Love Is Blind Brazil Season 3: Where Are They Now? Who Are Still Together?

Hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Brazil,’ AKA ‘Casamento às Cegas: Brasil,’ is a Brazilian dating series that gives hopeful romantics a chance to find their future spouse through a purely emotional connection. Part of the beloved ‘Love is Blind‘ franchise, the reality show is beloved by many, and its recently released season 3 has undoubtedly created much excitement among the viewers. Naturally, people are eager to know what their favorite couples are up to these days and if they are still with each other. So, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Are Bianca and Jarbas Still Together?

We are starting with Bianca Sessa and Jarbas Andrade, one of the favorites from this particular iteration of the show whose chemistry helped them garner much attention from the viewers. Having tied the knot in the Netflix series, the two are still happily together and enjoying their life as a married couple. The two take joy in working together as parents to their kids, including Bianca’s son Klaus and Jarbas’ daughter Sophia. Currently, Bianca is a Nutritionist for Restaurante Bom Prato in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, having retained the position since 2019. As for Jarbas, the reality TV star works as a Clerk for Sesc in Guarulhos, São Paulo, though he also has his line of children’s clothing called Fabrico Fofura and is an avid writer.

Are Maria and Menandro Still Together?

Up next, we have Maria Carolina Caporusso and Menandro Rosa, who saw their fair share of ups and downs before facing each other at the altar. The fact that the two agreed to wed each other was a delightful development for many, and, as of writing, they are still happily married. Maria seems to be thriving as the CEO of Maria Carolina Atelier while also working as an Intern for the Sectional Attorney of Brazil’s Federal Treasury. Meanwhile, Menandro is based in São Paulo, Brazil, and owns a shop. His primary focus seems to be his daughter, Helena, who is undoubtedly the apple of his eye.

Are Ágata and Renan Still Together?

Ágata Moura and Renan Justino are yet another pair of participants that had us on the edge of our seats when the time came for them to consent to marry each other. Their final decision to say yes to the marriage was undoubtedly joyful news and has made many people happy. As of writing, the reality TV stars are still together, and their love and affection for each other continue to shine bright. While Renan works as a Physiotherapist in Santos, São Paulo, Brazil, Ágata has been working as a Digital Marketing Analyst for Contact2sale but left the job in April 2022.

Are Karen and Valmir Still Together?

Let’s now talk about Karen Bacic and Valmir Reis, whose love story in the show had several ups and downs and certainly did not seem to fit the mold of a conventional relationship. The two did agree to get married to each other enthusiastically but ended up separating only after two weeks of getting married, something they shared during their reunion episode. Following that, Karen started dating Italo Antonelli, her other connection from the pods.

In fact, Italo proposed to Karen during the reunion episode, but this also did not last long after pictures of Italo’s apparent faithfulness were released online, leading the couple to break up. As of writing, Karen is a Senior Hiring Laywer for Cassius Sociedade de Advogados, having accomplished much in her chosen field. Similarly, Valmir is a Commercial Manager for Banco Daycoval.

Are Daniel and Daniela Still Together?

This list would certainly not be complete without talking about Daniel Manzoni and Daniela “Dani” Silva, whose startlingly similar personalities were something most people around them could not help positively remark about. Hence, not many were surprised by them saying yes to each other on the altar, with Daniel spelling out his agreement for all to see.

Daniel and Daniela are still happily married and the positivity in their relationship is certainly evident for all to see. One of the most significant similarities that the couple seemingly shares is their involvement in the business world, with Daniel owning a line of eyewear while Daniela works as an entrepreneur and model.

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