Is Pike Dead? Did Steven Ogg Leave Snowpiercer?

Image Credit: Robert Falconer/TNT

When Layton and his allies separate from the Snowpiercer in TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ in a pirate train to find Melanie, Pike teams up with Ruth to keep the fire of resistance alive in the train. As someone who has fought tyranny in the Snowpiercer ever since the freeze, Pike turns against his brother-in-arms when he misapprehends that Layton is trying to become another Wilford by imposing his lies and wishes on the passengers of the train.

Pike’s retaliation results in grave consequences, which threatens his own life. Since he engages in a deadly knife fight with Layton in the sixth episode of season 3, viewers must be worried about the character’s fate and actor Steven Ogg’s commitment to the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Pike Dead?

Yes, Pike is dead. When Wilford tries his best to avoid Layton’s return to the Snowpiercer from the pirate train, Pike helps Layton by sending a signal. Along with Ruth, Pike helps Layton and his allies for the betterment of the train’s passengers. However, Layton’s re-emergence as a leader and the unconvincing New Eden story he establishes with the help of Asha lead Pike to believe that Layton is playing with the lives of the passengers. He asks Ruth to step up as the new leader and even tries to kill Layton to end his “authoritarian regime.”

Rather than trying to perceive Layton’s intentions, Pike misunderstands the new leader’s motives and plans. Although Layton tries to explain his side, Pike insists on having a knife fight upon dismissing Layton’s suggestion to discuss the matter. Following the “Old Ivan’s Way” of resolving disputes, the two of them engage in a vigorous fight. Pike does his best to overpower Layton but gets stabbed and killed at the end of the fight by Layton. As per traditions, Layton washes Pike’s body for the Tailies to pay their respect to one of their bests.

Even though Pike is right about Asha’s New Eden story being a lie, he fails to understand that the lie is conceived for the potential prosperity of the passengers of the Snowpiercer. His misconception that Layton is no better than Wilford when it comes to power abuse leads him to attack Layton, which in turn results in his own death. Pike dismisses the opportunity to talk things over with Layton, brother-to-brother, and paves the way for his own death. As Ogg’s character dies astoundingly, fans of the show must be worried whether the actor is exiting the thriller show. Well, let’s find out!

Did Steven Ogg Leave Snowpiercer?

Ever since the premiere episode of ‘Snowpiercer,’ Steven Ogg’s Pike plays a pivotal part in the narrative of the show. As a determined Tailie who wants the end of his fellow Tailies’ hardships, Pike fights the authorities of the Snowpiercer persistently. Even though Pike throws away his life upon a misapprehension, there’s no doubt that he does it because he desires the betterment of his fellow passengers. Pike’s death marks the end of a commendable fight he puts forward to defeat the class struggle among the remnants of humanity.

Even though TNT or Steven Ogg hasn’t yet released an official statement regarding the actor’s departure from ‘Snowpiercer,’ Pike’s death strongly indicates that Ogg’s performance in the show has come to an end. Unless it is for possible flashback scenes, potentially as guest appearances, we may not see Steven Ogg in the show in a regular or recurring capacity. With Pike’s character arc completed with his death, TNT or Ogg may announce the actor’s exit from the show in the upcoming days.

Steven Ogg is currently part of the production of Michael Ryan’s science-fiction film ‘The Dresden Sun.’ He will also appear in the upcoming Will Smith-starrer ‘Emancipation.’ Although Ogg is guaranteed to be missed in ‘Snowpiercer,’ the actor will continue to impress us with exciting projects to come.

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