Will Layton Die? Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer?

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The third season of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ centers around Layton’s attempts to lead the passengers of the Snowpiercer to New Eden, the Arabian warm spot where life potentially exists. As the leader of the remnants of humanity, Layton tries his best to ensure a future for the human species by guiding the train to somewhere his fellow humans can recolonize.

However, Layton’s actions stir severe repercussions that threaten his own life. Since hostility against Layton grows in the train, fans of the show must be worried about the fate of the character and Daveed Diggs’ potential departure. Well, let us guide you through the possibilities of the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Layton Die?

After reconnecting the pirate train to the Snowpiercer, Layton re-emerges as the leader of the train and imprisons Wilford. He explains his plan to lead the train to New Eden to his closest allies and seeks the help of Asha to establish a lie — that life exists at their destination. However, Layton’s lie stirs suspicions in Pike and the latter misunderstands Layton’s intentions as malicious and tyrannical. Pike believes that Layton is risking the lives of the passengers for his own selfishness and is acting like an authoritarian figure. Such a belief convinces Pike to try to kill Layton through an explosion.

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Although Pike fails to kill Layton and dies upon the turn of events, Layton’s life isn’t secure in the Snowpiercer. In the sixth episode of season 3, Miss Audrey meets Wilford and asks the wheelchair-bound engineer to take advantage of Layton’s vulnerability to replace him as the leader of the Snowpiercer. Even though Wilford isn’t in a position physically to kill Layton and regain control of the train, Miss Audrey’s burning desire to see Wilford at the engine car may motivate her to harm Layton. As Layton’s fall in the abovementioned episode suggests, the leader is physically and emotionally vulnerable and Audrey can fulfill her desire by killing Layton.

However, the likeliness of Layton dying is low. Upon Melanie’s presumed death, Layton is the driving force of the Snowpiercer and the messiah of the passengers. As Wilford agrees, Layton’s visions and decisions hold value, and killing him may affect the only chance humanity possesses to build a civilization on the planet again. Even if Audrey doesn’t want to see his leadership, she may need to acknowledge Layton’s significance and reject any motivation to kill him. With Pike’s death and Audrey’s possible realization, Layton may stay alive.

Even if Layton manages to escape death, Miss Audrey’s wish to open a gateway for Wilford to re-establish himself as the tyrant of the Snowpiercer may pave the way for Layton’s imprisonment. If the narrative of the third season progresses with Wilford’s return as the commander of the train and Layton’s subsequent imprisonment, Daveed Diggs can potentially leave the show. Will he? Let’s find out!

Is Daveed Diggs Leaving Snowpiercer?

Layton’s leadership isn’t perfect. He is not entirely trusted by the passengers of the train and he doesn’t have any shortage of enemies. His allies can even change their loyalty anytime to be his worst adversaries. Thus, Layton’s existence in the Snowpiercer is very vulnerable and the growing hostility against him does leave a door open for Daveed Diggs to leave the show. However, TNT or Diggs hasn’t released an official statement regarding Layton’s supposed departure, indicating the actor’s commitment to the show.

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Layton encounters life-threatening challenges and enemies several times during his Snowpiercer life. The opposition of Miss Audrey can be for the progression of the narrative. After Melanie’s death, Layton becomes the most pivotal character of the show, and putting an end to his storyline in the narrative must be the last thing the writers of the show intend to do. Layton’s visions about New Eden display his significance as the train gets closer to the warm spot. With enormous potential remaining in the character to explore, it is unlikely that we will see the end of Layton and Daveed Diggs in ‘Snowpiercer’ anytime soon.

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