Lifetime’s Blood, Sweat and Cheer: Filming Locations and Cast Details

Directed by Traci Hays, ‘Blood, Sweat and Cheer’ spins a darkly comedic tale about a divorced mother who begins to live the high school life she never experienced by masquerading as her teenage daughter. Renee is a single mother who encourages her daughter, Cherie, to make the most of her time in high school. Her obsession with Cherie’s life creates tension between the two and leads to mania when Renee is struck by the idea of joining a school under her daughter’s identity.

However, at her new school, Renee becomes fixated on performing in the cheerleading squad and will resort to any means necessary to achieve her dream. Said means include manipulation, bodily harm, and perhaps even murder. The Lifetime movie presents a vibrant visual spectacle during its cheerleading scenes, which are strikingly contrasted by segments of Renee’s deteriorating mental state. The film’s shifting everyday backdrops generate questions about the real-world shooting locations behind the scenes.

Where Was Blood, Sweat and Cheer Filmed?

‘Blood, Sweat and Cheer’ was filmed entirely on location in Atlanta, Georgia. The movie was tentatively titled ‘Delusional Dance Mom,’ and its production team achieved a monumental feat by completing its filming within 15 days. Hays and lead actress Tammin were mutually appreciative and admired the skill the other brought to the set. Under choreographer Tessa Garcia, the cheerleading cast had two weeks to learn and perfect their routines, which they did splendidly.

“Tammin is a powerhouse and an underrated actor,” wrote Traci Hays in a blog post. “We cast her less than a week out from the start of principal photography, and she showed up prepared for anything (including bleaching her hair blonde!). Despite the short shooting schedule, we were able to cover a lot of ground each day with the support of a very talented cast and crew.” The team employed a few shooting sites around Atlanta, including the venue for the final cheerleading performance.

Atlanta, Georgia

The state capital became the primary filming destination for ‘Blood, Sweat and Cheer.’ For Traci Hays, this was the second time she shot a movie in Atlanta after her debut film, ‘Tangled.’ She came to the city with a sense of familiarity with the workings of filming schedules and talent acquisition. Her eight months prior experience working in the city helped Hays immensely when it came to prioritizing the limited time and budget she was working with.

“You don’t get time for bells and whistles. You don’t get time for the really cool shots that you want to do. It’s about making something,” said lead actress Tammin Sursok in an interview. “Traci was able to make it so much more. That’s why I think there’s so much potential for her in the future because to make something like this on a shoestring budget, imagine what she could do or make with 30% more. People don’t understand how hard it is to make a film and how hard it is to make it make sense.”

Atlanta is a growing filmmaking hub that has gained recognition as the Hollywood of the South. This status has primarily been driven by competitive tax incentives offered by the local government since the early 2000s. Adding to that is the city’s rich cultural heritage and access to diverse landscapes within reach of productions housed in the city. These factors have made Atlanta an attractive shooting location for Lifetime filmmakers, leading to a number of their movies being lensed here. Some of these include ‘Single Black Female 2: Simone’s Revenge,’ ‘The Ex Obsession,’  ‘The Neighbors Are Watching,’ ‘A Mother’s Intuition,’ ‘The Perfect In-Laws,’ and ‘Murder at the Country Club.’

Blood, Sweat and Cheer Cast

The movie is headlined by Tammin Sursok, who dons the garb of Renee. Sursok is a South Africa-born actress who began her career with the romantic TV series ‘Home and Away,’ taking on the recurring role of Dani Sutherland. She went on to make her name for herself, essaying Rosalyn in ‘Crossing Over,’ Colleen Carlton in ‘The Young and the Restless,’ and Siena in ‘Hannah Montana.’

Monroe Cline is an actress and dancer who steps into the role of Cherie. Her skills have landed Cline dancing roles in films and she choreographed for a number of productions. You may have seen her in ‘Secrets of A Celebrity Nanny,’ ‘The Forbidden Love,’ and ‘Bound by Blackmail.’

Other cast members include Kaylan Montgomery as Tonya, Aliyah J. Vasquez as Dorinda, John Paul Kakos as Ramsey, Doug Dawson as Assistant Principal Robinson, Andrew R. Shaw as Patrick Iverson, and Rhyn McLemore as Mrs. Jenkins. Supporting cast members include Courtney James Clark as Lana, Anna Rappaport as Hayden, Shannon Beshears as Julia, Collin Shephard as Johnny, Sasha Hatfield as Coach Forest, Marissa Bennett as High School Student, and Jamie Sears as Hall Pass Student.

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