The Boss Baby 2: Everything We Know

Is it really even surprising at this point? Of course, a sequel to the 2017 Dreamworks smash hit about an adult-baby infiltrating a household to find out why human adults loved puppies compared to babies so much grossed over $500 Million at the global box office. Well, animated films gross that much, and much more than that left, right and centre, but the case here is relatively a little more peculiar because of its parent company, Dreamworks Animation, who seem to have lost some of their past glory.

With a fourth ‘Kung Fu Panda’ film becoming increasingly difficult to find along the line, the third ‘How to Train Your Dragon’, the final one in the trilogy, seemingly under-performing at the box office compared to its predecessor and with several of their projects cancelled, ‘The Boss Baby’ came across as a boon of sorts, just when they were looking for one.

Of course, they are reviving the Shrek films with a fifth one due next year, but to compete with Universal’s own Illumination and ever the emperors Pixar and Disney, more was needed. The sequel to ‘The Boss Baby’ has been announced since 2017, and along with the Netflix hosted TV series, ‘Boss Baby: Back in Business’, there are pretty solid plans to make this a franchise with longevity. We now have a confirmed director, cast, and release date, and things should appear to start moving pretty seriously pretty soon. Read on to find out everything that we know of the animated sequel.

The Boss Baby 2 Plot: What Is It About?

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Our most obvious indication here comes from the first film’s ending wherein after being successful in his mission, Boss Baby returns to baby Corp, but due to him missing Tim, he gives up the miracle baby formula and returns to the feather tickle machine. After being tickled at the toes instead of the tummy and laughing, he is approved to be “born” with the Templeton family as Tim’s brother, for real. The film ends with Tim and ‘Theodore’, the Boss Baby now all grown up welcoming Tim’s second baby daughter in the world.

The ending here is typically “perfect” akin to other animation films, but that doesn’t mean that there isn’t a scope for a second story to be told and for Theodore to consume the miracle baby formula once again, between him and adult Theodore, implying that he would have to return to Baby Corp. The voice behind Boss Baby, Alec Baldwin, has been confirmed to return so we know that the film won’t focus on another baby, but would involve Theodore returning as the boss baby. However, no official details about the plot have been indulged as of now, so this is as good as anybody’s guess now. We will update this section as soon as some news regarding its possible plot becomes available.

The Boss Baby 2 Cast: Who Is In It?

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As explained in the previous section, Alec Baldwin has been confirmed to be reprising his role as The Boss Baby/ Theodore Templeton. His baritone is near perfect for the mature voice of the baby, and among the plethora of animated characters that we have out there, this one manages to stand out because of a strong voiceover performance. So far, Baldwin is the only one to have been confirmed, but Miles Bakshi as Tim Templeton, Boss Baby’s older brother, Tobey Maguire as Adult Tim, the narrator, Steve Buscemi as Francis E. Francis, the CEO of Puppy Co and the former CEO of BabyCorp and Boss Baby’s nemesis, Jimmy Kimmel as Ted Templeton, Janice’s husband and Tim’s father, Lisa Kudrow as Janice Templeton, Ted’s wife and Tim’s mother, and Conrad Vernon as Eugene Francis may return to reprise their roles from previous film.

The Boss Baby 2 Crew: Who Is Behind It?

Tom McGrath, director of the first film, would be returning to reprise his duties as Director of the film, along with Jeff Hermann producing. The film will be produced and undertaken by Dreamworks Animation, to be distributed worldwide by Universal Studios.

The Boss Baby 2 Release Date: When Will It Premiere?

A release date of March 26, 2021 has been confirmed for ‘The Boss Baby 2’. The film is currently in early stages of production and animation.

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