10 Days of a Bad Man Ending, Explained: Who Killed Hasmet Köseoglu?

Directed by Uluç Bayraktar, ’10 Days of a Bad Man’ is a Netflix Turkish crime film revolving around a grieving man’s transformative journey as he makes his way through two conspiratorial investigations. Backed into a corner by an old contact known only as Sir, Sadik pairs up with Hüso and Zeynel to track down a local young man, Ferhat Gönen, to bring him to the gang leader. Simultaneously Sadik also picks up another investigative case about the seemingly straightforward murder of an old business tycoon, Hasmet Köseoglu, to support his addiction to prescription meds. As the cases unfold, they bring new dangers and revelations with them.

If you’re curious to see how this mystery plot progresses and where it leads Sadik, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ’10 Days of a Bad Man.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

10 Days of a Bad Man Plot Synopsis

After a horrifying car accident leaves Sadik alive and well but in immense pain, the car’s owner, gang leader Sir, holds the damages over Sadik’s head. In order to clear his debt, Sir assigns him a job to locate Ferhat Gönen, a partying playboy, and puts him under Zeynel’s watch, with Hüso as a backup. Setting the trio up in an apartment, Sir orders Zeynel to report everything back to his second-hand man Hayati and leaves them to the case. Thus, begins ten chaotic days of Sadik’s life.

The next day, Sadik, going by the alias “Adil,” meets up with Pinar, a high schooler Sadik knows from his previous case. In need of her tracking skills yet again, Sadik employs her to look into his target, Ferhat. Meanwhile, another old acquaintance, Maide, reaches out to Sadik through Pinar and offers him another job. Although Sadik is hesitant, he agrees after discovering that the client is a psychiatrist who could prescribe hardcore pain medicine to him.

While the others continue searching for Ferhat, Sadik meets up with the psychiatrist, Dr. Buket, who asks him to look into her uncle Hasmet Köseoglu’s murder. The police have already found the suspects, Ianna and Ranat, a Maldivian couple who used to work in Köseoglu’s mansion. However, the couple is currently on the run, and Buket’s mother, Ismet, strongly believes someone else is behind her brother’s murder. As such, Buket only wants Sadik to investigate the murder on a surface level.

Nevertheless, when Ismet shares her belief that Hasmet’s manipulative wife, Jela killed him, Sadik starts sincerely looking into it. Furthermore, he utilizes Zeynel’s help to snoop around the Köseoglu family business, interrogating their employees like Timur, the dog keeper. Holding up her end of the bargain, Buket sees Sadik for a check-up and prescribes him heavy pharmaceutical drugs after learning about his wife, Fatos’ recent and devastating passing.

Meanwhile, Pinar succeeds in finding Ferhat on social media and starts seducing him online to gain his address. As a result, the trio arrives at a club known to be Ferhat’s local haunt. At the location, Sadik makes confounding discoveries and asks Zeynel to refrain from reporting their outing to Hayati. As a result, Sir arrives at their apartment the next night, beating Zeynel up and abusing his girlfriend, Maria, as punishment. Consequently, when Sadik stands up for Zeynel, the latter turns his alliance toward him and agrees to help him take Sir and his gang down. Similarly, Hüso follows.

Shortly after, Ferhat sends Pinar to his location to meet up with her, unwittingly inviting the rest of the gang into his life. However, after interrogating Ferhat, Sadik realizes Sir has been plotting to cross Sadik all along, intending to use him as their scapegoat before murdering him. Soon, the cops also find Ianna and Ranat dead in the mountains, which leads Buket to urge Sadik to shut down his investigation.

10 Days of a Bad Man Ending: Who Killed Hasmet Köseoglu?

Throughout Sadik’s investigation of Hasmet’s murder, Buket treats it as an unimportant ordeal and only hires the private detective for her mother’s peace of mind. Buket seems convinced that Ianna and Ranat have committed the murder since the family found the couple stealing from them and fired them shortly before Hasmet’s death. However, through Zeynel’s digging, Sadik discovered that the couple wasn’t fired and instead left after finding a better job offer elsewhere at Timur’s recommendation.

Therefore, when Buket insists Sadik drop the case, Sadik has a realization and accuses her of being the killer. As a result, Buket cuts ties with him and asks him to stay away from her family. Nevertheless, Sadik meets up with Ismet again at Buket’s house. Likewise, he continues his investigation and visits Sükran, Buket, and her cousin Gülhan’s old-time rival.

Back in the day, Sükran used to be friends with Buket and Gülhan. However, after they suspected her of spreading rumors about them being lovers, one of them pushed Sükran down the stairs under night’s cover, which led to the latter becoming disabled. After Sadik learns about this story from Sükran, he realizes that the two girls were, in fact, lovers. Afterward, using some facts and fiction, Sadik creates a conclusion about Hasmet’s death to draw Buket and Gülhan out.

Following the same, Buket and Gülhan agree to meet him at Hasmet’s mansion, where they share the truth. Hasmet was an abusive and unfaithful husband to Jela, which led the woman to another man’s arms birthing his child, Gülhan, whom she raised as Hasmet’s in secret. Hasmet loves Gülhan dearly, as his golden child, compared to his other kid, Canberk.

Still, after Hasmet launched a genetic center, where his kids volunteered as the first to get genealogical tests, the former learned the truth about Gülhan. Due to the same, Gülhan and Buket realize that the violently volatile man would likely cut Gülhan out of his inheritance and hand the business over to the incompetent Canberk. Neither of the girls wanted that to happen since they had been working on several charity projects to ensure their family used their wealth for good.

Therefore, Buket and Hasmet came up with a plan. Buket, who has always known she was Ismet’s adopted kid, met her biological father, Timur, and her twin sister earlier. After getting Timur employment in Hasmet’s household, Buket used his help to get Ianna and Kannat out of the picture before framing them for robbery. The next night, Gülhan murders her abusive father and pins the blame on the runaway workers.

Although Sadik is compelled to turn the pair in for their conspiracy and murder, he refrains from doing so after learning one crucial piece of information. The girls were having a baby. Using Gülhan’s egg and Buket’s twin’s womb, the pair had a secret baby on the way. They plan to start a new line for the Köseoglu family and utilize their wealth for good. As such, Sadik, moved by their relationship, decides to let them off the hook.

Does Sadik Die?

Although Hasmet’s murder solves itself without many problems, Sadik is still left with one big issue: Sir. Ferhat had a relationship with Sir’s niece, who committed suicide because of him. As a result, Sir wants the man dead but can’t visibly move against him since he’s a congressman’s son. Therefore, Sir and Hayait concoct the plan to frame Sadik for Ferhat’s murder.

Sir starts texting Ferhat under Sadik’s name, threatening him by claiming that Sadik is the niece’s fiance and seeking revenge. Similarly, they spread the news around that Sadik is looking for Ferhat to plant evidence against him. Nonetheless, before their plan can come to fruition, Sadik uncovers their intentions and realizes Sir plans to use a gun with Sadik’s fingerprints to kill him and Fehrat.

By doing so, Sir can get his revenge easily and go under the radar by framing the murder as a lovers’ vengeance. In retaliation, Sadik approaches the President of Kaan Incorporated, whose twin kids were mysteriously murdered a while ago. Since Sadik worked on a case related to the twins, he knows everything about their ritual killing habits, which ultimately led to their death. Using the President’s streak for revenge, Sadik secures manpower and goes up against Sir.

Zeynel and Hüso help Sadik trick Sir by pretending to follow orders. Instead, in reality, the trio arrives at Sir’s lair with their men, and a fight erupts. In the end, Sadik, dangerously high on painkillers, shoots Sir. However, at this point, the man has been intaking so many drugs and alcohol that he poisons himself and passes out.

Although Sir has been plotting to kill Sadik from the start, Sadik himself is actually the biggest threat to himself. Throughout the film, whenever someone asks Sadik how his car crashed, he tells them his tire blew out when really Sadik intentionally crashes his car, attempting to commit suicide. Prior to the film’s events, Sadik loses his wife, Fatos, who dies in childbirth alongside their unborn baby.

Consequently, without his family, Sadik no longer wishes to live and tries to kill himself on the drive home after burying Fatos and their baby. Nonetheless, the accident doesn’t take and leaves Sadik alive. As such, he starts pursuing death by overdosing on pills and achieves the same during his attack on Sir’s lair.

Even so, he manages to survive after his body throws the pills and alcohol out of his system. Following the near-death incident, Sadik decides to live a new life, succumbing to his attraction to Pinar. Ultimately, Sadik lives and starts a new life beside Pinar, Zeynel, and Hüso.

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