Echo 3 Episode 6 Recap: Habeas Thumpus

Mark Boal created the actionthriller seriesEcho 3’ for Apple TV+. Prince (Michiel Huisman), Bambi (Luke Evans), and Amber (Jessica Ann Collins) are central characters in the plot. Prince and Bambi try to save Amber after being abducted in Colombia by rebel forces. ‘Echo 3’ episode 6 is titled ‘Habeas Thumpus.’ This episode marks the beginning of the show’s Part Three.

It follows Prince, Bambi, and Mitch as they concoct a plan to rescue Amber from the illegal facility where she is kept. Following the experienced officers’ adventures can seem confusing. Furthermore, this episode answers a lot of questions from the last episode. So let’s break down the ending of ‘Echo 3’ episode 6. SPOILERS AHEAD!

Echo 3 Episode 6 Recap

Prince cheats on Amber with Reese, the employee at the Haas Office. She reveals her true motive behind sleeping with Prince. Reese does not want commitment or a relationship with Prince. Rather, she wants a seat at the table of the company. She wants Prince to consider her for a high-position job whenever he wants to recruit someone. Prince is astonished to see her sorted with her desires and knowing what she wants.

Prince and Mitch go to Colombia to get Bambi included in their plan. The duo resolves to rescue Amber by any means necessary. Seeing Bambi drunk and unconscious, they drug him and take him to the hotel. After things settle down between the three American officers, they decide on the way to get the facility owner’s attention and rescue Amber.

Mitch and Prince tell Bambi about Amber’s location. The facility is a black-site cocaine shipping hub run by Tariq Marwan. He is a Venezuelan Minister and has the power to do anything in the facility. Tariq is the one who can negotiate and let Amber out safely. So, they decide to work around his pressure point, which is his brother, Momo.

Prince, Bambi, and Mitch hatch the perfect plan to kidnap Momo and build pressure on Tariq. They set out to execute it. However, due to traffic on the road, they miss their window to pick him up. Without a hiccup, the skilled army men resort to plan B. Their subsequent effort to get to Momo and kidnap him forms the third act of the episode.

Echo 3 Episode 6 Ending: How Do Prince, Bambi, and Mitch Kidnap Momo?

The primary objective of Prince, Bambi, and Mitch is to get Amber out safely. They decide to do anything they can in order to rescue her. Kidnapping a powerful man’s brother seems to be the best option to get their way with the minister. Tariq’s brother is a DJ named Momo. Mitch and Prince already know his schedule and plan to kidnap him in broad daylight.

The trio moves swiftly to execute their plan. They decide to kidnap him after his gym class. Momo only has one bodyguard with him at all times. So it will be relatively easy to take them out. However, Prince, Bambi, and Mitch get stuck in traffic due to an accident. They don’t reach the position on time. Prince suggests an alternative plan where they can kidnap him from his sound testing appointment at a concert stadium. Bambi objects at first, but he eventually agrees as he has Amber’s best interests in mind.

Prince and Bambi follow Momo and wait for the perfect moment to take their shot. They decide to drug him and then offer help as medics. In the meanwhile, Mitch commandeers an ambulance as it is the safest cover. Prince puts the drug in Momo’s water bottle as Bambi distracts him and his guard. They fail once again due to the massive crowd assembled to see Momo. However, after a while, Momo takes his girlfriend to a private room to have sex. Prince and Bambi follow the couple and kidnap Momo from there.

Mitch arrives at the agreed location, and the trio throws Momo into the ambulance. Without another roadblock, they get out of the stadium with their prized prisoner. After so many efforts, the trio resorts to such a personal attack because they run out of options. Prince and Bambi have been patient since the beginning and even cooperated with the administration. However, they were of little help. Amber is family to Prince, Bambi, and Mitch. Furthermore, this is their way of letting Tariq know how it feels to have a family member kidnapped and taken away.

Why Does Mitch Give Tariq A Ring?

After kidnapping Momo successfully, Prince removes a ring from his finger and keeps it with himself. The climax of the episode witnesses Mitch visiting the minister at his office. It is swarming with guards and police. Mitch, being a CIA operative, gets clearance to meet Tariq. The duo come face to face and talk about the situation they both are in.

Under the facade of being respectful and formal, Mitch and Tariq feel great disgust and dislike for each other. It is implied in the undertones of their cryptic conversation. Mitch starts by begging Tariq and calmly asking for a way out. He pleads to let her go because she is a priority to him. However, Tariq spits in his face with his response. He claims that Amber is a criminal as she was sent there to destabilize the region.

Tariq weaves a vivid explanation of how Colombia, Venezuela, and the American CIA are connected. The layers of these entities meddle with each other, and the lasting outcome has impacted everyone involved. Tariq cites the political aspects of the whole situation as well. In the end, when Mitch sees no other option but to retaliate, he puts Momo’s ring on the table.

Without having to outrightly say it, the ring delivers a message to Tariq. Soon after, the color from Tariq’s face drains out. The tables turn quickly in Mitch’s favor. The ring acts as a tit-for-tat device where Amber’s safety ensures Momo’s wellbeing. Furthermore, Mitch threatens to behead Momo if Amber is not released before their next meeting.

How Does Prince Decide To Go And Save Amber?

‘Echo 3’ episode 4 charted Prince’s inner conflict over Amber’s betrayal and his love for her. He spent the entire time contemplating his next steps. Even though he knows it is not the right choice, he cheats on Amber with Reese. Prince sleeps with Reese out of loneliness and needs to be held by another person. He knows that he does not want to be with Reese.

The tipping point comes when he witnesses Reese being so sure of what she wants out of life. Consequently, he accepts that he wants Amber back. Prince decides to go back and bring her out of that hellhole. Ultimately, Prince resolves that he can move past Amber’s lie and start afresh. He comes to his senses and finds his will to get what he truly wants. It takes him fifty-four days to come to terms with Amber’s lie. Albeit, he recognizes the love he has for Amber supersedes everything else.

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