Delivery by Christmas Ending, Explained: Do Maria And Krzysztof End Up Together?

With direction and writing by Aleksandra Kulakowska and Maciej Prykowski, Netflix’s Christmas romantic comedyDelivery By Christmas‘ is about a young, single mother who works as a courier to support her child. Things go awry when the packages get delivered to the wrong addresses on Christmas Eve. Maria, the protagonist, has to hurry and return the boxes to the correct address to save everyone’s jolly festival.

Themes like family bonding, the reality of relationships, and the consequences of misunderstandings find relevance in the plot of the Polish movie. It touches upon several such facets to present a comprehensive overview of not just the protagonists’ lives but also the supporting characters. Every subplot finds an adequate resolution in the movie. So, let’s find out how the ending of ‘Delivery By Christmas’ impacts the main characters. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Delivery By Christmas Plot Synopsis

It’s Christmas time, and the office of DTP, a courier service, is brimming with packages and gifts. We see Maria and her colleagues doing their best to deliver all the boxes in time for Christmas. They have a party at the office, where the boss tries to make a speech but fails. When Maria consoles him, he misinterprets it as an advance. Saddened by her rejection and her pity, the spiteful boss mislabels all of Maria’s deliveries for the next day.

With all the other deliveries, Maria also has a package for Krzysztof, who she meets while delivering a previous package. Due to her boss’s ridiculous act, Maria’s packages reach the wrong addresses. When Krzysztof realizes he does not have the correct package with the ring to propose, he tracks down Maria. Together, they reluctantly set out to visit all the delivery addresses again.

In the meanwhile, we see a glimpse of the consequences of people getting the wrong gifts. A young boy’s life turns upside down when his parents learn that he has impregnated his colleague, Milena. Mirek’s parents feel that he needs to grow up and take more responsibility. On the other hand, Estera feels trapped in a sexless marriage. Her husband, Eryk, is only interested in traveling and looking at wildlife channels. As Estera’s dress rips, she goes to the tailor, who secretly has a crush on her. Estera and the tailor have been friends for a long time, so she sends him a Christmas gift as well. When he receives the wrong package, he misreads the situation. However, things turn out well as Estera reciprocates his feelings.

Maria and Krzysztof have a difficult time together, as they don’t see eye to eye on a lot of matters. They fight and argue the whole time. The duo delivers all the presents to their rightful recipients, and the feat is nothing short of a Christmas miracle. Even though the mess-up is huge, its consequences turn out nicely for everyone involved. Mirek’s parents throw him out of the house so that he can learn to take some responsibility. Eventually, Milena makes him understand independence and individuality. Estera gets to explore her sexuality and understand what she truly wants. The destiny of the protagonists is revealed in the climax of the movie.

Delivery By Christmas Ending: Do Maria And Krzysztof End Up Together?

While delivering a package in an office, Maria’s son, Maksiu, goes to the washroom and meets Krzysztof. Maksiu ends up converging the paths of Maria and Krzysztof. The latter needs his grandmother’s ring to propose to his girlfriend. Hence, Krzysztof requests Maria to pick it up. Along with her other deliveries for the day before Christmas, Maria delivers Krzysztof’s package too. In the beginning, we see Maria stand alone on the balcony. When she sees her neighbors love and take care of each other, she also longs for love in her life.

Amid the package mix-up, Maria and Krzysztof spend the day together to deliver the packages to the correct addresses. Even though they are polar opposites in personality, they come closer together in the face of adversity. Krzysztof is a practical, well-planned man, while Maria is a happy-go-lucky woman who lives life freely and independently. They share an intimate moment while hiding from the police car. Maria and Krzysztof recognize the chemistry between them but don’t take any action. They would make a great couple as they recognize each other’s shortcomings and complement each other well.

In the movie’s climax, we see the duo talk about their emotional baggage as Maria throws the ring into the river. Krzysztof is newly out of a relationship, so he does not make a move. Maria feels shy as she never knew someone could come into her life like this. Their views and opinions might differ, but by spending the day together, they witness the goodness in each other. Krzysztof sees how hard-working Maria is and how much she loves her kid. Maria appreciates Krzysztof spending the day helping her out.

The end of the movie does not indicate the end of the characters. We believe they get to live their romantic love story that embodies the power of attraction among opposites. Maksiu would be the happiest one to see his mother with Krzysztof, as he got along well with the latter. Krzysztof also got Maksiu Christmas presents that he desperately wanted. There’s nothing better for a child than to see his mother happy. Maria and Maksiu connected with Krzysztof’s grandfather, who always looks after his beloved grandson.

Why Didn’t Maria Take The Ship Back?

When Maria reaches the last address to get Maksiu’s present, she sees three young children spending Christmas eve alone. Their parents are at work, and the siblings are enjoying the joyous evening alone. Maria sees the ship she ordered for Maksiu on the table with the kids playing around it. She feels bad for them, as they miss their parents. The situation parallels the three siblings and Maria’s time with Maksiu. She often leaves her son with the neighbors to go to work. Maria reflects on Maksiu’s feelings of loneliness and longing for his mother to spend time with him.

Furthermore, Maria remembers what Krzysztof tells her earlier. He expresses that Maria cannot buy Maksiu’s love. She needs to spend more time and have fun with him rather than buy him expensive gifts. The revelation hits Maria hard. She realizes that he is right. At the moment, she decides to leave the ship and get Maksiu something meaningful that he might enjoy more. She picks emotions and sentiments over expensive gifts that actually compensate for the lack of time in life. It is a commentary on modern parents who believe that equipping their children with gadgets and fancy toys will replace their presence. They need to face the fact that those inanimate objects cannot come close to their time, effort, and affection.

Why Does Maria Throw The Ring In The River?

Maria sees Krzysztof’s sadness when he does not have the ring for Zuzia. She gives him a ring she had tugged away. All this time, he chases his grandmother’s ring to propose to his girlfriend when he is not committed enough to marry Zuzia. Even his grandfather knows that, which is why he does not send the ring to Krzysztof. After his break up, Krzysztof moves to his grandfather’s apartment.

We believe Maria got that ring from Maksiu’s father. He is not mentioned or seen in the movie. Nonetheless, Maria reveals that the ring is her emotional baggage that she wants to get rid of. Consequently, due to the breakup, it becomes Krzysztof’s baggage as well. So, when Krzysztof returns the ring to Maria, she tosses it into the river as good riddance. With this, Maria and Krzysztof wipe the slate clean to begin a new life together. Like many other elements, the movie uses the ring as a plot device to show commitment and love in relationships. Some people hold on to it their whole life, while others never find the strength to make it their own.

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