Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1: Release Date, Plot, Characters

‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’  follows a very unique and simple premise that revolves around a group of men, who go around touring all kinds of brothels and then write reviews about them. This works out really well for them and that’s when they decide to pursue it as a full-time thing. There’s nothing more to it than that. And considering that it’s a full-fledged Ecchi anime, it is quite surprising that it even has a storyline without a typical high school setup.

The art of the anime is pretty generic and suitable for its entire setup. Because of its controversial themes, ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ is already the talk of the town and is seemingly one of the most anticipated adult anime shows of the season. But at the end of that day, if it fails to flesh out the vibrant characters and fan service moments of its source material, most fans will be left disappointed. Hopefully, like the few other decent Ecchi anime out there, even ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ will be able to create the right balance between ecchi and comedy. With that said, here is everything you need to about its upcoming season 1.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1 Release Date: When will it premiere?

Produced by Studio Passione (‘Citrus‘, ‘Z/X: Code Reunion‘), ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ episode 1 is scheduled to release on January 11, 2020, and assuming that it will have 12 episodes in the first season, we can expect it to end by March 2020.

‘Interspecies Reviewers’ is being adapted from a manga series that has been written by Amahara and illustrated by masha. The anime is written by Kazuyuki Fudeyasu (‘Black Clover‘, ‘Bleach‘, ‘Claymore‘) and its character designs have been done by Makoto Uno (‘Hunter X Hunter‘, ‘Hajimete no Gal‘). The director of the series is Yuki Ogawa and its opening theme song is performed by Junji Majima, Yūsuke Kobayashi, and Miyu Tomita. Despite being an Ecchi anime, ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ seems to have a promising cast behind it. So if everything works out well, we might even get to see a lot more of it in the future.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1 English Dub

Funimation has licensed ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ Season 1 for a simuldub, so we can expect the platform to stream it on January 11, 2020.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1 Plot

‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ is set in a world where humans are surrounded by other weird mythical species such as Elves, Angels, Demi-humans, and many others. The fantasy world also has a red light district area that caters to the sexual preferences of all of these species.

Stank, who is the main character of the series, frequently visits this red-light district and runs into another fellow adventurer named Eroelf Zell. Learning that both of them are into a myriad of sexual proclivities, they decide to make a career out of their endeavors by reviewing all the women that they visit. Each day, they visit a new species to explore a new kind of pleasure and eventually, give it a score based on what they think about it.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1 Characters

As of now, nothing much has been revealed about its characters, however, we do know that its main protagonist Stank is being voiced by Junji Majima, who is also know for his work in ‘A.I.C.O Incarnation‘, ‘Akame ga Kill‘ and ‘Assassination Classroom‘. Eroelf Zell’s character is being voiced by Yūsuke Kobayashi, who is another popular voice actor known for his work in ‘Akatsuki no Yona‘, ‘Charlotte‘ and ‘Dr. Stone‘. The cast of ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ also includes other well-known voice actors such as Miyu Tomita, who has voiced Crimvael; Momoyo Koyama, who has voiced Elmo, and M.A.O who has voiced a character named MayDry. As soon as we get any further updates on the characters of the series, we will update it here in this section.

Ishuzoku Reviewers Season 1 Trailer

In the first half of its recent trailer, ‘Ishuzoku Reviewers’ seems more like a shounen action-filled anime. However, in the second half, it shows its true Ecchi side and proves that it is indeed going to be one controversial anime. You can watch the trailer below:

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