Is Adam Goldberg’s Harry Keshegian Leaving The Equalizer?

The Equalizer‘ follows Robyn McCall (Queen Latifah), a former CIA agent who uses her skills and expertise to fight for justice under the titular vigilante codename. In her quest, Robyn is aided by several allies as she navigates the dark criminal underbelly of New York City.

Among Robyn’s allies is the expert hacker Harry Keshegian (Adam Goldberg), who is fiercely loyal to Robyn and her cause. However, as the second season of the series reaches its business end, Harry finds himself in a difficult situation. Will Harry’s recent legal troubles lead to actor Adam Goldberg’s exit from the series? Here’s everything you need to know about the future of Goldberg’s Harry on the series!

What Happens to Harry Keshegian?

Harry Keshegian is an expert hacker who works with Robyn McCall. He is married to Robyn’s close friend and former Air Force sniper Melody “Mel” Bayani. Harry and Robyn’s friendship dates way back, and Harry is thankful to Robyn because she helped him fake his death after Harry got entangled with powerful foes. Since then, Harry has been by Robyn’s side. In the second season, Harry wishes to leave behind his life in hiding and wants to live freely. Robyn tries to help Harry undo his fake death.

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In the seventh episode of ‘The Equalizer’ season 2, titled ‘When Worlds Collide,’ Robyn and her team help rescue William Bishop’s son, Zaed, from a group of terrorists. As Robyn’s team undertakes the mission, the risks increase, and Bishop’s life, as well as sensitive CIA data, is on the line. In a moment of desperation, Harry breaches CIA servers, which ensures the mission’s eventual success. However, by the episode’s end, Harry is arrested by the FBI for breaching the CIA servers.

Is Adam Goldberg Leaving The Equalizer?

Actor Adam Goldberg’s credits include hit films such as ‘Zodiac‘ and ‘Saving Private Ryan.’ He is arguably best known for playing the part of infamous hitman Mr. Numbers in ‘Fargo‘ season 1. Goldberg joined the cast of ‘The Equalizer’ in the show’s first season and has been a main cast member from the start. Therefore, any plot developments surrounding his character will have major implications on the show’s narrative. Harry’s arrest sparked the fire of speculation that Goldberg’s character was being written off the show.

Image Credit: Michael Greenberg/CBS

In the eighth episode of season 2, Bishop realizes that Harry got arrested while helping him. Moreover, Harry does not compromise Bishop or Robyn while in FBI custody. Bishop decides to help Harry evade jail time. However, Harry’s history and faked death complicate the matter. In the end, Bishop calls in a favor from the President, and Harry is released on the condition that he never hacks again.

Although the FBI releases Harry, the terms of his release further complicate the character’s place in the show. Without his ability to hack the most secure systems and servers, Harry will not be of help to Robyn. Therefore, it seems like he might have to take a step back and carefully consider his options before deciding on his future. As things stand, Goldberg is still a cast member of the show. Neither the actor nor the show’s makers have announced Goldberg’s exit from the series. Robyn and Harry will likely figure out a loophole that will allow Harry to continue his cyber vigilante activities. Hence, we expect Goldberg to continue appearing until the end of season 2.

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