Barry Season 4 Episode 7 Recap: A Nice Meal

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The fourth season of HBO’s ‘Barry‘ is the final chapter in the titular hitman’s story and the penultimate episode of season 4 sees Barry at the mercy of Jim Moss, who is arguably his most competent enemy. Meanwhile, Moss learns a disturbing truth about Gene Cousineau and his involvement in Janice Moss’ death. On the other hand, Hank’s machinations and stomach for violence set up one last assignment for Barry, asking him to return to the hitman business, leading to the ending of ‘Barry’ season 4 episode 7! SPOILERS AHEAD!

Barry Season 4 Episode 7 Recap

The seventh episode, titled ‘a nice meal,’ opens with Barry being held hostage by Jim Moss. The latter shows Barry disturbing images on a VR set while Barry prays to God for his and his family’s safety. Moss is unimpressed with Barry’s newfound religious beliefs and warns the former hitman he is going to Hell. Meanwhile, Gene Cousineau does not want a movie about Barry’s life to be produced and is trying to mount a PR campaign to stop the movie from being made. He works with Tom to ensure that Janice Moss’ death is not sensationalized in the film and Barry is not portrayed as a sympathetic soul.

Image Credit: Merrick Morton/HBO

Elsewhere, NoHo Hank misses his former partner, Cristobal, and hires a group of assassins known as the FUBAKs to hunt down Monroe Fuches, aka The Raven. Hank’s assistant introduces Hank to the FUBAKs and instructs them to kill Fuches. The FUBAKS promise to wipe out Fuches and his new family by the day’s end. Hank reminds them to tell Fuches that he sent the killers. Meanwhile, Barry sobs at the thought of being separated from his wife and son. Moss prepares to torture Barry when the latter starts blabbering and reveals he gave Gene Cousineau money to fix things between them.

Cousineau receives a call from Matt, a talent agent who calls on behalf of his client, Daniel Day-Lewis, who wants to play Cousineau’s character in the biopic about Barry’s life. Cousineau is excited about the development and sets up a meeting with Matt. Sally calls Cousineau and reveals she has arrived in Los Angeles, California, and needs help finding Barry. However, Cousineau refuses to pick up Sally because of his meeting with Matt and instructs Sally to go to his house and meet him later.

Hank receives the severed heads of the FUBAKs, who are no match for Fuches and his mercenary skills. After the assassins fail to kill Fuches, Hanks decides to resolve himself. On the other hand, Fuches’ girlfriend and her daughter are traumatized by the display of violence in their house. Cousineau meets Matt at a remote location, and the latter reveals another big-name star who wants to be a part of the film about Barry’s life. His client, Mark Wahlberg, wishes to produce and star in the movie but is concerned about Barry’s negative portrayal, especially his cop-killing act.

However, Cousineau reassures Matt that Barry is a more layered character, helping him secure a direct meeting with Wahlberg. Elsewhere, Hank’s men attack Fuches’ mansion only to find themselves outmatched by the latter’s gang. As a result, Hank decides to seek Barry’s help in killing Fuches. On the other hand, Cousineau arrives for his meeting with Wahlberg only to find it was a trap set up by Moss, who learned about the money he took from Barry. After Moss confronts Cousineau about the money, he reveals Barry offered it to mend things between them. However, Moss sees it as a sign of Cousineau being complicit in Janice Moss’ death.

Barry Season 4 Episode 7 Ending: Does Barry Save Sally and John?

The episode’s final act sees Barry recovering from Moss’ torture and alone in the empty house. Barry misses Sally and John and craves reuniting with his family. At this point, Barry has seemingly moved past his desire to kill Cousineau. Meanwhile, Sally and John arrive at Cousineau’s house but find it locked. Sally starts freaking out and tries to seek help from a policeman. However, Hank’s men, whom the Chechen mob boss sent to kidnap Cousineau, find Sally and John at the house. Thus, Sally and John inadvertently find themselves abducted by Hank’s men.

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Elsewhere, Cousineau is completely exposed as Jim Moss believes he was involved in his daughter’s death. In Moss’ house, Barry receives a call from Hank. He hears the voices of Sally and John, quickly realizing his family is in danger and being held captive by Hank. The Chechen mob boss wants Barry to return to the playing field and use his exemplary hitman skills to take out his former mentor, Fuches. Thus, the penultimate episode brings Barry right back to square one despite escaping the criminal lifestyle and living a peaceful family life for years. Moreover, the ending sets up an enthralling series finale by posing Barry against Fuches with the former’s family at stake. Hence, it will be interesting to see if Barry returns to being a killer to save Sally and John.

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