Jordanne and Mikey: Is Are You The One Duo Still Together?

Few reality shows can execute the concept of star-crossed lovers as well as ‘Are You The One?‘ After all, the idea of having a potentially perfect match chosen by experts is undoubtedly one way to start a romantic journey. Consider Jordanne Deveaux and Michael “Mikey” Owusu from the reality show‘s 9th season. Even though their story is far from conventional, their on-screen ending did put a smile on several faces. Naturally, fans of the Paramount+ series cannot help but wonder if the pair are still in a relationship. Luckily, we have just the information you need!

Jordanne Deveaux and Michael “Mikey” Owusu’s Are You The One Journey

In the ninth installment of the dating show, Jordanne Deveaux and Michael “Mikey” Owusu were introduced to various potential matches across the world in hopes that they would be able to find someone to spend their lives with. With so many options, the participants opened up to the process and tried to bond with those they connected with. Unfortunately, this also meant that they were not exactly sure who to partner up with.

After getting to know her potential partners, Jordanne decided to pursue a connection with Eduardo Dickson Jr, which the latter was quite happy with. Since he chose her to be his potential partner in the 3rd match-up ceremony, the two stood beside each other during most ceremonies. This was except for the 6th ceremony, where most girls had decided to switch up their partners, and the 7th one when Nathan Grant stated Jordanne’s name before Eduardo had his turn.

Meanwhile, Mikey continued to get closer to and closer to Ciara “CC” Cortez, following the latter’s attempts with Brendan Mosca and Clayton “Clay” Carey. Once the two stood next to each other during the 4th match-up ceremony, the trend continued until the 8th match-up when Dew Pineda chose Mikey before CC. However, the relatively low number of beams the participants were getting did not give contestants much hope regarding the future of these two pairings.

Following the 8th match-up ceremony, Hamudi Hasoon asked all the house members to go on speed dates with each other for two minutes. This helped Jordanne and Mikey get to know each other and realize there might be something between them. In the next match-up ceremony, the latter chose her to be his match after praising her entrepreneurial skills. Jordanne further agreed that it could be possible that they would be a match, given their professional similarities. In the end, the two did end up being each other’s perfect match.

Jordanne and Mikey: Status Unclear

As of writing, Jordanne and Mikey have not shared any news regarding their relationship status. It should be noted that the pair did not get to know each other very well when they were on the show, and their first and only time partnering up was based on their professional similarities. Moreover, both of them seemingly built a great connection with other people, which might mean that they did not decide to pursue their relationship romantically.

That said, Jordanne and Mikey seem to be on amicable terms. Presently, the former serves as the CEO of Deveaux Swim. This swimwear brand is proud of handmaking its apparel within the US. Apart from her design ventures, Jordanne is a model, a social media star with over 101 thousand admirers on Instagram, and an Only Fans account. She has also been quite happy to share her thoughts regarding her connection with Eduardo.

“[Eduardo] was the first man in the house not intimidated by me just being me. Although the episodes haven’t shown much yet about this connection. He got to know my mind, my drive, and all the ambition I have that made me everything I am today. Naturally, the choice was made easy for me,” Jordanne shared in an Instagram post. It does seem like her connection with him has stayed strong. According to the hints being dropped by both of them via Twitter, there is likely some undisclosed drama involving Eduardo and many of the show’s male cast members.

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