Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 6 Recap and Ending, Explained

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The sixth episode of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3 centers around Layton’s attempts to find out the person behind the fire and explosion that happens on the Snowpiercer. Bess’ investigation leads her to the Tail, forcing Pike to be on the run. Miss Audrey tries her best to convince a wheelchair-bound Wilford to take advantage of Layton’s vulnerability. Josie suggests a Tailie tradition to resolve the predicament between Layton and Pike, which ends with startling consequences. As the episode ends with shocking developments, we have taken a detailed look at it. Let’s share our thoughts regarding the ending after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 6 Recap

The sixth episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, titled ‘Born to Bleed’ begins with Layton asking Pike and a few other Tailies to protect him and his family from the unknown enemy. Bess’ investigation leads her to Lights and the train detective finds out that the bomb was made using Lights’ notes. When Bess informs Layton that only a few people knew of the notes’ existence, the latter deduces that the enemy is Pike. Upon realizing that Layton knows it’s him, Pike flees from Layton and his people. He meets Asha, who says that she was hiding for years in the dark, exposing her lie about New Eden.

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Ruth goes to meet Roche in the psychiatry car and asks him to come back. He tells her that he doesn’t have any reason to do so other than to kill Wilford. Alex befriends Carly and asks her to meet her father. Miss Audrey bribes LJ to get into the first class to meet Wilford. She asks Wilford to fight Layton when he is vulnerable to regain his authority and leadership in the Snowpiercer. However, a wheelchair-bound Wilford can only dismiss her wish and replies that Layton can be right about New Eden. Audrey becomes angry at Wilford and storms out.

Ruth comes across Layton and Bess as they investigate Pike’s cabin. They discover Lights’ notes and give them to Ruth for her to realize that Pike is indeed the one behind the fire and explosion. As they talk over the ways to capture Pike, Josie and Miles suggest “Old Ivan’s way,” a Tailie tradition in which two individuals discuss and resolve their issues face-to-face in whatever ways. Knowing that Pike can’t ignore the tradition, he asks Pike to come to the Tail to resolve the matter. Meanwhile, Carly meets Roche to ask him to return to normal life with her.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 6 Ending: Is Pike Dead? Why Does He Try to Kill Layton?

Upon Layton’s announcement, Pike accepts his invitation and comes to the Tail to resolve the predicament with Layton. When Layton tries to settle the matter by offering luxuries, Pike stands with his principles. He makes it clear that he isn’t someone Layton can just buy. When Layton becomes the leader of the Snowpiercer, Pike starts to feel inferior. He begins to resent the fact that Layton is trying to control the fate of all the passengers based only on his reasons and wish. The power and authority Layton exerts on others, including Pike, pave the way for his enmity towards his former brother-in-arms.

Pike’s suspicions regarding New Eden increase his motivation to see the end of Layton’s reign. When Asha’s slip up regarding her former life confirms his suspicions, Pike becomes determined to see the death of Layton and he asks for knives rather than a verbal discussion. However, Layton ends up victorious in the knife fight. He fights and eventually stabs Pike, killing him. Pike’s death gives Layton a chance to stick with his New Eden story, at least till the Snowpiercer arrives at the Arabian warm spot. Pike’s impulsiveness paved the way for his eventual death. Rather than giving Layton a chance to speak and convince him as a brother, Pike followed his instinct, which led him to his own death.

Is Layton Dead or Alive?

When Pike demanded a knife fight, Layton wasn’t in a condition to fight him physically. Although the explosion affects his head, Layton was forced to fight Pike for his own life. During the fight, Pike targeted Layton’s head by hitting him repeatedly. After paying respects to Pike’s body, Layton suffers from visions and pain, only to fall down. Even though Layton’s physical condition is a matter to worry about, the after-affect of the explosion and the hurt inflicted by Pike isn’t severe enough to kill him. Since he pushes his body for the investigation and strenuous fight with Pike, Layton may have passed out due to exhaustion rather than dying.

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Since Layton possibly passes out in the Tail, we can expect Josie to find and take him to Dr. Pelton. Under Pelton, Layton may recover completely soon. Even though he escapes death during the fight with Pike, Miss Audrey’s desire to see Wilford back as the leader may turn out to be a deadly predicament for Layton. If Pike had exposed Layton and Asha’s lie prior to his death, Layton’s life will not be as secure as he assumes.

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