Echo 3 Episode 5 Recap: We Reject Your Influence

The action thriller series ‘Echo 3’ narrates a very authentic overview of the rift between North and South America. Created by Mark Boal, it follows the story of Prince (Michiel Huisman), Bambi (Luke Evans), and Amber (Jessica Ann Collins). While on a research expedition, guerilla troops kidnap Amber in Colombia. The last episode witnessed Prince and Bambi recuperating while planning their next steps. ‘Echo 3’ episode 5, titled ‘We Reject Your Influence,’ recounts Amber’s experiences in the facility. It presents her side of the story and her experience in dealing with the harsh keepers of the facility. Let’s explore the intricacies of the episode and comprehend the ending of Apple TV+’ Echo 3’ episode 5. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 5 Recap

Episode 5 of the series is released under the name ‘We Reject Your Influence.’ Amber is kept at a guerilla facility in Venezuela. Even the Colombian army or administration cannot reach her there. A Venezuelan bureaucrat, Tommy, visits Amber in the facility. His main motive is to make Amber admit that she works for the CIA. Tommy hides behind the facade of a friend as they chat for a while. Tommy questions Amber’s back story and wonders how she remains so calm in such a situation. Consequently, Amber gets frustrated and tells him to get lost.

Amber struggles to adjust to the unfamiliar environment. She dreams of Prince and wonders if he is dead or alive. The vision of him getting shot keeps haunting her. Behind her cell, she discovers another room. Amber finds Hildie there, who is a woman with schizophrenia. She is German and speaks in both languages because of her hallucinations. Soon, Amber and Hildie become friends and share their deepest fears and thoughts.

In a game of catch with Hildie, Amber begins to dissect her feelings for Prince. She feels that Prince thinks he is superior to her. He always looks down on her and will not come back for her. Amber convinces herself that she never loved Prince because of her fear of abandonment. Consequently, she strives to distance herself from Prince and not expect him to rescue her.

Furthermore, Amber observes Hildie and sees that she can move around freely. Amber learns that free labor can earn her the right to move around. She starts working in the lab and feels back into the groove of her routine work. Amber walks around the facility and talks to the many families living there. As a daily practice, Amber monitors the guards and the security in the place. In a well-planned attempt, Amber manages to escape the facility, which further forms the climax of the episode.

Echo 3 Episode 5 Recap and Ending: How Does Amber Escape The Facility?

Amber finds a hole in the ceiling of her cell and widens it with a rock. One night, she climbs out of the hole and runs across the facility. She untangles the wires and gets out of the secure area. She learns that the guards take ATVs into the jungle to have sex. However, Amber is unable to kill the guard on duty. She takes the ATV when he’s sleeping. She manages to get deep into the forest.

After spending the night on foot, she reaches the waterfall, which will lead her to civilization. She jumps into the water and swims for some time. Subsequently, she climbs slippery rocks to get further away. However, she slips and falls into the water. Thus, hurting her head. After much difficulty, she hitches a boat ride with a fisherman on the shore. Unfortunately, the guerilla troops catch up to her and shoot the fisherman. She is captured again and put into her cell.

The situation stands testament to the hard-core efforts of the troops to maintain security on their base. They track Amber with all available resources and catch her at the end. On the other hand, the situation accentuates Amber’s tough character and resilience. Her grit and determination to protect herself are commendable. As Tommy also tells her, Amber’s composure and steady stature in the face of adversity result from the training she receives at the CIA. Along with that, her difficult childhood strengthened her and made her more unlikely to give up. Her actions and resolve prove her mettle as a strong female protagonist.

Why Do The Soldiers Kill Hildie?

Amber and Hildie spend more and more time with each other. They go on to become best friends. As it turns out, Hildie is the one who tells Amber about the escape plan and route. She has been in the facility for a long time and hence, knows the ins and outs of the soldiers. Because of her hallucinations, Hildie believes she will get out of the facility in November. Amber urges her to come along, but Hildie stays put.

Tommy and the troops discover Hildie’s contribution in letting Amber escape. After Amber gets caught, Tommy kills Hildie in front of everyone in the facility. Tommy does so to maintain discipline and fear among the prisoners. He wants everyone to know who’s in charge. By killing Hildie, Tommy presents the outcome of anyone who runs away or helps someone escape. Most troop leaders opt for such extreme measures to keep a firm hand over their facilities. After such demonstrations, people’s ensuing behavior and actions are controlled and restrained.

Why Is The Episode Titled ‘We Reject Your Influence’?

The makers of the series have named every episode after utmost thought and relevance. ‘Echo 3’ episode 5 puts the rift between North and South America into focus. Largely, the relations between the countries U.S.A. and Venezuela have strained over the past few years. Under this title, the episode of the series highlights the same.

Tommy claims to reject the influence of the United States of America after Amber praises her country and its efforts to make the world a better place. Tommy yells his discontent over USA’s propaganda for freedom and democracy. Venezuela has opted for an autocratic rule to curb crime and illegal activities in the region. USA’s motto for freedom and democracy hinders the southern country’s operations. While Amber refuses to belittle her country for its efforts, Tommy gets enraged over her patriotism and USA’s meddlesome democratic influence.

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