Deadly DILF Ending, Explained: Does Elysium Die? What Happens to Rio?

Directed by Dylan Vox, ‘Deadly DILF’ is a Tubi original thriller film revolving around an affair that leads to dire consequences. The film follows Elysium Tofte, a college student who falls for her next-door neighbor, Rio Logan, a charming family man with a wife and a kid. As the duo spends more time together, Elysium becomes infatuated with Rio, and the two fall in bed with each other. However, following their one-night stand, Rio tries to cut all ties with Elysium to keep his infidelity a secret. As a result, Elysium’s infatuation turns into obsession, threatening Rio’s picture-perfect picket fence life.

If you’re curious to see how things end for Elysium and Rio and where their regrettable affair takes them, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Deadly DILF.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Deadly DILF Plot Synopsis

On an unfortunate night, when Elysium is on her way home from her nightly run, a strange hooded figure follows after her and tries to kidnap her outside her front door. Although Elysium’s father, James, answers the door in time to save his daughter from the attacker, he meets a bitter end when the attacker shoots him down and escapes into the dead of the night. After witnessing the entire incident, Elysium is left traumatized and has to move in with her Aunt Kendra.

Shortly afterward, a new family moves into the house next to Aunt Kendra’s. The same day, Elysium introduces herself to the family after the kid Gunnar’s football ends up in her backyard. On her first meeting with Rio, a 35-year-old man, Elysium finds herself attracted to him even though he’s married. In fact, Elysium starts hanging out with Rio’s wife, Tori, to give her advice about running her business’ social media account to get close to her husband.

As such, things brighten up even further for Elysium once she realizes that Rio has enrolled in the same college as her to complete his bachelor’s degree. The two start spending more and more time together, with both parties subtly flirting. Simultaneously, Elysium grows closer to Rio’s family, babysitting Gunnar and becoming casual friends with Tori. Moreover, Elysium also learns that Tori is Gunnar’s stepmother, and Rio shares custody with his ex-wife, Mera.

Meanwhile, Rio and Tori continue to have petty arguments concerning their finances due to Rio’s insecurities over Tori being the breadwinner of the house. Eventually, Tori leaves for a work trip after a small fight. On the same night, Elysium freaks out on her nightly run when she thinks she’s being followed again and rushes to Rio’s house since her Aunt isn’t home. Although it turns out to be a false alarm, Elysium shares her past traumatic experience with Rio and asks if she can stay over for the night.

Predictably, Elysium tries to seduce Rio, who half-heartedly tries to turn her down but ultimately ends up sleeping with her. The morning after, Rio tells Elysium that the night had been a mistake and bluntly dismisses her. The same leaves Elysium feeling awful, and she decides she won’t disappear from Rio’s life so easily. Over the following days, Elysium integrates herself into Rio’s life even more, spending more time helping Tori and even applying for a position at Pump Gym, the gym Tori and Rio own.

Nevertheless, Rio continues to ignore Elysium, convinced that she’s crazy. Rio’s actions drive Elysium insane, who delusionally believes they’re soulmates. Therefore, she starts messing with his life even more. In retaliation, Rio tampers with Elysium’s mandated college drug test to get her scholarship revoked.

A distressed Elysium confronts Rio and claims to be pregnant with his child. Rio’s brother intervenes and illegally retrieves Elysium’s medical reports to prove her lie. However, he gets caught in the crossfire after accidentally walking into a deadly trap Elysium manically set for Rio in his backyard shed.

Deadly DILF Ending: Does Tori Discover Rio’s Infidelity?

Rio’s first marriage ends after he cheats on Mera with Tori. At the time, people around him, including Jake and Tori, excuse his behavior by claiming his marriage with Mera didn’t work out since the couple married young and only because Mera fell pregnant with Gunnar. However, when Rio cheats on Tori, it unveils more about his character than the state of their relationship.

Being a successful woman with a start-up business, Tori takes care of their family’s financial needs and even encourages her husband to finish his degree. On the other hand, Rio is bitter about his own incompetence and rarely helps Tori with what is supposed to be their gym. Therefore, Tori is distraught when she learns about her husband’s infidelity. Earlier, Elysium, who has the passcode to the Logan house, sneaks into the place to leave behind a pair of her underwear under the couple’s bed.

After Elysium accidentally gravely injures Jake and flees from the scene, the couple finds Jake’s body in their backyard and calls for help. As a result, young Gunnar is scared, asking his parents to look for monsters under his bed. While doing so, Tori comes across the underwear under her own bed and confronts Rio about it after he tucks his kid in for the night.

Rio tries to lie about cheating on Tori in the ensuing argument, but Tori doesn’t let him manipulate her. Likewise, she is distraught when Rio admits he slept with Elysium since Tori thinks of the latter as just a college kid. Consequently, Tori ends things with Rio and leaves her house to give the father time to look for other accommodations for himself and his kid. Tori’s departure from Rio’s life marks a significant blow for the man, fueling his hatred for Elysium even more.

What Happens to Rio?

After Tori leaves him, Rio tries to get on with his life, spending time with his son. Rio’s little brother is in the hospital fighting for his life, and the former himself has no idea where his life will lead now that his wife has left. As such, Gunnar’s presence likely helps him keep himself occupied and sane.

So, of course, Elysium comes for his relationship with Gunnar next. When Elysium babysat Gunnar for the first time, the kid showed her the locked box where his father kept his gun. Although Elysium admonishes him for playing with a deadly weapon then, now she decides to use it as a catalyst to ruin Rio’s life. After sneaking into Rio’s house at night, Elysium finds the gun and places it inside Gunnar’s toy box.

The next morning, she anonymously calls child protective services on Rio, who investigates his house and finds the gun in Gunnar’s room. As a result, they legally prevent Rio from seeing his son until an internal investigation is over and sends the kid to live with his mother, Mera, who is infuriated at Rio. Rio realizes Elysium is behind this entire ordeal and gets even angrier after learning about his brother’s passing.

Although the events transpired due to Rio’s decision to cheat on his wife, the price he pays for it is highly disproportionate to him. Deciding to take matters into his own hands, Rio storms into Elysium’s house with a gun to exact another disproportionately exacted revenge. Thankfully, Tori returns to the house and rushes to Elysium’s aid after hearing her ex’s screams from the house next door.

Holding the girl at gunpoint, Rio wants Elysium to admit that everything has been her mistake and that she’s to blame for how his life has turned out. While Tori distracts Rio, she asks Elysium to make a run for it. Nonetheless, Rio follows after her, and Tori subsequently follows after him. During their chase, Tori accidentally gets run over by Aunt Kendra’s car, putting a stop to Elysium and Rio’s cat-and-mouse chase.

Although Kendra calls for help, Tori’s injuries are likely fatal as she lays unresponsive in Rio’s arms. Rio’s infidelity and Elysium’s refusal to back down ends up ruining everyone’s life. In the end, Rio is in prison.

Does Elysium Die?

The film’s climax abruptly ends with the narrative providing little to no conclusion for the tragic night. After Tori’s accident and Rio’s breakdown over it, Elysium retracts into the shadows. Still, there is no resolution regarding Tori’s condition or Rio’s actions that led to his imprisonment.

In some ways, the film’s ending leaves the characters’ fates open to the viewers’ interpretation. An argument can be made that Tori dies while waiting for the ambulance, which results in Rio giving in to his anger and killing Elysium. Near the end, Rio’s anger becomes more volatile and violent, and considering he was already prepared to kill Elysium, his wife’s death will likely peddle him toward the same even further.

In that regard, the film’s final scene of Elysium visiting her father in the mausoleum presents a reality where Elysium dies and goes to the afterlife. Although this ending seems plausible, the fact that Elysium is talking to her father’s grave instead of the man himself proposes a hole in the theory.

Ultimately, it’s most likely that Elysium survives the night, and Rio gets imprisoned on the charges of attempted murder. Perhaps Rio realizes the error of his ways of playing with a teenager’s feelings when, as an adult, he should have known better. Similarly, Elysium realizes the irrationality of her actions when she should’ve accepted that Rio had played her and told Tori about their affair to ensure Rio faces the consequences of his actions. In the end, as Elysium sits by her father’s grave, alive herself, she admits to her mistakes.

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