AKA Ending, Explained: What Happens to Jonathan?

Netflix’s ‘AKA’ is a French action thriller film directed by Morgan S. Dalibert that stars Alban Lenoir, Sveva Alviti, and Eric Cantona, among others. The film revolves around special agent Adam Franco, who takes on the mission to eliminate South Sudanese warlord Moktar Al Tayeb. In order to do so, he has to infiltrate crime lord Victor Postare’s inner circle and track down Al Tayeb, who is in hiding. However, an unforeseen connection between Adam and Postare’s young son, Jonathan, might just send the whole operation spiraling down. If you’re curious to know more about how this mission changes Adam’s life and what it reveals about Moktar Al Tayeb and his goals, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘AKA.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

AKA Plot Synopsis

The film introduces its protagonist, Adam Franco, during one of his missions in the Sebha Province of Libya. Adam is imprisoned by the same terrorist group that has taken whistleblower Sonia Gautier hostage. After Adam is caged in the same cave as Sonia, he breaks free and wipes out the armed bandits. However, after he frees Sonia, he executes her as well in order to prevent her involvement in an ongoing investigation against certain French regions.

Shortly after Sonia’s assassination, a hotel is blown up as an assumed act of terrorism by Moktar Al Tayeb. Adam’s employer contacts him through an online gaming server to offer him a new assignment. Adam flies to France and meets with Kruger, the state secretary’s close associate. Kruger hands him Moktar’s dossier and briefs him about Victor Postare, a close friend of Moktar’s. Kruger believes the two have been in contact and instructs Adam to gain Victor’s trust by enlisting in his crew without a secret identity. For backup, Adam is partnered with a small surveillance team of Mona and Cisko.

The next day Adam meets with Victor, as one of Jacque’s two men whom Jacque wants to introduce as new additions to Victor’s crew. Adam’s team is holding Jacques’s son hostage in order to get Adam through the door of the Postare crime syndicate. Adam picks a fight with the top dog within Victor’s crew, his head of security, Bogdan. As such, he gets noticed by Victor, who is initially annoyed at Adam but still sends him to run Bogdan’s errand with PeeWee.

PeeWee and Adam visit a banker to collect plans for a new robbery. Adam proves his worth by intimidating the banker into handing over the information and gains PeeWee’s trust and respect. Next, PeeWee takes him to a club run by Victor’s wife, Natalya. After a few guys from Victor’s rival, Amet’s gang, try to cause trouble at the club, Adam beats them up. As a result, he asserts his value twice in one day.

The next morning, Natalya thanks Adam and asks him to drop her son, Jonathan, at school. However, after Jonathan chats Adam up and gets in his car, Helen, Jonathan’s sister, shows up. Helen doesn’t trust Adam and tells him she’ll take Jonathan to school herself. Afterward, Victor meets Adam and officially welcomes him into his crime family. He also hands Adam a file containing information about his past.

Later at Jonathan’s birthday party, Adam brings him a present and plays hide and seek with him and his friends. The game provides an excellent opportunity for Adam to plant mics into Victor’s office. With the bugs in place, Mona and Cisko tap into Victor’s conversation with Moktar and learn about a future operation. Meanwhile, PeeWee takes Adam along as the getaway driver in a bank robbery. PeeWee and his guys successfully rob the bank, but as they’re driving back to Victor’s place, another car crashes into their vehicle from the side.

Adam and the rest of Victor’s men get into a gunfight with the other gang, who start piling up and outnumbers them. Adam manages to take out a handful of guys, and after stealing another car PeeWee, Adam, and the others take off. Victor realizes he has a mole and that someone told one of his rivals about the robbery. Adam figures out Natalya is the snitch and asks her to run away with her kids.

However, by then, Amet calls to threaten Natalya. Amet is furious that his guys failed at stealing the bank money from Victor’s guy, and in retaliation, he kidnaps Natalya’s son Jonathan. At the same time, Adam stakes out by a store, waiting for Moktar to show up. When Natalya goes to Victor to ask him to pay Amet’s ramson, Victor refuses, and Helen overhears their conversation. With all hope lost, Helen calls Adam and asks him to rescue Jonathan, but Adam declines.

AKA Ending: What Happens to Jonathan?

Though Adam declines Helen’s request to help out her brother, he quickly realizes he can’t let anything happen to the kid he has grown fond of. Additionally, Jonathan reminds Adam of his own little brother, Raphael, whom Adam couldn’t save. Therefore, Adam leaves the stakeout mission to Cisko and takes off, equipped with weapons. He tracks Jonathan’s location down to a gang base. There, he pretends to be a junkie looking for some drugs and enters the low level of the building.

From there, he finds out where Jonathan is from a guy on patrol and then storms the building. He singlehandedly takes down Janusz’s numerous henchmen and makes it to the boss. Janusz tries to hold Jonathan at gunpoint and threatens Adam, but Adam easily overpowers him and rescues Jonathan. He takes the kids home to his parents and loses Moktar’s sighting near the stakeout place.

What Happens to Cisko and Mona?

After Adam leaves to save Jonathan, he asks Cisko to keep an eye out by the store where they believe Moktar to be. Shortly after Adam’s departure, Cisco spots Moktar exiting the store and follows him out to an empty alley. There, Cisco pulls a gun on Moktar and asks him to come out of the shadows with his hands in the air. However, before Cisko can shoot Moktar, PeeWee shoots Cisko from behind, and the two leave his dead body in the alley.

Meanwhile, Adam is pretty beaten up after his fight with Janusz’s men and returns to his apartment, where Helen is waiting for him. Adam tries to refuse her help but passes out before he can even make it inside. Helen patches up his injuries as a gratitude for saving her brother’s life. Once Adam wakes a few hours later, he immediately leaves for the stakeout site. He breaks into a store and watches the surveillance footage of the street. On the computer, he watches Moktar leave.

At the same time, several police officers show up outside the store. Adam tells the cops he’s undercover and shares his ID with them. As such, the cops let him go. However, one of Victor’s guys, Yousseff, witnesses their interaction and realizes Adam is a cop. The next morning he goes to Adam’s house with some of his men in an attempt to kill him.

Mona overhears Youseff’s conversation on the phone and realizes Adam’s cover is blown. She arrives outside Adam’s apartment as well and takes out Youseff and his three men before they can get to Adam. Nevertheless, she gets mortally wounded and barely reaches Adam’s door before dying.

What Was Moktar’s Operation?

After Cisko’s death, Moktar realizes that people are after him and goes to see The Secretary. He waits outside the Secretary’s window and leaves an envelope for him. The Secretary, shaken by Moktar’s sighting, checks the envelope and finds a picture of him and Moktar together shaking hands during a business meeting.

The next morning, Adam locates Moktar’s hideout and drives down to an abandoned building. Inside, he finds PeeWee and Moktar and shoots Moktar in the leg. However, when Adam asks Moktar what his operation is, he gets a different answer than he imagined. Moktar only came to France at the government’s invitation to discuss a cease-fire in South Sudan. Years ago, he used to be an ally of the French government. However, once he started demanding freedom for the people of South Sudan, they labeled him a terrorist.

After Moktar came to France, some agents attacked his hotel room and killed his wife and daughter. Moktar never blew up the building. Instead, government agents had done so in an attempt to kill him. The operation Moktar and his acquaintances kept referring to was a medical operation for his daughter, who only barely survived the attack.

After telling his story, Moktar asks Adam to let him say goodbye to his daughter before Adam kills him. Adam allows it but keeps PeeWee and gunpoint, unsure of his next course of action. However, before Adam can make a decision, Kruger shoots Moktar from the shadows and kills him.

Does Kruger Die?

After the Secretary receives the photo, he realizes Moktar can ruin his reputation by unveiling the truth to the public. He threatens Kruger to finish the job quickly and leave no trace behind. Therefore, Kruger tracks down Adam and kills Moktar. He brings a group of armed men with him to kill anyone else inside the building. However, Adam helps PeeWee escape with Moktar’s daughter.

Kruger then arrives at the Postare mansion. There, Victor has already killed his wife Natalya after finding out about her betrayal. Kruger kills Postare as well, leaving Jonathan and Helen orphans. The police find Helen in Adam’s apartment and arrest her. Meanwhile, Child Protective Services take away Jonathan. When Helen tries to reach Jonathan, her request is declined since she doesn’t have the proper paperwork.

Nevertheless, she is reunited with her little brother on a bus when Adam brings Jonathan to her. Kruger also gets on the same bus to eliminate the Postare kids and truly clean up any evidence of this whole fiasco. However, Adam stops Kruger, discreetly stabbing him in the chest while sitting on the back of the bus. Adam kills Kruger and saves the Postare siblings’ lives.

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