Hallmark’s Falling in Love in Niagara: Filming Locations and Cast

In the picturesque setting of Niagara Falls, the roaring cascades serve as both a backdrop and a metaphor for the tumultuous journey and heartwarming tale of ‘Falling in Love in Niagara.’ Directed by Marita Grabiak, the Hallmark movie introduces Madeline, a woman whose dreams of marital bliss are shattered when her fiancé abruptly calls off their wedding. Undeterred by the unfortunate turn of events, Madeline decides to embark on their planned honeymoon to Niagara Falls anyway, accompanied by her supportive sister. Determined to reclaim her sense of adventure and independence, Madeline sees this trip as an opportunity for self-discovery and healing.

Amidst the breathtaking natural beauty of Niagara Falls, Madeline finds herself willing to break out of her stiff comfort zone and enrolls in an adventure tour. It is during one such tour, led by the charming and adventurous Mike, that Madeline’s journey takes an unexpected turn. As they traverse the rushing rapids of the river on a rafting excursion, Madeline discovers a newfound sense of freedom and exhilaration in Mike’s company. Their shared moments of thrill and laughter pave the way for a blossoming romance, offering Madeline a chance at new love in the most unexpected of places— her honeymoon.

Where Was Falling in Love in Niagara Filmed?

True to the narrative, filming for ‘Falling in Love in Niagara’ primarily took place around the titular city of Niagara Falls, Ontario. Principal photography for the movie began in early October 2023 and was wrapped up in a few weeks by October 24, 2023. The cast and crew seem to have had a wonderful time behind the scenes of the movie, with actress Monica Rodriguez taking to Instagram and writing, “This was such a fun one with a great cast and crew. I’ve never laughed so much on set (I blame you Duane Keogh).”

Niagara Falls, Ontario

The film crew traveled to the border between Ontario and New York, setting up shop in the popular tourist destination of Niagara Falls. Cascading at the southern end of Niagara Gorge, the geographical feature of Niagara Falls comprises three waterfalls. The largest, Horseshoe Falls or Canadian Falls, is followed downstream by the American Falls and Bridal Veil Falls. As the setting for countless love stories and cinematic adventures, Niagara Falls is a captivating backdrop for ‘Falling in Love in Niagara.’ With its dramatic cascades of water plunging over the cliffs and mist rising into the air, it provides a mesmerizing and romantic setting that perfectly complements the film’s storyline of love and adventure.

As a filming location, Niagara Falls offers a wealth of picturesque vistas and iconic landmarks that lend themselves to cinematic storytelling. From the thundering roar of the Horseshoe Falls to the tranquil beauty of the Niagara Parkway, filmmakers have ample opportunities to capture the magic and romance of this world-famous destination. Moreover, it is not just a stunning natural wonder but also a vibrant and dynamic city with a rich cultural heritage, bustling tourist attractions, and a thriving entertainment scene.

From charming bed-and-breakfasts to luxurious hotels overlooking the falls, the city provides a range of accommodations and amenities for cast and crew during filming. The range of activities conducted at the falls has expanded over the years. As a part of an adventure tour similar to the one taken by Madeline, visitors can participate in rafting, hiking, boat touring, ascending in a cable car, or descending into the Hurricane Deck at the Niagara Gorge. With its unparalleled enchanting beauty, Niagara Falls also features as a backdrop in movies like ‘What Dreams May Come,’ ‘I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry,’ ‘Tammy,’ ‘A Man Called Otto,’ and ‘Bruce Almighty.’

Falling in Love in Niagara Cast

Jocelyn Hudon leads the Hallmark film as Madeline. Hailing from Toronto, the seasoned actress has a background in ballet and has garnered attention with her performances in ‘The Strain,’ ‘When Hope Calls,’ and ‘21 Thunder.’ You may have also seen her in ‘Chicago Fire’ and ‘Romance with a Twist.’ Starring opposite her is prolific actor and voice-over artist Dan Jeannotte. He first stepped into the limelight by essaying James Stuart in ‘Reign,’ and gained further recognition by enacting Brandon Russell in ‘Good Witch,’ and Ryan Decker in ‘The Bold Type.’

The supporting cast includes Masa Lizdek as Harley, Bert Cardozo as Keegan, Tomas Chovanec as Concierge, Sukhman Gill as Alberto, Duane Keogh as Phil, and Monica Rodriguez Knox as Beth. Other actors seen in the production are Jinesea Bianca Lewis as Emily, Kelly McNamee as Waiter, Chris Violette as Jason, and Gregory Wilson as Officiant.

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