Is Lifetime’s Temptation Under the Sun Based on a True Story? Where was it Filmed? Who is in the Cast?

Directed by Lane Shefter Bishop, Lifetime’s ‘Temptation Under the Sun’ is a romantic thriller movie that revolves around Detective Cassady Cruz. During her vacation, the police officer meets and falls in love with an expat named Travis King. Their happy lives are interrupted when he is accused of murdering his ex-girlfriend Minnie, and the former decides to find the real killer herself.

However, the closer Cassady ventures toward the truth, the more he falls into a dangerous trap with Travis as her only hope for salvation. The movie is a nail-biting journey full of unexpected twists that will leave viewers on the edge of their seats. Naturally, fans are eager to know everything they can about the Lifetime movie, especially its breathtaking backdrop locations and talented cast. Furthermore, there are questions regarding whether or not the story is based on real-life events, and we are here to answer them all. Let’s dive in!

Is Temptation Under the Sun a True Story?

No, ‘Temptation Under the Sun’ is not based on a true story. Instead, the movie was penned by Paul A. Birkett, whose other works include ‘Disappearance in Yellowstone‘ and ‘Framed by My Husband.’ The writer’s vision was converted into a movie under the direction of Lane Shefter Bishop, who has also helmed ‘Secret Santa’ and ‘Christmas Beneath the Stars.’ Though the story of the Lifetime thriller is fictional, a sense of familiarity keeps the viewers captivated till the end.

Consider the case of Craig Coley from Simi Valley, California, who was accused of killing his ex-girlfriend Rhonda Wicht and her 4-year-old son, Donald, on November 11, 1978. After two separate trials, Coley was convicted of life in prison without parole for said crimes. Surprisingly, a different officer came across Coley’s file almost a decade later and decided to investigate the case after finding some inconsistencies. Thanks to the police officer’s efforts, Coley was exonerated by Governor Jerry Brown and released from prison in November 2017.

As one can see, the case points out that it is not just fictional tales where an ex-lover comes under suspicion of killing their former partners. Sadly, the innocent are sometimes convicted for these crimes and have to endure undeserved hardships and punishments. Hence, the familiarity of the story of ‘Temptation Under the Sun’ comes from its resemblance to several real-life instances such as Craig’s.

Temptation Under the Sun Filming Locations

‘Temptation Under the Sun’ was filmed in California, particularly in Los Angeles. The movie was lensed by the talented cinematographer Andrew Giannetta; principal photography seemingly took place in Summer 2022. Now, let’s explore the filming locations in a bit more detail, shall we?

Los Angeles, California

Pivotal portions of ‘Temptation Under the Sun’ were taped in Los Angeles, a bustling city on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. The cast and crew likely traversed the entire city to record scenes against suitable backdrops. The City of Angels is a popular tourist destination, with numerous places of interest like Venice Beach, Santa Monica Pier, Griffith Observatory, and TCL Chinese Theater.

As the focal point of the Western entertainment industry, Los Angeles has long been used as a production site for different movies like ‘Bullet Train‘ and ‘Purple Hearts.’ The city’s infrastructure revolves around the thriving cinematic industry and offers several state-of-the-art facilities that allow for an efficient shooting process.

Temptation Under the Sun Cast

Annika Foster plays Detective Cassady Cruz in ‘Temptation Under the Sun.’ You may recognize Foster from her roles in ‘Sinister Stepsister‘ and ‘Fatal Memory.’ She is joined by Mike Markoff, who essays Travis King; the actor’s other acting credits include ‘Space Waves’ and ‘Wrong Place, Wrong Time.’ Moreover, Scott Christopher portrays Chief Inspector Dexter, while Samuel Selman appears as Winston. Other cast members include David Carey Foster (Detective Inspector Marley), Laith Wallschleger (Sean), Wendell Kinney (Constable Lynch), and Christina Gray (Minerva).

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