Bad Vegan: Where Are They Now? An Update

In what can only be described as a careful account of an absurd tale that goes way beyond anything we’ve ever known, ‘Bad Vegan: Fame. Fraud. Fugitives.’ genuinely makes us question what the truth really is. After all, it not only chronicles the way Sarma Melngailis’ life turned upside down once she tied the knot with Anthony Strangis, but it also details his bizarre claims of immortality, non-human existence, and much more. So now, if you wish to know what the key players of this story — including family members and associates — are up to today, we’ve got the details for you.

Where is Sarma Melngailis Now?

Having ultimately pled guilty to stealing over $200,000 from an investor, scheming to defraud, and criminal tax fraud, Sarma served four months behind bars before being released in October 2017. She filed for divorce in May the following year and has since been trying her best to focus on the positive aspects of life, especially because she still has her beloved dog Leon by her side. From what we can tell, the New York native currently has a podcast in the works, though it’s unclear when it’ll come to light, and she continues to keep the dream of one day reopening her businesses alive in her heart.

Where is Anthony Strangis Now?

Anthony Strangis has been accused of using “cult-like techniques, including gaslighting, sleep deprivation, and sexual humiliation, to control” his then-partner Sarma, but his attorneys have denied all such claims. Therefore, he has only ever been convicted of four counts of fourth-degree grand larceny — he pleaded guilty — for which he received a sentence of time served (about a year) plus five years of probation. This probation is set to end in May 2022, meaning that he would be allowed to leave his home state of Massachusetts (where he has supposedly been serving out his penalty) around that time.

Where is Jeffrey Chodorow Now?

Jeffrey Chodorow is a self-made restaurateur/financier who has always been attracted to “new food ideas and new ways of doing things,” as per the series, leading him to back Sarma’s Pure Food and Wine. That’s also why he has been so incredibly successful in his career and has managed to uphold a good reputation, even if things have been looking a little different in recent years. A few of his restaurants appear to have closed down, and his China Grill Management company doesn’t seem to be in the position it once was. However, as per reports, the Florida native is presently setting up a new eatery in the luxurious Bal Harbour Shops.

Where is Ilze Melngailis Now?

Sarma Melngailis’ sister is a New York resident too, yet instead of the food industry, her field is that of international development through the UN. In other words, she currently serves as not only the Senior Director of Business Council for the UN and Private Sector Engagement but also the Senior Director for Global Partnerships at the UN Foundation. Ilze’s goal is essentially to make the world a better place by improving gender equality, poverty levels, and health in women as well as children alike, which her work proves at every step of the way. We should mention that she’s even a proud daughter, sister, wife, and mother.

Where is John Melngailis Now?

John Melngailis, Sarma and Ilze’s loving father, used to be a professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the University of Maryland, but he has since evolved into an entrepreneur. He’s the founder of Black Rooster Food LLC, an organization that allows him to embrace his Latvian heritage by trading in handmade (using traditional recipes) and nutritious sourdough rye bread. Furthermore, it looks like even he lives in New York at the moment, is still close to his daughters, and is blissfully married to journalist Michaele Weissman, with whom he shares a son.

Where is Anthony Caruana Now?

Although he’s originally from Long Island, Anthony Caruana now calls Park Avenue, South New York, his permanent home — with nothing but his clothes and car in terms of his belongings. As per his social media platforms, he was in the mafia at one point in time, yet for the past 16 years, he’s just been serving as “the batman of Gramercy Park.” If you want to catch up with him regularly, the good news is that he often goes live out of his vehicle on his Youtube Channel.

Where is Nazim Seliakhov Now?

Nazim Seliakhov got lured into Anthony Strangis’ orbit in the 2010s because he wanted to be a part of the food industry, but it appears as if he’s now just a business developer doing well for himself. The Russian worked as the Operational Manager at Pure Food and Wine as well as One Lucky Duck in New York until 2015 and then held the same post for seven months at Viridium Distribution in Portland, Oregon. Today, though, he’s back in the city as the founder of a pharmaceutical-grade Industrial Hemp Processing Laboratory, allowing him to utilize both his strategic and technical skills in one place.

Where is Stacy Strangis Now?

Stacy Avery Strangis was married to Anthony until 2010 — until she filed for the dissolution of their marriage because he’d suddenly (allegedly) abandoned their family about five years prior. Since then, from what we can tell, she has moved on with her life to the best of her abilities and now resides in Palmetto, Florida, alongside people who genuinely care about her. Moreover, after earning the proper qualifications, she currently serves as an oral surgical assistant to provide for both herself and her two children (one from a previous relationship and one with Anthony).

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