Behind Your Touch Finale Recap and Ending Explained: Who is the Killer?

Detective Moon Jang-yeol and Psychometric vet Bong Ye-bun’s quirky investigation in Netflix’s South Korean crime-comedy show, ‘Behind Your Touch,’ comes to a close with its latest episodes. Following a long and arduous search for the notorious serial killer loose in the small town of Mujin, Ye-bun and Jang-yeol enter a bleak predicament after Seon-woo’s death puts the pair at odds. Furthermore, Detective Kang’s takeover of the case forced Jang-yeol to operate from the sidelines and snoop around with his team. However, despite Jang-yeol’s restriction and Ye-bun’s grief, the pair find groundbreaking help from an unexpected source.

If you’re curious to see where this weeks-long investigation finally lands our protagonists and what it uncovers about the killer, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Behind Your Touch.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Behind Your Touch Episode 15 Recap

Following Seon-woo’s brutal murder at the killer’s hands, Ye-bun goes into a depressive state. Since Seon-woo died saving Ye-bun’s life, the vet can’t help but blame herself while also shedding part of the blame on Jang-yeol in her anger. Meanwhile, Jang-yeol’s team, Captain Won, and the others check out Seon-woo’s cabin for clues in haste, considering they aren’t technically allowed to intervene with the case any longer.

Inside Seon-woo’s cabin, Won finds the Shaman bloodied and passed out. After returning to consciousness, the Shaman, who tells the others someone had knocked him out earlier, learns about Seon-woo’s death and becomes inconsolable. As a result, when the time comes, he takes up the responsibility of throwing a funeral rite for Seon-woo, his tenant, since the man doesn’t have any family. On the other hand, Detective Kang, whose Crimes Division is in charge of the serial killer case, interrogates Ye-bun due to her presence at the crime scene.

So far, Ye-bun has been inexplicably involved in this case from the start, something that Kang notices and demands answers for. Nevertheless, Jang-yeol interrupts Kang’s questioning, trying to help Ye-bun. The interaction ends with the former fighting with Kang and earning a suspension from the Police Chief. When Jang-yeol tries to pursue the investigation despite his suspension, Captain Won and Detectives Na and Bae step up for him. Won returns Jang-yeol’s badge to him, and Na lets him borrow her cheating husband’s car since the Chief took back his own police-assigned vehicle.

As Jang works the case, he tries to figure out the truth behind the black screens in the killer’s memories that have allowed them to remain undetected for so long. Eventually, the answer comes to the detective through Na’s husband’s car. Since the car’s owner often partakes in infidelity, his car windows are heavily tinted. Therefore, although the windows are incredibly dark, almost appearing black, one can still see through them.

Thus, Jang-yeol realizes whoever the killer is must have been wearing dark sunglasses at the time of the murders. However, when he rushes to explain the same to Ye-bun, the latter blows up at him, still unwilling to partake in his investigation. After losing so many people, Ye-bun has equipped a nihilistic outlook, compelling her to leave the crime-solving to the experts. Nonetheless, she fails to keep herself out of the case for long as the killer’s identity becomes glaringly obvious to her.

Behind Your Touch Finale Ending: Who Is The Killer?

Jang-yeol and Ye-bun have been trying to solve the mystery behind the black screens since they figured out that the killer has been blocking their identity from Ye-bun through black screens in their memories. After Gwang-sik died, the pair realized he must have cracked the code since it is the last thing the farmer says. Jang-yeol proposes that the killer is committing the murders blindfolded, but the theory falls apart quickly. So, the mystery keeps escaping them.

Therefore, the epiphany that the killer must be wearing dark sunglasses marks a significant moment in the investigation. However, when Ye-bun figures out the killer’s identity moments later, the situation isn’t as pleasant as she had hoped. Visiting the Shaman to pass on a gift for Seon-woo’s funeral, Ye-bun notices Jong-bae in his trademark General McArthur glasses and realizes he’s the killer.

As such, she rushes to touch the Shaman and uses her powers on him to confirm the same. Through his memories, Ye-bun learns the dark truth behind Shaman Park Jong-bae, who has been killing people since the night of the meteor shower. Like Ye-bun and Gwang-sik, Jong-bae also received psychometric powers after the meteor show, allowing him the ability to look into people’s memories through eye contact.

Seon-woo figured out the same and was trying to share the secret with Ye-bun on the night he died. Even though Ye-bun discovers his true nature, the Shaman lets the vet live since he feels guilty about Dr. Jung’s murder. Nevertheless, since he can see people’s memories so conveniently, Ye-bun finds it hard to share the information with Jang-yeol. Furthermore, Ye-bun also realizes that Seon-woo has left a clue behind for her after watching the memory of Jong-bae killing him.

Eventually, Ye-bun covertly shares the tip with Jang-yeol through a note, and he figures out the passcode to Seon-woo’s phone, which has an audio recording of the Shaman admitting to the murders moments before killing Seon-woo. After the Shaman’s arrest, he insists on speaking with Jang-yeol and reveals the entire truth to him. The Shaman went to Australia to visit his wife, Hong Mi-yeon, who has been separated from him for some time now. While there, he realized she was seeing someone else through his powers and killed her.

Afterward, the Shaman developed a penchant for killing and started dropping dead bodies in Mujin one by one. Worse yet, Jong-bae has planned ahead of time and kept one last trick up his sleeve to ensure a fallback plan should Jang-yeol and Ye-bun catch him: Ok-hui’s kidnapping. As such, Jong-bae demands Jang-yeol and Ye-bun set him free to save the latter’s best friend.

Do Ye-bun And Jang-yeol Catch The Shaman?

Using Ok-hui’s abduction as leverage, the Shaman manages to escape from police holding by having Ye-bun take him hostage while Jang-yeol drives them away. With things unfolding according to plan, the Shaman makes the pair take him to Seoul. However, instead of divulging information about Ok-hui’s location as promised, Jong-bae ambushes Jang-yeol and Ye-bun with Baek Soon-gil’s help. Soon-gil, Jang-yeol’s longtime nemesis who played a significant role in the detective’s transfer to Mujin from Seoul, beats up the latter man and leaves Ye-bun tied up in a shed.

Meanwhile, Jong-bae finds a passage to China through Soon-gil and shares information about Ye-bun’s psychic powers as payment for the greedy gangster’s help. Soon-gil, who only cares about making a profit, decides to take the deal. Nonetheless, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun manage to escape from Soon-gil’s clutches after a showdown in which the Detective and the vet fight off the bad guys together. With Soon-gil’s threat minimized and Ok-hui saved with the help of their friends in Mujin, the pair sets a trap for Jong-bae by having Soon-gil’s ferryman alert them when the Shaman boards his ship the next day.

Nevertheless, Jong-bae catches onto their plan and goes into hiding, prompting a cat-and-mouse chase between them. Ultimately, the confrontation leads the trio to the seaside, where a ship is waiting for Jong-bae, who has a knife held up to Ye-bun’s throat. The shaman tries to escape with Ye-bun as his captive but fails to escape Jang-yeol’s fast reflexes. In the end, Jang-yeol and Ye-bun catch Jong-bae, the killer.

However, when Jong-bae tries to look at things from a brighter perspective, claiming he can use his powers to kill in prison as well, Ye-bun pokes out his eyes, promising to give him the same treatment every week. Thus, the thrilling serial killer case closes with a fitting comedic end.

Do Ye-bun And Jang-yeol End Up Together?

While the plot’s bulk focused on Ye-bun and Jang-yeol’s crime-fighting, there was always an underlying story about their snail-paced romance. Initially, the pair start their friendship on the wrong foot, which sets the bickering tone for their dynamic. Furthermore, Ye-bun spends much of her time pining after Seon-woo, the dreamy convenience store worker.

Eventually, Jang-yeol’s feelings about Ye-bun come out in the open once the vet starts getting closer to Seon-woo. Jang-yeol already saw Seon-woo as a threat, suspecting him of being the killer. Therefore, his feelings intensify when he sees Ye-bun hanging out with her because it makes him feel jealous and protective in equal measure.

Yet, the final chapter in the serial killer investigation pumps the break on their relationship momentarily. Since Jang-yeol has made his big arrest, he no longer has to remain in small-town Mujin and return to a thrilling cop life in Seoul. As such, a few days after Jong-bae’s capture, Jang-yeol prepares to board a bus to Seoul. Although Captain Won and Detective Bae arrive at the station to see him off, Ye-bun is nowhere to be seen.

By the time Ye-bun manages to arrive at the station, all the buses have already left. Still, Jang-yeol had stayed behind, deciding against leaving without a proper goodbye. The pair talk at the station and discuss their respective future. Ye-bun wants to grow her clinic, expanding to a second location. As such, Jang-yeol, who has to return to Korea, asks her to visit him sometime.

Eight months later, Ye-bun has become a popular name in the animal industry, known for her magical touch with pets. With Ok-hui’s help, Ye-bun has grown her business and gained popularity. While in Seoul for a talk show, Ye-bun decides to visit Jang-yeol. The pair grab coffee together, but Jang-yeol’s work keeps interrupting their conversation.

As a result, Ye-bun offers to help him with his case so he can have more free time. In response, the detective turns down her offer, sharing that he doesn’t want them to work together again since that would mean they’d only meet each other when he needs her for a case. Jang-yeol doesn’t wish Ye-bun to feel used and is reluctant to put her in harm’s way again.

Still, upon Ye-bun’s insistence, Jang-yeol puts her on an undercover case to gain information from a drug dealer inside a woman’s correction facility. The case ends up being much more than Ye-bun bargained for, but she manages to get the information after a prison soccer game. However, when the same puts her in harm’s way, Jang-yeol appears to her rescue.

Jang-yeol confesses that he was worried about Ye-bun’s safety and has been keeping an eye on her throughout the mission. The couple playfully decide to spend more time together and label it an official date now that Ye-bun has helped him with his case. However, before that can happen, the pair has to escape from the swarm of prisoners that chase them down the prison grounds. Ye-bun and Jang-yeol’s story ends as chaotically as it had begun, but at least the crime-solving duo has finally admitted to their feelings.

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