Are Angelina and Giannina From All Star Shore Still Friends?

As a first-of-its-kind competition series wherein party games and well-loved reality star alums are right at the center, Paramount+’s ‘All Star Shore‘ is as wild as it is dramatic and cutthroat. That’s because it brings together personalities from all walks of life, including the ‘Shore’ franchise, ‘Bachelor in Paradise,’ and ‘Love is Blind,’ amongst others, to create situations like never before. The prime example of the same is the extreme hostility turned genuine friendship between Angelina Pivarnick and Giannina Milady Gibelli — so now let’s find out more about them, shall we?

Angelina and Giannina’s All Star Shore Journey

Since Angelina had made her debut on our television screens in late 2009 as an original cast member of ‘Jersey Shore,’ it came as no surprise she believed herself to be an OG of the group. This personal standing honestly did not sit well with many of her co-stars from the get-go, and of course, the strong, independent ‘Love is Blind‘ season 1 fan-favorite Giannina was one of them. It was undeniable that there was a mutual dislike, especially because they didn’t even attempt to have a conversation to get to know one another, and the former still deemed her phony.

Things only got worse once Giannina outrightly refused to kiss Angelina and Joey Essex’s “a**” after they won the first challenge just to avoid being chosen for the exile games by them. The former told the cameras, “kissing a** isn’t really my style, so either you like me, or you don’t,” before we see the Jersey star telling her, “Girl, don’t be like that! We’re actually looking at the way you guys are acting.” Cut to her own confessional, Angelina said, “I think this girl is so f**king phony. I don’t like that b*tch,” a sentiment she reiterated to both Blake Horstmann and James Tindale.

Angelina had noticed how the Netflix personality acted with both these men — who admittedly liked her — and the fact she soon kissed James on the lips in front of Blake bothered her as well. She later called out Giannina in a fiery rant in front of the whole house, going as far as to dub her a “dirtbag for what [she] did to f**king Blake,” but the duo was already kind of together by this point. However, when the two women actually opened up to one another in episode 4, ‘Burning Down The House,’ their perceptions did a 180 as they finally understood where the other was coming from.

Are Angelina and Giannina Still Friends?

With Giannina helping Angelina during the barbeque after she cut her finger, there was an opportunity for a truce by extending an evident olive branch that the latter did not waste. “You and Blake are really cute, I must say… He’s a really good guy,” Angelina candidly voiced, which is when the former clarified she kissed James but not him on the fateful evening because it would’ve been in front of everybody. This truth drove Angelina to share her side of the story before sincerely apologizing for getting mad, leading to more personal exchanges and the blossoming of a friendship.

Therefore, we’re happy to report that from what we can tell, it appears as if Angelina and Giannina have managed to maintain their connection over time and are still close friends. They not only follow each other on social media platforms at the moment, but they also show their support whenever the opportunity arises in the form of likes, comments, or story shares. In fact, the ‘Jersey Shore’ personality was among the first to congratulate Giannina and Blake when they went public with their relationship towards the end of June 2022, as seen above.

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