to get to know someone they find attractive on an emotional level until now, or they simply haven’t come across anyone worth their time. Nathan did manage to get Larissa to open up a little, but that was pretty recent, so who knows whether Lana would consider it or not. It’s also plausible that more than one person can get eliminated.

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