Julia And Joey: Is the Dated & Related Duo Still on Friendly Terms?

Hosted by Melinda Berry, Netflix’s ‘Dated & Related‘ brings a new meaning to the concept of dating shows. The reality series brings several sibling/cousin duos into a luxurious villa so that they may find a romantic partner for themselves. However, their biggest job might be to support their sibling/cousin and simultaneously keep their love life on track. Given the $100,000 at stake, the ensuing drama is as entertaining as one can hope for.

With the first season now wrapped up, it has naturally made fans curious to know more about the participants. While some of the relationships in the show ended quite happily, many others ended with a promise of staying friends. Julia Perfetto and Joey Roppo fall under the latter category, and many are curious if the two have remained on amicable terms or not. Luckily, we are here to answer the same question!

Julia Perfetto And Joey Roppo’s Dated & Related Journey

When the Perfettos entered the villa, Julia’s brother, Daniel, had the chance to speed date every guy in the house and choose one of them to be his sister’s blind date. After observing the dates through a television screen from a remote location, she hoped that her sibling would choose Joey to be her date for the evening, though the Perfetto brother ended up choosing Chris Hahn. Sadly, the date did not end as favorably as the latter hoped, with Julia still focused on Joey.

Joey and Daniel had bonded in the villa, with the former even showing his approval of the latter as a potential partner for his sister, Corrina. When she and Daniel did start dating, they decided to push Joey and Julia together, but interestingly, Ceylan Taneri was also interested in pursuing the Perfetto sister. After completing a secret task with his sister Alara, he was able to take Julia on a double date with Alara and Kieran Bishop. She frankly stated her interest in Joey during the date, which upset Ceylan.

It wasn’t until William and Henry Wade entered that Joey decided he needed to ask Julia out as fast as possible. The conversation ended favorably for both parties, with the pair kissing each other. The two decided to accompany Daniel and Corrina on a double date which unfortunately upset Julia. The Perfetto sister was envious of the bond between Joey and her brother as she wanted her partner to pay her more attention.

After the date, a confused Julia was approached by William, who expressed interest in her, and the two ended up kissing. This heavily confused her, who then discussed the development with her brother. Daniel suggests that she should make up her mind and have a conversation with Joey. The following day, Julia spoke with Joey about the situation and her confusion between the two men. When he asked if he could kiss her, Julia refused as she did not want to complicate the situation further.

The chance to choose was presented to Julia during the Lady’s Choice Prom Night, where the girls had to ask out their dates for the event. The Perfetto sister selected William, leaving Joey alone for the event. However, she soon started thinking that the Wade brother was more interested in the prize money than her due to some of the comments made by him during the dancing event.

The situation worsened after Rachel and Andy Foster entered the villa when William talked to Julia about how they might not be the best fit. He then proceeded to list the reasons for the same, which the Perfetto sister perceived as him telling her how to behave. Upset, Julia realized that she should talk to Joey and try to build their relationship once more. Despite agreeing, he was still upset about her behavior in the whole situation.

Joey believed that the presence of another guy should not have wavered Julia’s interest in him, and the fact that it did happen made him question his belief in their bond. Though the pair tried their best to regain the spark of their relationship, they ultimately realized that they would be better off as friends than romantic partners. Both remained seated when asked to stand up if they saw the relationship having a future in the outside world. But have Julia and Joey stayed friends since their time in the villa? Let’s find out more about the same!

Julia Perfetto And Joey Roppo Are Still Friends

We are happy to report that Julia and Joey are still friends. Albeit not as close as the two seem to be with some of the other housemates, they are on amicable terms and have even commented on each other’s social media posts. While this might be a bit of a bittersweet moment for those rooting for Joey and Julia as a couple, the two seem content with the nature of their relationship. For those wondering, the bromance between Julia’s brother Daniel and Joey is as strong as ever.

Currently, Julia and Joey are living in Los Angeles, California, and spending time with their friends from the Netflix series. The former is working as a Certified Personal Trainer and offers guidance to those interested in a healthier lifestyle and physique. Julia is also affiliated with brands like TLF Apparel, Echt Apparel, and The Giving Movement.

On the other hand, Joey is pursuing a career in the entertainment industry as an actor/model and is set to release a music album with his sister in Fall 2022. We wish Julia and Joey the best in their lives and hope they have a wonderful future ahead.

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