Did Kathryn Kelly’s Emily Return to Yellowstone?

After an eventful period in the Yellowstone Dutton Ranch, Jimmy Hurdstrom leaves for the 6666 Ranch in Texas in the fourth season of Paramount Network’s Western seriesYellowstone.’ Jimmy gets trained to become a reliable cowboy at the Texan ranch, which leads him to the establishment’s chief veterinary technician Emily. It does not take long for Emily and Jimmy to get together. As their relationship gets stronger, Jimmy’s time at the ranch ends but he continues his stay at the place for the sake of his togetherness with Emily. After Jimmy’s return to the 6666 Ranch in the fourth season finale, Emily hasn’t featured in the first seven episodes of the fifth season. As the eighth episode of the season is partially set in the Texan ranch, the admirers of the show must be wondering whether Kathryn Kelly had returned to the show. Well, let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Where is Emily?

When Jimmy arrives at the 6666 Ranch to become an in-and-out cowboy, he garners the attention of Emily, who asks him out. After the first date, Emily and Jimmy share intimacy, which leads to their union as a committed couple. When Jimmy’s training/learning period at the Texan ranch comes to an end, the couple confronts each other to think and talk about the future of their togetherness. Emily realizes that she really loves Jimmy, which leads them to their engagement. Emily and Jimmy plan to be in a long-distance relationship since Jimmy has to return to the Dutton Ranch since he owes John Dutton his life.

When Jimmy returns to the Dutton Ranch, John lets him know that the former doesn’t owe the latter anything. Jimmy returns to the 6666 Ranch to be with Emily with John’s blessings. Nearly a year has passed between Jimmy’s return to the Texan Ranch. During the same period, Emily strengthens her relationship with Jimmy as they continue to live together at the ranch. She is still the chief vet technician at the ranch as well. Since the narrative of the fifth season includes storylines set in the 6666 Ranch, did Kathryn Kelly’s character return to the show to feature in the same? Let’s see.

Kathryn Kelly Did Return to Yellowstone in the Episode 8

Yes, Kathryn Kelly did return to ‘Yellowstone’ in the eighth episode of the fifth season. Her appearance in the episode is her first after featuring in the fourth season finale. The episode follows Emily’s togetherness with Jimmy as they continue to live together in the 6666 Ranch. Although a year has passed after their first meeting, the intensity of their relationship remains the same. Even though Jimmy has succeeded in becoming a dedicated and reliable cowboy, he doesn’t think twice about prioritizing Emily, which acts as the foundation of their relationship.

Although Jimmy and Emily’s oneness is stronger and more evident than ever, there aren’t any indications in the episode that proves both of them are married. Jimmy is even concerned about the future of their relationship as he expresses his fear concerning the possibility of Emily ending up with someone else. Jimmy’s fear, however, makes Emily happy since the same shows how much the former wants her in his life. In the upcoming episodes of the fifth season, we can expect Emily to consider the prospects of their marriage if they haven’t married yet.

Furthermore, Kathryn Kelly returned to ‘Yellowstone’ after getting promoted to the main cast of the show. Thus, we can expect Emily to feature extensively in the remaining episodes of the current season. Since Rip has left for Texas with the sick cattle, we may see Emily and Jimmy helping him to settle in the region.

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