Labor of Love Spoilers: Who Will Win Kristy Katzmann’s Love?

Labor of Love Spoilers Kristy Katzmann

Fox’s latest offering ‘Labor of Love’ is a dating reality series that puts the spotlight on several polished and charismatic men as they all set their caps at the gorgeous bachelorette, Kristy Katzmann. By featuring on the show, Kristy aims at finding a romantic companion and a potential father to her future child. The clock is ticking, and therefore, Kristy aims at testing the partnership and parenting skills of all the contestants to pick the perfect man. Intrigued to know who has the best chances at winning? Let’s find out!

Labor of Love Spoilers

Before we begin to answer the obvious question, here’s a picture Kristy posted on her Instagram handle that tells a different tale. According to the picture, Kristy has opted to freeze her eggs and secure her future by visiting Brian Kaplan’s Ova Egg Freezing and Specialty Center.

Does that imply that Kristy might choose to go ahead and embark upon her motherhood journey without a romantic companion? We hope not. Which one of the 15 sophisticated men might get picked to raise a child with Kristy? You may ask.

Well, the show features parental tasks that range from sperm-testing, baby-sitting, labor pain stimulation, changing a nappy, stopping a baby from crying, among others. However, not all men will be able to proceed to the next round.

It is quite possible that Gary Malec, baseball bat manufacturer from San Francisco; Budge Collinson, Creative Director from Edgewater; Mario Calderon, New York-based optician; Phillip Michael Jacques, a medical technician from Los Angeles; Tali Raphaely, Attorney and speaker from Miami; Walker Posey, a funeral director from North Augusta; and Jason Christopher Smith, Charlotte-based flooring business owner, might get eliminated in the initial weeks.

As we proceed towards the top three, Alan Santini, Trent Broach, Marcus Lehman, Matt Kaye, and Keith Reams can be asked to go back to their cities by Kristy. Which brings us to the top three contestants – Stewart Gill, Kyle Klinger, Angelo Castricone.

The LA-based entrepreneur Stewart Gill is compassionate, ambitious, and focuses on the fitness of body and mind. Kristy, herself, is a calm and composed soul, with a positive attitude towards life. The firefighter from Miami, Angelo Castricone, has a dynamic personality that is entirely in contrast with Kristy’s. But his full-spirited and courageous nature can work in his favor. Last but not least is the Texas native Kyle Klinger, who is a complete family man and is not afraid to showcase his authentic side, whatever the situation might be. So, who is it going to be?

Who Will Win Kristy Katzmann’s Love?

As far as we know, Kristy is a level-headed woman and likes to stay away from any drama and controversies. Even during her time in ‘The Bachelor,’ Brad appreciated Kristy’s composed nature that doesn’t get affected, even in times of adversity. Well, there is only one person here that possesses the same level of prudence – former Olympic level athlete, Stewart Gill.

Kristy and Stewart’s personalities complement each other well, and the two might make a great pair. Also, Stewart is very vocal about settling down and starting his own family. So, there’s a high chance that Kristy might choose Stewart Gill as the ultimate Dad-chelor and her romantic companion!

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