7M Dancers: Where Are They Now?

As a documentary series exploring the formation of a talent management company named 7M Films by Robert Shinn, Netflix’s ‘Dancing for the Devil: The 7M TikTok Cult’ is unlike any other. That’s because it carefully details the way this co-founder, who is also the pastor at Shekinah Church, allegedly abuses and exploits members while also maintaining a cult-like environment. It does so by incorporating not just archival footage but also exclusive interviews with several former 7M dancers, all the while focusing on some significant current associates, too.

Miranda Derrick is Thriving as a Dancer and Influencer

Although Michigan native turned California resident Miranda no longer has a 7MFilms tag on any of her online platforms, she is reportedly still managed by them in every way, shape, and form. The truth is it was her introduction to Robert Shinn plus the Shekinah Church that led her down this path, so it’s imperative to note she also continues to devote herself to this religious institution. In fact, despite the latter being the reason she’d cut contact with family for two years before reconnecting again following public backlash, she maintains she’s not stuck in any cult-like situation.

Miranda has claimed she was forced out of the Wilking Sisters brand by her younger sister Melanie once they began having differences, yet they do now seem to share a positive relationship. Continuing with her personal standing, she’s still happily married to James Derrick—the first to connect with Robert/Shekinah and a fellow 7M dancer—and they’re proud dog parents today.

As for Miranda’s professional experiences, this Los Angeles-based dancer, choreographer, and influencer is thriving at the moment. She recently appeared in the 2024 remake of ‘Road House; has promotional deals with several fashion brands, continues to collaborate successfully with many fellow creators, and proudly has more than 3.5 million followers across all her social media accounts.

James “BDash” Derrick is a Man of Many Hats

While it’s true that James Derrick first came into the limelight following his participation in ‘World of Dance’ season 2 in 2018, along with his KRUMP group, he only garnered stability following 2021. That’s when 7M Films was actually established, with him as one of their first clients, considering Robert had gotten the business idea upon learning his son Isaiah was helping him shoot online content.

It, thus, comes as no surprise James is still actively working with 7M Films while also being a whole-hearted Shekinah devotee — in fact, he currently appears to be residing in a home on the church’s Los Angeles county premises alongside his loving wife Miranda and their adopted dog, Carver. Coming to more of his recent professional experiences, it seems like the combination of his aesthetic, expert technical skills, and graceful movements have propelled him to near-unwavering social media stardom.

James boasts approximately 2.1 million followers on TikTok as of writing, along with another 1.7 million on Instagram as well as 43.6k on YouTube — he hasn’t posted much on the latter since late 2021. However, if we’re being honest, we can’t solely credit his dance/choreography for his success because he has also been expanding his wings by dabbling in modeling and music over the past few years. In fact, from what we can tell, he has since even managed to showcase some of his original producer compositions to brands such as Walmart plus The Tech Maven.

Kevin “Konkrete” Davis is a Dancer and Musician

It was around mid-2022 that Kevin Davis decided to part ways with 7M Films for good upon realizing that the accusations of exploitation being made against it and Robert Shinn held quite a lot of truth. According to the aforementioned production, he was already not an entirely loyal member of the involved organizations since he didn’t believe in all their practices, so his exit was without hassle. He has since asserted he refused to cut ties with his then-toddler son with special needs despite being ordered by the church, and then he also didn’t sign the NDA they once handed out.

However, not everything was smooth sailing for Konkrete following his departure because he suddenly felt disconnected from his passion for dance, that is, until he let go of the idea of limitations itself. That’s when he was able to rediscover himself emotionally as well as physically, enabling him to return to his KRUMP roots and even continue moving forward with his partner, Kailea Gray.

So, today, this Sacramento resident is a KRUMP Creative Director who not only creates online content but also performs at concerts and live events before teaching classes, workshops, and tutorials. As if that’s not enough, Konkrete (or KNKRT) has since established himself as a groundbreaking musician by having already released a few EPs and albums, with his most recent being ‘Timeless.’

Kailea Gray is a Proud Video Creator

As per Kailea’s accounts in the docuseries, she’d joined both Shekinah Church and 7M Films talent management agency right alongside her then-boyfriend Kevin “Konkrete” Davis in 2020-2021. Thankfully, though, since the couple was aligned in their thinking and values at every step of the way, they were able to avoid getting caught up in these cult-like institutions’ intricacies. Hence, once 2022 rolled around, and they became increasingly worried over their current as well as future standing owing to Robert’s/7 M Films’/Shekinah’s practices, which were gradually coming into question, the duo decided to leave together.

From what we can tell, since gaining complete freedom, Kailea has primarily focused on building a better life for her family as an independent individual, loving wife, and caring mother. However, she’s also a hard-working professional in every sense of the term — she has found an unwavering passion for being behind the camera as a photographer-videographer, runs a food-based social media blog named Kailea’s Kitchen, plus loudly and proudly speaks up for basic social rights, mental health, women’s rights, and political peace across the globe. Yet, her priority is stability within her mind, heart, and home to give her child the best possible life.

Aubrey Fisher-Greene is a True Entertainer

Like the couple above, Aubrey exited 7M Films in 2022 alongside his then-girlfriend Kylie Douglas, unaware they too would sadly soon end up parting ways following five years of blissful romance. However, if we’re being honest, it was largely only his personal life that struggled after he made this shift because he did subsequently manage to showcase his skills through various outlets in different forms. This included an appearance on ‘The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon,’ a collaboration with Prodigy Training Center in Las Vegas, plus a krumping battle on BVCK Originals’ YouTube Channel.

But it’s imperative to note that Aubrey’s popularity has much to do with his activeness on social media, too, mainly as he often posts original choreographies on some of the most viral songs. Furthermore, we should mention this member of Band-Aid x Share The Movement, an LA Dance Clinic volunteer coach, as well as a coveted collaborator, is also an incredibly proud actor and musician. He actually landed a role in Don B. Welch Productions’ Hollywood stage play ‘Meet Me In the Prayer Room’ in May 2024, plus he plans on releasing his debut single “No Trace” on May 31.

Kylie Douglas is a Dancer, Choreographer, and Entrepreneur

Out of all the former 7M Dancers featured in the aforementioned original, Kylie Douglas is the only one to have unfortunately been left sexually traumatized from her experiences with Robert Shinn. According to her account, she was having severe back pain in the gym one day when the pastor offered to help out, just for her to agree, thinking he might either pray for her or give her some medicine. However, what he did was hold her from behind under the pretense of cracking her back before feeling her up while hip thrusting — something she initially thought was a mere awkward moment.

Kylie admittedly couldn’t believe Robert would do such a thing, so she tried brushing it off until outside accusations rolled around in 2022, and she realized his actions were likely intentional. She thus parted ways with him as well as the associated organizations alongside her then-beau Aubrey, only for her to take a while prior to reporting her ordeal to the local police too.

Yet alas, owing to the authority’s lack of action due to a lack of concrete evidence, Kylie, Aubrey, Kailea, and Konkrete all joined ex-church member Priscylla Lee’s civil lawsuit against Robert in 2023. By this point, the Detroit-Los Angeles resident — Kylie splits her time between the two — had actually already rejuvenized her dance company, The Viltz, rescued an adorable little dog, and begun collaborating with many fellow artists for online posts, all of which have helped her establish herself in this mesmerizing industry.

Nick “RainO” Raiano is Still a 7M Films Member

Despite being an associate of the infamous Robert Shinn, 7M Films, plus the Shekinah Church to this day, it seems like Nick has truly managed to achieve wonders in the dance community. In fact, he has been featured in a few commercial advertisements over the past few years, including for a beverage called Rockstar Pure Zero, and has even secured deals with brands like Pandora. In other words, this Vine star has since evolved into a TikTok sensation as well as a professional dancer/choreographer, with millions of followers across every social media platform — though, in the wake of the Netflix documentary, he has deleted his Instagram profile.

Vik White is an Influencer Through and Through

With over 8.4 million TikTok followers, 3.5 million Instagram fans, plus 394 thousand subscribers on YouTube, Vik White is thriving as a social media influencer and dancer at the moment. However, because he continues to work with 7M even today, he almost exclusively collaborates with fellow members unless he has to cover a brand deal or something promotional requiring otherwise. In fact, this Los Angeles-based travel enthusiast has worked with labels such as Revolve in the past, and he most recently had a significant part in Prime Video’s ‘The Idea of You,’ playing a member of the boyband August Moon named Simon.

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