Deep Fake Love: Here Are 6 Similar Shows You Must See

Using advanced deep fake technology to blur the line between what’s real and fiction to see if the couples’ relationship is built on trust or not, Netflix’s ‘Deep Fake Love‘ is a Spanish reality TV series that tests the strength of the relationships of five seemingly happy and perfect-for-each-other couples. Hosted by Raquel Sánchez Silva, the show’s unique format and the drama that ensues between the couples keep the viewers entertained through each episode. If you have checked it out and enjoyed watching it yourself, here is a list of shows like ‘Deep Fake Love’ that might be well-suited for your taste.

6. Love at First Lie (2022-)

MTV’s ‘Love at First Lie’ is a game reality TV series that tests different couples through a series of games that can also give an insight into who is being truthful and who is lying about their respective relationships. As the show progresses and more couples are eliminated with each passing episode, the cash prize grows by $25,000 of the original big prize with the revelation of every lie. What makes this show so entertaining is that viewers can also be a part of it as they can play along at home. Just like ‘Deep Fake Love,’ ‘Love First Lie’ also centers upon couples being truthful or lying as they fight for the grand cash prize.

5. Are You the One? (2014-)

Are You the One?‘ is yet another dating show that uses modern technology, just like ‘Deep Fake Love.’ It pits together a group of single men and women who try to find true love helped by a dating algorithm, which uses a process that interviews, questionnaires, and compatibility testing. Staying together for 10 weeks in a lavish holiday destination, the contestants hope to find true love and also get their hands on $1 million. Both ‘Are You the One’ and ‘Deep Fake Love’ make use of modern technologies that drive the competition forward and dictate the fate of the contestants.

4. Love Is Blind (2020-)

Created by Chris Coelen, Netflix’s ‘Love Is Blind‘ is a dating reality TV series that involves a social experiment where attractive single men and women attempt to find a compatible match, fall in love, and get engaged, all without even meeting each other in person. Focusing on the emotional connection more than the physical attraction, the show drifts away from the conventional format of other dating shows. It is similar to ‘Deep Fake Love’ in the sense that both shows are suspenseful in their own ways. For instance, in ‘Deep Fake Love,’ contestants are left guessing if what they see on the screen is happening in real life while in ‘Love Is Blind,’ the single participants have no idea about the physical characteristics of the ones they get engaged to before meeting face-to-face.

3. The Circle (2020-)

Based on the eponymous British series, Netflix’s ‘The Circle‘ is a reality competition series that revolves around a group of players who are in isolated apartments, having only their online interactions as their way of communicating with each other. Using the titular social media platform, the online players are seen flirting, befriending, and catfishing with one goal in their minds — taking home the grand cash prize of $100,000. The fake personas on screens are a recurring theme in both ‘The Circles’ as well as ‘Deep Fake Love,’ making them similar to one another in a way.

2. Insiders (2021-)

Created by José Velasco, Mike Benson, Manuel Feijóo, Eric Marodon, and Arantza Sánchez, Netflix’s ‘Insiders‘ is a Spanish reality TV series that makes the contestants believe that they are participating in an entirely different show while the camera rolls and captures their actions constantly. Kept in the dark about the show, the twelve contestants’ every move is being taped by a hidden camera, with the winner going home with 100,000 euros. Hosted by Najwa Nimri, the reality series is linked with ‘Deep Fake Love’ as both of the shows involve the contestants being skeptical about the truth.

1. Love Never Lies (2021)

Hosted by Mónica Naranjo, Netflix’s ‘Love Never Lies’ is a reality TV series that follows six different couples who must go through an eye-scanning lie detector, in which telling lies costs them but the truth and trust between the couples come with a hefty cash prize. Just like ‘Love Never Lies’ uses eye-scanning lie-detecting technology, ‘Deep Fake Love’ makes use of deep fake technology, making both shows quite similar to each other in a way.

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