The Last Thing He Told Me: 8 Similar Shows You Must See

Based on Laura Dave’s eponymous novel, Apple TV+’s ‘The Last Thing He Told Me‘ is a mystery drama series that revolves around a loving married couple, Hannah Hall and Owen Michaels, and Owen’s 16-year-old daughter named Bailey Michaels. Their picture-perfect life is turned upside down when one day, Owen suddenly disappears, without leaving any trace of himself even at his workplace. Now, to get to the bottom of Owen’s sudden disappearance, Hannah forms an unexpected bond with her stepdaughter Bailey.

Created by Laura Dave herself alongside Josh Singer, the show features stellar performances by Jennifer Garner, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Angourie Rice, Aisha Tyler, and Augusto Aguilera. So, if you are intrigued by the suspenseful and mysterious situations that rise throughout the Apple TV+ series, here are a few other television series that you might also like.

8. Blood Sisters (2022)

Created by Temidayo Makanjuola, Netflix’s ‘Blood Sisters’ is a Nigerian crime thriller series that revolves around two close friends, Sarah and Kemi. However, when Sarah’s fiancé Kola disappears under mysterious circumstances on the day of their engagement, Sarah and Kemi are forced to run away for their lives and become fugitives as they have no choice other than to leave town.

Just like Hannah and Bailey work together to find out the whereabouts of Owen in ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ Sarah and Kemi dig out Kola’s past to know what happened to him. So, the two shows are linked as they involve the unraveling of the missing character’s secrets.

7. Stay Close (2021)

Image Credit: James Stack/Netflix

Based on the 2012 eponymous novel by Harlan Coben, Netflix’s ‘Stay Close‘ is a British crime drama series that chronicles the lives of a soccer mom named Megan Pierce, a photojournalist named Ray Levine, and a homicide detective named Michael Broome, all of whom are connected by a terrible event from the past. One of the characters named Stewart Green, disappears out of nowhere, just like Owen does in ‘The Last Thing He Told Me.’ So if you looking for a narrative as gripping as that of ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ you’d definitely enjoy ‘Stay Close.’

6. The Woods (2020)

Netflix’s Polish crime drama series, ‘The Woods,’ is another Harlan Coben adaptation and takes place in two different time periods — 1994 and 2019. In the modern timeline, a prosecutor named Paweł Kopiński is asked to identify the corpse that was discovered along with newspaper clippings about him. Upon further investigation, he finds out that this body is linked to the 1994 summer camp incident.

In the aforementioned incident in 1994, two people get murdered while two others, including his sister Kamila, disappear without any trace. What makes ‘The Woods’ and ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ similar is that both of them consist of the themes of a mysterious disappearance and the missing person’s family member moving heaven and earth to find their loved ones.

5. Echoes (2022)

Created by Vanessa Gazy, Netflix’s ‘Echoes‘ is a mystery thriller series that follows two identical twin sisters named Leni and Gina, who lead a double life as they secretly swapped their lives when they were very young. So now, they share two homes, two husbands, and a child. Everything in their perfectly schemed world turns upside down when one of the twins goes missing. Just like ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ ‘Echoes’ also highlights the subject of disappearance and how deeply it affects their loved ones’ lives.

4. The Disappearance (2017)

The 2017 mystery drama series, ‘The Disappearance,’ revolves around the disappearance of a 10-year-old, Anthony Sullivan, who mysteriously vanishes during a treasure hunt game on his birthday. During the investigation that follows, long-buried family secrets come to light as they must collectively attempt to find out the whereabouts of Anthony.

Starring Aden Young, Peter Coyote, Camille Sullivan, Joanne Kelly, and Micheline Lanctôt, the show might involve the disappearance of a child, but several other aspects of the thriller series, such as family members working together toward a common objective, are quite similar to that of ‘The Last Thing He Told Me.’

3. Safe (2018)

The Michael C. Hall starrer, Netflix’s ‘Safe,’ is a 2018 British crime drama series that mainly chronicles the life of a widowed pediatric surgeon named Tom Delaney who struggles to connect with his two daughters, as all of them have a lot of residual grief over the loss of his wife one year ago. Soon, things become all the more complicated when his 16-year-old daughter Jenny disappears.

Naturally, Jenny’s disappearance leads Tom to uncover some dark secrets while he attempts to find her. The subject of an uncomfortable relationship between a parent and their kids is explored in both ‘Safe’ and ‘The Last Thing He Told Me’ — Tom and his daughters in the case of the former and Hannah with her stepdaughter in the latter.

2. Missing (2012)

Created by Gregory Poirier, ‘Missing’ is a 2012 thriller drama series that stars Ashley Judd, who portrays Rebecca “Becca” Winstone, a widow and retired CIA agent who has an 18-year-old son named Michael. When Michael disappears without any trace under some mysterious circumstances, Becca does everything she can to get to the bottom of her son’s disappearance case.

Although it is the son that vanishes in ‘Missing’ as opposed to one of the parents in ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ the themes of disappearance and the lengths that the victim’s family members go to are what link the two movies in question.

1. Gone for Good (2021)

Based on the 2002 novel of the same name by Harlan Coben, ‘Gone for Good’ (originally titled ‘Disparu à jamais’) is a French crime mystery drama series that follows the gloomy life of Guillaume, who thinks that the days of tragedy were gone after the death of two of his most beloved people. Fast forward to ten years later, he finds himself in the middle of yet another tragedy when his girlfriend disappears during his mother’s funeral. Just like Hannah’s partner vanishes mysteriously in ‘The Last Thing He Told Me,’ Guillaume also has to search for his missing romantic partner in ‘Gone for Good,’ which is a creation of David Elkaïm and Vincent Poymiro.

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