American Sweethearts: Where Are the Cheerleaders Now?

Netflix’s ‘America’s Sweethearts: Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders’ provides more than just a glimpse into the operations of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders for a single NFL season. It delves into the individual stories of various cheerleaders in the group, ranging from experienced veterans and leaders to rookies trying their luck for the first time. The show highlights the immense effort they put in and the perseverance required, showcasing how cheerleading is a sport that challenges individuals in unimaginable ways and what it takes to make a season successful.

Kelcey Wetterberg is Busy With Her Wedding Planning

Kelcey, the 5th-year veteran leading one of the teams was a standout figure among the final 36. It was her first time playing, yet her dedication and experience were evident in her eyes. Being part of the team was a dream come true, as she had trained as a dancer since she was three. Having previously served as a Choreography Captain for the Nebraska Scarlets Dance Team, joining the DCC felt like a dream realized. However, she also managed a career as a pediatric nurse, skillfully splitting her time between the two demanding professions.

Given her years of brilliance with the DCC, she has also built a solid digital footprint to promote brands she genuinely believes in. Whether organizing giveaways at the Woodhouse Spa Plano in honor of Nurses Week or sharing skin treatment tips in collaboration with Sun Pharm, she stands by her promotions and personally vouches for them. In 2024, Kelcey will be busy managing her work and planning her wedding with Nate Crnkovich, an actor and entrepreneur. The two have been engaged since September 2023 and eagerly anticipate starting their new life together.

Victoria Kalina Plans to Join DCC For Another Season

One of the journeys that most touched the audience was that of Victoria Kalina. Living up to the reputation of her mother, who was also a very successful DCC member, and the unrealistic expectations she set for herself were difficult to watch. Against all odds, she has decided to return for another year at DCC and is currently training and working towards that goal. Dance is her passion, which is evident from all the work avenues she pursues related to dance. The young woman is an expert in ballet, tap, jazz, lyrical, contemporary, hip-hop, and musical theatre, and she is also a member of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders Show Group.

She wants to share her legacy in dance, which she has known since childhood, and she does so by teaching ballet at The Joffrey Ballet School in Dallas. She has also become significantly involved in Eve, a dance studio that offers much more than just dance classes. As a leading voice within the organization, she aids in running it alongside her friends. Her bag has no dearth of accomplishments, from awards and scholarships to leadership positions. Yet, Victoria’s talents do not end just here. She is a highly skilled writer who has maintained and religiously updated a blog. With her newfound platform, she is taking every opportunity to spread awareness about mental health and is dedicated to the cause.

Reece Allman is Basking in the Glow of Marital Bliss

Reece Allman, a rookie for the DCC in the 2023-2024 season, had a fantastic run. She made it to the finals, standing out for her cheery disposition and positive attitude, which took her far. She has decided to return for the next NFL season and is currently auditioning. Her fans do not doubt that they will see her on the field again. With years of experience as a professional dancer, Reece was on the Alabama Dance Team for the Alabama Crimson Tide at the University of Alabama and spent four years with the group.

Professional excellence is not all that awaits Reece in the coming year. After almost three years together, she had been engaged to Will Allman since April 2023. After a fun and adventure-filled bachelorette party at Disney’s Magic Kingdom Park in Bay Lake at the end of February 2024, the young couple married on April 20, 2024, surrounded by their family, friends, and some of Reece’s DCC colleagues. It was a small, simple wedding at the Barn at Cottonwood Ranch in Callahan, Florida. They have just started a new chapter in their lives together and wish to fill it with pages of happy memories.

Kelly Villares Hopes to Perform For DCC Again

Kelly Villares entered the season to set things on fire, but her dreams were cut short when she couldn’t make it to the finals. Despite getting so close and being one of the last few to be cut, she remained determined to improve her skills and has been auditioning for the 2024-2025 NFL season. While she hasn’t made her successes public, it will be a huge moment for her fans to see her in the royal blue outfit. She has kept in touch with the many friends she made at DCC, and when she met them at Reece Allman’s wedding in April 2024, she likely assured them that she would be joining them sooner rather than later.

There is little doubt about Kelly Villares making an exceptional professional dancer, given her remarkable talent and achievements. After graduating from UDA High School Nationals as part of the national championship-winning team, she joined the Rutgers University Dance Team. She consecutively won the All Big Ten Dance First Team Winner award in 2020 and 2021 and even served as the team’s captain in 2022. Her spot at DCC is just one step toward the greatness she is headed towards, and seeing how far this New Jersey resident has come is truly inspiring.

Claire Wolford is Now a Podcast Host

Claire Wolford, a fourth-year veteran, had a standout year in the 2023-2024 NFL season but surprised her teammates by announcing her retirement in May 2024. She expressed her intention to shift her focus professionally. Claire has launched a podcast, ‘ Sweet As Honey,’ where she interviews industry veterans about their life journeys. Additionally, she works as a dance and pilates instructor at Frisco Pilates Beyond Studios, aiming to inspire young people. Claire plans to further her career as a choreographer, drawing on her previous collaboration experience with Bravo in a similar role, and she is eager to explore new opportunities in this next phase of life.

Anna Kate Sundvold Has Been Refining Her Dance Skills

Following her elder sister Caroline’s footsteps, Anna Kate Sundvold had a robust support system throughout the audition process and the subsequent 2023 season of DCC. A graduate of Texas Christian University, where she was part of the cheerleading squad and performed as the TCU Showgirl, she quickly demonstrated her value. Listed in Columbia Business Time Magazine’s 20 Under 20 at 19, she achieved recognition early in her career. Concluding her year at DCC, she realized there was much more to learn and has also decided to return for the upcoming session. Since mid-June, she has been auditioning, likely undergoing the intense scrutiny familiar from last year.

With a father who was a former NBA player, a brother who played golf professionally in college, and a sister who rose to leadership within the DCC, Anna Kate Sundvold understands she has big shoes to fill. She knows that pushing herself and staying focused on her chosen path is the way forward, and she is committed to doing just that. Throughout her journey, she has had the support of Michael Snyder, her partner whom she met at TCU and has been in a relationship with for about four years. They envision a future together and look forward to settling down one day.

Madeline Salter is Also Working as a Model Today

Madeline Salter, a third-year veteran at the DCC, performed with confidence and skill, living up to the expectations set by her mother’s legacy within the DCC. Despite a successful run in the 2023-2024 season, Madeline intends to audition for the next season, driven by her desire to prove herself continually. With a background in performing that includes being part of the American Spirit Dance Company and appearing on ‘Barney & Friends’ as a child actor, Madeline is no stranger to the spotlight.

Alongside her dance career, she expands her horizons by working as a model, showcasing her versatility and ambition. Madeline has made significant strides in her career, including collaborations with KadyLuxe and features in publications like Star Magazine’s Swim Edition and the DCC swimsuit calendar. Her involvement in the video collaboration between DCC and Post Malone marked a milestone in her journey, reflecting her progress and achievements.

In addition to her career successes, Madeline has faced personal challenges, notably the loss of her father in 2022 due to mental health concerns. Since then, she has found solace and purpose in philanthropic endeavors, actively participating in charitable initiatives with organizations like the Miracle Children’s Network, Epsilon Fraternity, and Celebration Church. These efforts contribute to causes she cares about and serve as a form of healing and resilience in the face of adversity, showcasing her strength and determination.

Charly Barby is Teaching Dance at a Ballet Studio

It must have been disappointing for Charly Barby to be cut from the team just days before the season began despite making it to the top 45 candidates. However, she remains confident in her abilities and has identified practice as an area for improvement. Determined to make a comeback, Charly has immersed herself in preparation for the upcoming season. Over the past few months, she has trained alongside dancers like Jennifer Amburn and Shelly Bramhall.

Additionally, she has become a regular presence at the Xtreme Force Dance Academy in Livermore, California, where she shares her expertise by teaching ballet to young children. Her dedication and perseverance in honing her skills demonstrate her commitment to achieving her goals in dance. The Arizona State University graduate has wisely taken trips to Hawaii and New York with her friends, using these opportunities to relax her mind and rejuvenate herself with unmatched vigor. These experiences have undoubtedly helped her gain perspective and recharge, preparing her to return to dance with renewed determination.

Ariana Taylor McClure Has Accomplished Her Dream of Being a Cheerleader

When she competed during the season, Ariana McClure demonstrated her ability to pursue her dreams with single-minded determination. Alongside her dance commitments, she supported herself by working as a medical device salesperson for Profound Medical while living in Dallas. Although she didn’t advance to the final 36, she took the disappointment in stride and shifted her focus elsewhere. Returning to her hometown of San Diego, California, in January 2024, she stayed there temporarily. By March 2024, Ariana embarked on a new career path as an Accounts Executive for Hoop 5 Networks in Miami, Florida, where she has since settled.

Ariana McClure has been making significant strides in her career and personal life! In June 2024, she proudly announced her selection for the Miami Dolphins Cheerleaders training camp and is now a team member for the season. With previous experience as an NBA dancer for the Laker Girls, her ability to perform in front of audiences has undoubtedly contributed to her success with the Dolphins. Supported by her family and friends, Ariana embraces a philosophy of living life to the fullest while maintaining a solid work ethic. Whether traveling to destinations like Vegas or Cabo San Lucas, she does so with style and enthusiasm, embodying a joyous approach to life that’s inspiring.

Sophia Laufer Hopes to Make it to the DCC Team Again

Sophia Laufer’s journey with the DCC in the 2023-2024 season marked her second year with the team, aiming to stand out with her performances. However, she faced a difficult moment when she was inappropriately touched during a game, which understandably weighed on her. Supported by her teachers and team members, Sophia resolved not to let the actions of others affect her determination. She has trained at the Rage Complex and the Gotta Dance Academy, and Mark Meismer has been her mentor. She plans to show her perseverance and will be a force to reckon with in the 2024 season of the NFL, for which she is currently auditioning.

Caroline Sundvold is Trying to Find Her Rhythm in Life Today

Caroline Sundvold decided to retire from her role as a DCC member in 2022, a year that also saw her honored with the Veteran of the Year Award. During her tenure, she led a team and achieved the Rookie of the Year Award upon her debut. Dealing with significant health challenges, Caroline recently underwent surgery, which has had a considerable impact on her physical well-being. Given her intense commitments with the DCC, she is currently taking a break to reassess her priorities.

Caroline is a Personal Executive Assistant to CEOs and Families at Churchill Capital, a role she has held since 2021, providing financial stability and flexibility. She recently completed her Mastering Sales Certificate from Northwestern University-Kellogg School of Management, aiming to further her career in sales. Caroline also dedicates herself to mentoring and supporting her younger sister, Anna Kate, in her cheerleading endeavors.

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