Big Timber: Where Are They Now?

With Netflix’s ‘Big Timber’ shining a light upon the detrimental yet fulfilling industries of logging and sawmilling, there’s no denying the individuals involved within need to be entirely uncompromising. This much is evident through the way the Wenstob Timber Resources’ owners as well as their trusted crew brave through extremes to keep the business operational in every sense of the term. So now that two seasons of this Vancouver Island-set gritty and exciting production have made their way to our screens, let’s find out what its main cast has been up to these days, shall we?

Where is Kevin Wenstob Now?

As a life-long logger and proprietor of one of the last independent mills in the area, Kevin Kenstob has seemingly been unstoppable since he began his endeavor more than 25 years ago. In fact, the international exposure from the reality series has only driven him further, meaning he continues to work hard to secure timber, lumber, and everything in between for his customers. We should mention that although it’s unclear whether he was able to get the $1 million fine levied on him by the government dismissed or not, he does admit he’s ready to face any adversity head-on.

Where is Sarah Fleming Now?

Sarah Fleming is not just Kevin’s wife, the proud co-owner of Wenstob Timber Resources, and the manager of its base process, but she’s also essentially the sole voice of reason within the team. She thus continues to helm the hectic sawmill and personally deal with the increasing number of customers with each passing day, including recently from the United Kingdom as well as Asia. The former nurse is even an evident animal lover, along with a fitness enthusiast — a journey she is wholly addicted to after nearly two years owing to her inspiring younger son Jack Wenstob.

Where is Erik Wenstob Now?

If we’re being honest, Erik Wenstob lives up to the title of “Mr. Fix It” given to him by his mother because there’s virtually nothing he can’t repair (or even build) if he simply sets his mind to it. His online presence is proof of the same, especially as it showcases that he recently restored several pieces of machinery for the mill, made a hot plate, and built a boat from the ground up. His love for his caring family, girlfriend, close friends, as well as nature is also evident through it, and it seems like he has established a side business for his resourcefully innovative profession.

Where is Jack Wenstob Now?

As Kevin and Sarah’s younger son, Jack Wenstob’s primary role in the production was pinpointed as Millhand at Wenstob Timber Resources, yet the truth is that he is so much more. The Camosun College graduate with a degree in Sports and Exercise Science (2020) does continue to work in the family enterprise, but he’s also a Camp Coach/Website Manager at Westshore Basketball Association. As if that’s not enough, he’s a general Strength Coach who even competes in several competitions across British Columbia and takes out enough time to serve as his mother’s fitness trainer.

Where is Coleman Willner Now?

With an absolute passion for the outdoors, including activities such as hunting, fishing, logging, and sawing, it appears as if being Kevin’s right-hand man is nothing short of Coleman Willner’s dream job. That’s why it’s no surprise that he has maintained this position while also undertaking exciting adventures alongside his supportive partner Alysha Rodger as well as their adorable golden retriever, Kiha. He purportedly even likes to sew, but living a big, free, and open life around his homeland of British Columbia seems to be his goal, which he’s actively living at the moment.

Where is Greg Kleven Now?

The moment Greg Kleven stepped down as a Yard Operator after almost 35 to 40 years of experience, he consciously embraced a quiet yet comfortable life away from the limelight. It’s thus unclear where he presently resides, but some reports suggest he’s happily surrounded by loving family members and close friends near his home province of British Columbia in Canada. We regrettably can not corroborate these precise details owing to an evident lack of both his direct as well as indirect online presence at the moment, so we urge you to take it with a grain of salt.

Where is Tyler Lindsay Now?

Even though Tyler Lindsay put in his notice as Junior Mechanic at Wenstob Timber Resources back in season 1 itself, what he has been up to since is a little unclear right now. We know he’s based in Shawnigan Lake and is still supposedly working labor-intensive jobs, but the exact career he has chosen to follow is not entirely apparent from his social media platforms. However, we can reveal that it appears as if he’s a bit like Erik as well as Coleman in the sense he loves the outdoors and spending quality time with those he genuinely cares about.

Where is Dustin Downer Now?

Dustin Downer had left his post as Millhand because he’d landed a spot at a larger industrial mill in his cozy hometown, which suggests he’s back in Chase, British Columbia, at the moment. He simply couldn’t refuse such a golden opportunity as it allowed him to not only be closer to his loved ones but also expand his scope in the long run, and it seems to be working out for him. Yet if we’re being honest, the most exciting part of his recent experiences is that he has even returned to the bodybuilding world and is blissfully involved with a fellow fitness enthusiast named Valérie.

Where is Tom Verbruzze Now?

Tom Verbruzze had admittedly begun his career as a yard grappler back in 1974, which means his experience spans close to 5 decades, and he’s still active in the industry. With that said, though, unfortunately, we don’t know much about his current standing due to a lack of his social media presence, so we can only assume he continues to reside in the British Columbia province and works whenever possible.

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