Bling Empire Season 3: Where is the Cast Now?

Netflix’s ‘Bling Empire’ introduces viewers to some of the wealthiest people in and around Los Angeles, California. The main cast members of the reality show are of East Asian or South East Asian descent and showcase an entertaining blend of their culture and the glamour that follows them. Full of drama, heartbreak, friendship, and love, the series has been able to garner a lot of fans since it was first released in 2021. Season 3 of the show premiered recently, and the fans are eager to know more about the whereabouts of their favorites from the series. If you are also curious about their current whereabouts, here is everything we know about the same!

Where is Kevin Kreider Now?

As of writing, Kevin Kreider is thriving in his career as an entrepreneur. In November 2021, he took up the position of Founder and CEO at Sans by Taejin Beverage. The drink aims to help those looking to turn sober and uses ingredients like Ginseng and L-Theanine. Kevin is also the CEO of Taejin Entertainment LLC and works as a Motivational Speaker for Beyond Muscle. In June 2022, he also had to honor to present at ‘Critics Choice REAL TV Awards’ and ‘MTV Movie & TV Awards.’ The reality TV star is still working as a model and is certainly enjoying the fame brought on by his presence on ‘Bling Empire.’ Presently, he is also involved in the production of his first ever indie movie called ‘Asian Persuasion,’ which will most likely be released in 2023. During his downtime, Kevin likes to spend time with his friends and family.

Where is Kane Lim Now?

As one of the wealthiest cast members of the show, Kane Lim has been thriving in his professional as well as personal life. Thanks to his part in ‘Bling Empire’ season 1, Kaner caught the eye of singer Rihanna, who approached Kane in order to have him as one of the faces for her company Fenty Beauty. The deal was finalized sometime in late 2021 to early 2022, much to Kane’s joy. He also holds the position of Founder Thefashionfund_ and is the Associate Founder of Social Media, a marketing agency.

Presently, Kane is also the Co-Founder of Leighton&Kane and is enjoying his fame as a reality TV star. He is also affiliated with The Oppenheim Group’s Los Angeles branch as a Realtor Associate. It is possible that Kane might appear in future seasons of ‘Selling sunset’ given his fame and work as a real estate agent. He also takes joy in working as a philanthropist and prefers the company of his friends and family during his downtime.

Where is Kelly Mi Li Now?

Kelly Mi Li is a pretty successful businesswoman who is one of the few “self-made” cast members of ‘Bling Empire.’ Apart from being a media and production company executive, Kelly holds the position of Co-Founder at Golden Voice Society, as well as Organic Media Group. She is also a Partner at Greyscale Lab and recently helped establish Wet Paws Media, which will hopefully soon start operating. The reality TV star is also one of the Executive Producers of ‘Bling Empire.’ As of writing, Kelly does not seem to be in any romantic relationship and enjoys the company of her friends and family. She also likes to spend time with her adorable dog Sophia, who recently celebrated 2 years of companionship with Kelly.

Where is Christine Chiu Now?

Talking about one of the most celebrated cast members of ‘Bling Empire,’ we have Christine Chiu. She serves as an Executive Producer on the show and has her fair share of followers. Talking about her TV appearance, Christine recently appeared as a guest judge on ‘RuPaul’s Drag Race‘ and was a contestant in ‘Dancing with the Stars‘ season 30. She also had the honor of presenting awards at ‘The 2022 Primetime Creative Arts Emmy Awards’ and the 2022 ‘Critics Choice REAL TV Awards.’ The reality TV star is married to Dr. Gabriel Chiu and has an adorable son named Gabriel Chiu III, whom she often refers to as Baby G.

Where is Anna Shay Now?

Anna Shay is another popular star from ‘Bling Empire,’ whose wealth, fashion, and lifestyle easily captivated the viewers of the Netflix show. As the heiress to one of the biggest American defense and government services contractors, Anna has always lived a glamorous life. Presently, she lives in a beautiful estate in Beverly Hills, California, and enjoys her work as a philanthropist. Anna is also an enthusiastic fashionista and likes to share her passion with her social media followers. The reality TV star has a son named Kenny Kemp and several friends like Maria Lainez, whom she cherishes with all her heart.

Where is Kim Lee Now?

As a popular DJ/Pianist, Kim Lee had a massive fan following even before she appeared in ‘Bling Empire.’ The reality TV star appeared on the cover of the July 2022 edition of Harper’s Bazaar Vietnam magazine. She was also on the front of L’Officiel Monaco magazine’s digital cover in May 2022. She also had the honor of presenting at the 2022 ‘MTV Movie & TV Awards.’ Kim often partners with different businesses to promote them through her social media platforms, given her impressive internet following.

Where is Jaime Xie Now?

Jamie Xie caught the eye of the viewers on ‘Bling Empire’ with her eye-catching fashion sense. The reality TV star is quite passionate about the same and uses her social media following, as well as a personal website, to share her content for the same. At present, she is affiliated with Elite Modeling Agency Network, which helps her live her passions to the fullest.

Where is Mimi Morris Now?

Despite not having been a part of ‘Bling Empire’ season 1, Mimi Morris was easily able to captivate the fans of ‘Bling Empire’ with her quirky personality and glamorous lifestyle. As of writing, Mimi is married to Donald Morris, and the couple has a son named Skyler turned 9 in late September 2022. From her previous relationship, Mimi has two more children named Huy Tran and Hannah Oquist, the latter of whom has a daughter named Scarlett.

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