Hannah and Bergie: Love Island USA Duo’s Friendship is Still Going Strong

Image Credit: Carsten Bergersen/Instagram

Peacock’s ‘Love Island USA‘ is a dating show primarily focused on the love lives of its participants. That said, the reality series, which is based on a similarly named British one, has also seen many heartwarming friendships blossom amidst the various quests to find love. In the recently released season 5 of the show, one such bond that stood out among all else was the one between Hannah Wright and Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen. The connection that the two formed lasted through thick and thin, and people are naturally curious if this bond has persisted outside the villa.

Hannah and Bergie’s Love Island USA Journey

The first time Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen met Hannah Wright, he had just been eliminated from the show on Day 1 and was then asked to return to the villa the next day after spending his night with two gorgeous women in the Hideaway. Seeing Carmen Kocourek and Hannah waiting for him in a hot tub certainly lifted Bergie’s spirits, and the three continued to talk for a long time and even shared a bed together.

After coming out of the Hideaway, Bergie became romantically interested in Carmen, but that did not mean that he did not appreciate Hannah, though the connection established on that front was more platonic. Indeed, Hannah was always there to help Bergie out while he was trying to woo Carmen, even telling him things that the latter had told her in confidence. During the complicated love triangle that popped up between Bergie, Carmen, and Victor Gonzalez, Hannah saw Bergie alone outside after his conversation with Victor in the shared dormitory in the company of the rest of the male cast members. Seeing her friend so saddened made Hannah tell everyone that she would not stand for anyone hurting her friend.

While Bergie’s connection with Carmen did not manifest into a romantic relationship, his friendship with Hannah did grow stronger. This also meant that he developed a good bond with Marco Donatelli, whom Hannah had been coupled with since Day 3. During his various attempts to find love, Hannah stood beside Bergie and gave him much advice. The three could often be seen hanging out together, which was always a relief in a villa full of drama. Needless to say, Hannah was over the moon that Bergie had found his match with Taylor Smith.

Hannah and Bergie Have a Deep Appreciation For Each Other

Yes, it does seem like Hannah Wright and Carsten “Bergie” Bergersen have continued to remain in touch following their time on the show. This certainly does not come as a surprise to many, given that when asked by Marco Donatelli if he would attend his wedding with Hannah, Bergie had happily demanded that he should be in the wedding, even ready to be one of the bridesmaids in order to show his support for Hannah.

In a recent post shared by Bergie in the company of Taylor Smith, Hannah expressed her appreciation in the comment section, exclaiming, “Love you both!! So thankful to have met you and forever grateful for our friendship!!” Bergie was certainly thankful for the comment and replied, “Thank you so much, Hannah for making this whole experience so much better and easier for me!” Given their continued mutual appreciation for each other, it is no wonder that we are more than sure that the two remain friends.

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