Michelle Trachtenberg is Dating Talent Agent Jay Cohen

Image Credit: Michelle Trachtenberg/Instagram

The perfunctory bliss of marriage unfolds in utter horror in Lifetime’s ‘Meet, Marry, Murder.’ The show presents the actual crimes committed by spouses against each other. In reflecting on the homicide cases of spouses murdered by their partners, the reality television show evokes several riveting elements. Each episode uncovers the perspective of those closest to the victim and assailant. Along with the investigators, each thread of the mystery is pulled apart to reveal its distasteful intricacies.

Released in 2022, the show is hosted by Michelle Trachtenberg, who dives into the chilling stories of a jilted relationship that turns deadly. While the show’s dark premise is bone-chilling, fans have also been curious to find out more about Michelle Trachtenberg.

Michelle Trachtenberg’s Former Relationships

Having made her debut at the little age of 3, Michelle’s dating life has always been put under a microscope. The renowned actress known for her performances in ‘Buffy the Vampire Slayer,’ ‘All the Children,’ and ‘Ice Princess,’ was initially linked to Shawn Ashmore, a former fashion model and actor. The duo was rumored to be together from 2004-2006. After repeatedly showing up on the red carpet together, Michelle and Shawn were also spotted on public dates. In 2011, Shawn even responded to a comment made by Michelle through his Twitter account. The star shared his thoughts on Michelle’s commentary on her exes.

In 2008, Michelle shared a brief romance with singer and songwriter Joshua Radin. Aside from the short-lived relationship with Joshua Radin, Michelle also dated the ‘How I Met Your Mother’ alum Jason Segel. While the duration of their romance remains unclear, the two were reportedly cozy with each other in August 2009, which led to speculation about a summer romance. Apart from the brief trysts that made headlines, Michelle has repeatedly kept her relationship under wraps. In 2020, the star also attracted attention after she found a unique way to endorse President Joe Biden. Michelle took to her social media to post a close-up selfie wearing an engagement ring. The photo sparked rumors, but the actress from ‘Harriet The Spy’ ultimately cleared up the joke.

Michelle’s Bond with Boyfriend Jay

Over the years, Michelle has preferred to keep her personal relationships concealed from the public. However, the star revealed that she was dating Jay Cohen in 2020. While Jay doesn’t exist in the public eye, he is still akin to entertainment. Michelle and Jay reportedly met each other through work. Jay’s role as a talent agent at Gersh ultimately led the duo to meet. After signing with the same agency Michelle in 2014, Michelle and Jay got to know each other. While the couple revealed their relationship status in 2020, they had already been together for a year. Since the news broke out, the ‘Gossip Girl’ actress has repeatedly reiterated her adoration and affection for her partner.

Jay Cohen joined Gersh in 2009 and has led the company’s Film Finance and Distribution Division. Not just this, Jay was also a producer before he joined the talent agency. He worked on ‘Mad Money,’ and ‘Bride Wars,’ starring Anne Hathaway, Kate Hudson, and Chris Pratt. After his stint as a producer, Jay chose to use his expertise elsewhere.

Despite being in a loving relationship for almost five years, Michelle and Jay have also received backlash from fans, given their considerable age gap. Nonetheless, Michelle and Jay remain unfettered by the disdainful commentary on their relationship and continue to embark on new adventures together. Naturally, we hope to see Michelle and Jay set new milestones in the future!

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