Bullsh*t The Game Show: Where Are They Now?

In what can only be described as a competition series unlike any other, ‘Bullsh*t The Game Show’ offers contestants a chance to win up to $1 million playing trivia, even if they don’t have the correct answers. All they have to do to move up the money ladder if this is the case is confidently bullsh*t their way through the question and convince others that they know precisely what they’re talking about. So now that season 1 of this incredibly exciting production has premiered (which we honestly binged), let’s find out what its winning players are up to these days, shall we?

Where is Yousuf Khan Now?


Originally from Potomac, Maryland, Yousuf Khan has already obtained his Bachelor’s degree in cell biology and genetics from UMD and his Master’s degree in pathology from the University of Cambridge. Therefore, he is currently pursuing a Ph.D. in molecular and cellular physiology, along with another Master’s degree in biomedical informatics from Stanford School of Medicine. The scientist, who appears to be in a happy, healthy, and loving relationship with medical student Sara Heilig, is thus a resident of Palo Alto, California, at the moment.

Where is Alison Betts Now?

With a degree in film and media studies from Arizona State University, Alison Betts is not only a full-time married mother of three, but she’s also a content creator for Riveting River Entertainment. She has even served as the director of development for a Chinese film studio as well as the story head for a Korean-American comic book company previously, meaning she has a lot of experience under her belt. As if that’s not enough, from what we can tell, the travel enthusiast and Los Angeles native dabbles in doing features for independent producers/studios as well.

Where is Katie Dolan Now?

Kathleen “Katie” Dolan is a native of New York, where she presently works as the CEO of communications agency United Public Affairs and a staff member of Nectar Communications. It genuinely seems like people skills are her strength, which is why she has been able to successfully evolve from a theater kid to a businesswoman to now a political professional. We should also mention that she is not “painfully single” anymore — she is blissfully involved with writer/traveler/musician Devo Alexander, whom she first came across on Halloween night 2021.

Where is Brian Harris Now?

As probably the best bullsh*tter on the show, it comes as no surprise that Brian Harris is a bartender, a pub trivia host, and a professional trivia content creator based in Harford, Connecticut. He’s not only an employee at City Steam Brewery, but he even works as the kitchen manager/chef at Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and is a “boss” at Cracker Barrel Old Country Store. The late-40-year-old’s online platforms actually make it clear that he is a proud boyfriend as well as a family man, with dreams to be as successful as possible through his work in trivia.

Where is Cidnee Gray Now?

Having already clenched several partnerships, brand ambassador deals, and features in music videos, South Florida native Cidnee Gray is a full-time fashion, runway, print, and commercial model at the moment. She may just be a high school graduate, yet she is genuinely clever and tenacious enough to achieve her dreams, all the while breaking the proverbial glass ceiling of stereotypes. As for her personal life, we can positively report that Cidnee is currently in a long-term relationship with musician Marc.Made, who she has even referred to as a “wonderful partner.”

Where is Tim Laffredi Now?

As a Wisconsinite in San Francisco, California, Tim Othy or Tim Laffredi is not just an attorney but also a fitness buff, model, and most importantly, a dog dad to an elderly canine named Bowser. His social media platforms mainly comprise selfies, thirst traps, and work-related content, so the one thing it conveys is that – being proud of who he is – he will never let anyone hold him back. Tim has actually described his personality perfectly in his Instagram bio, which reads, in part, “cross-stitcher, gymgoer, traveler, photic sneezer, Golden Girls maniac, and Oxford comma enthusiast.”

Where is Travis Sharp Now?

Although originally from Nashville, Tennessee, Travis Sharp has made Atlanta, Georgia, his home now, where he resides with his “feisty Irish wife” and two daughters, Rowe and Pheobe. However, his career is not limited to a single geographical location because he presently works as a creative director for Reckon in Atlanta, Benny Boy Brewing in Los Angeles, and his own firm SharpCase Creative. As if that’s not enough, to let his creativity shine further, he’s also an improv comic as well as a playwright, with writer/co-writer credits in at least seven produced plays until today.

Where is Tom Pfost Now?

From what we can tell, Tom Pfost built his profession around being a sales and marketing executive, dealing rather exclusively in products or services known to have high social sensitivity. Thus, it’s no surprise that he nowadays dabbles in the cannabis industry while also having a foot in entertainment as a performer — he recently starred in the short horror film ‘Daddy’s Home.’ Moreover, the married Las Vegas, Nevada resident has no-expiry licenses and certifications as an air traffic controller, sake brewer, whitewater rafting guide, real estate agent/broker, and actor.

Where is Megan Monteleone Now?

Megan Monteleone may have won the million-dollar grand prize on ‘Bullsh*t The Game Show,’ yet she seemingly hasn’t let that affect any aspect of her life or who she is. After all, she still prefers to keep her distance from the public eye, all the while continuing to serve as a full-time Geologist — currently at Apex Energy, a clean carbon solutions organization. The married mother of two from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, reportedly specializes in everything from public speaking, writing, and problem-solving to science education, geospatial analysis, and regulatory compliance.

Where is Ashley Johnson Now?

Originally from Mansfield, Ohio, Ashley Johnson used to be a morning show radio producer for iHeartMedia in Columbus, but she has since moved on to achieve much more. In other words, based in New York at the moment, she is utilizing her experience in digital content and marketing to the best of her abilities by working as a production specialist at Audible as well as a freelance video podcast producer. The Ohio State University graduate first and foremost considers herself a creative storyteller, which is why she often does improv for fun as well.

Where is Warren Rhem Now?

Warren Rhem II welcomed his first child, a baby boy, with partner Jessica Rhem in January 2022, which means that his life is probably as hectic as it is love-filled right now. That’s largely because the Raleigh, North Carolina native is navigating his new position as a father while doing his best to be the husband his wife deserves, all the while maintaining his career as a fraud investigator. He currently serves as an AML Detection and Investigation Associate for PNC Bank, specializing in data analysis, data visualization, stakeholder engagement, project management, communication, and reporting.

Where is Sam Meier Now?

Having moved on from the cult he grew up in long ago, Sam Meier is a resident of Detroit, Michigan, where he juggles everything from being an entertainer to a corporate employee. Not only does he, a gay non-binary individual, reportedly run the “weirdest” drag show in the city, but he also hosts the ‘Couch Potato Queens’ podcasts for ‘Drag Race’ and ‘Survivor.’ Furthermore, he’s a screenwriter, comedian, actor, director, and producer — his latest project, ‘Big Baby’ (2021), got a world premiere at the Burbank International Film Festival in the LGBT short films category.

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