Love Is Blind Sweden Season 1: Where Are They Now? Which Couples Are Still Together?

Image Credit: Johan Paulin/Netflix

Netflix’s ‘Love is Blind: Sweden,’ AKA ‘Love is Blind: Sverige,’ is a fascinating reality show that utilizes the tried and tested formula of the beloved ‘Love is Blind’ franchise to create many new love stories. Season 1 of the series allowed Swedish citizens to try this experience for the first time, much to their own joy, as well as the fans of the show from across the world. Given just how invested the viewers have been in the journeys of the show’s most prominent cast members, it is hardly a wonder that many are curious about the latest updates from their lives.

Krisse-Ly and Rasmus Tied the Knot

Up first, we have Krisse-Ly Kuldkepp and Rasmus Hedenstedt, who not only made it to the altar but were delighted to say “yes” to each other when it came to the ultimate question. The realization of their wedding aspirations left their loved ones extremely happy. While the couple has not yet shared the latest status of their marriage, all the signs point towards them being still together. From Krisse-Ly always having a ring on her finger to them following each other on Instagram, there are many reasons why fans are optimistic that this particular couple may still be true to their vows.

On a more professional note, Krisse-Ly is based in Sundyberg, Stockholm, Sweden, and works as a sales assistant and interior designer. Under the brand name of KIND – Krisselys Interior (&) Design, she shares her ideas with people on the internet. As for Rasmus, the reality TV star is the proud COO of Transient. Both members of this duo also remain close to their dogs, with Krisse-Ly even posting a joint picture of her adorable canine friend Dexter alongside Rasmus’ Dino.

Catja and Christofer Separated on Less Than Good Terms

While many held hope that Catja Lövstrand and Christofer Pocock would indeed get married, the couple’s journey ended way before they even reached the altar. The real-world challenges allowed them to realize that they wanted something more from their partners. While Catja lamented Christofer’s apparent lack of assertiveness, the latter couldn’t help but feel like he was not being appreciated enough. Their relationship ended on the show with a heated conversation and Christofer throwing his ring into the water.

Since their time on the show, Catja and Christofer have shared no indication that they may have gotten back together. Recently, Catja has opened up more about her thoughts regarding the Netflix show and has expressed her discontentment about how she was made to look in the series, blaming particularly the way in which it was edited. The HR specialist’s on-screen partner, Christofer, is a self-employed man who works with portable toilets. He remains close to his loved ones and lives in Hälsingland, Sweden.

Lucas and Emilia Did Not Get Married

Despite the numerous hiccups in their relationship, fans of the show were hopeful that Lucas Gustavsson and Emilia Holmqvist would get married in the end. While Emilia was delighted to say “yes” at the altar, Lucas ultimately chose not to enter a matrimonial relationship. While he remained complimentary towards his on-screen partner, Lucas admitted that he could see himself marrying Emilia, which prompted her to walk out of the wedding hall.

As of writing, Lucas and Emilia have not shared any updates regarding their love lives. While there is a possibility that the two may have decided to continue their relationship despite the marriage cancellation, the reality TV stars have yet to reveal if that is the case. The Stockholm residents continue to follow each other on Instagram, indicating that they might still be on amicable terms despite the heartbreaking end of their reality TV journey.

Sergio and Amanda Said Yes to Each Other

For Sergio Rincón and Amanda, the on-screen journey was not a simple one. As such, the question of whether or not the two will tie the knot remained prominent throughout their on-screen journey. Despite all odds, the two were happy to wed each other at the altar and start a new chapter in their lives. Their joint decision made many of their supporters happy. While the couple has not shared any official updates regarding whether or not they are still married, the fact that they continue to follow each other on social media certainly seems like a good sign.

Presently, Sergio continues to split his time between Barcelona, Spain, and the beautiful city of Stockholm. His social media presence indicates that he is quite happy with his reality TV experience. As for Amanda, she is affiliated with H&M and has been quite open about her own television experience.

Oskar and Meira Did Get Married

Up next, we have Oskar Nordstrand and Meira Omar, a couple whose time on the show was nothing short of captivating. Given the various obstacles that the two had to overcome, especially in regard to their compatibility as a couple and expectations from their families, the pair maintained a steady connection that won the hearts of many. As such, the fact that the two did get married in the Netflix show has filled their fans with joy.

While Oskar and Meira have not shared any updates as of writing regarding the status of their marriage, it has not escaped the public that they do not follow each other on Instagram. This has made many people speculate that the two might not be completely in sync despite having tied the knot. Presently, Meira continues to work as an artist and is quite proud of her work in Bollywood. Meanwhile, Oskar is a Pilot and a Swimmer who has won national championships in his latter role.

Kimia and Johan Split After During First Meet

Given the hasty nature of their engagement, even by the standards of the ‘Love is Blind’ franchise, few were surprised when Kimia Cousarie and Johan Melin decided to split up during their first meet. While Kimia had been over the one with her proposal in the pods, one conversation with Meira Omar led her to realize that Johan’s intentions behind the engagement might not be solely due to his feelings for her. As such, her decision to talk about the same and why it might be better if they separated was one decision that fans could understand, even if their supporters were disheartened.

While Johan did make a comeback in the show, he did not rekindle any romances and allowed himself the closure he needed. Presently, Kimia lives in Malmö, Sweden, and is proud of her work as a cosmetic nurse. On the other hand, Johan is a basketball enthusiast who is also quite passionate about physical fitness. Given his job as a firefighter, he values teamwork very much and takes pride in how he has helped save many lives.

Alexandra is a Businesswoman

Alexandra Davidsson‘s work in the field of business is nothing short of inspiring. The reality TV star is associated with ClimateHero and Circular Monday as a Co-Founder. Additionally, she serves as the Head of Communication and Partnerships for ClimateHero. Her other roles include being a Board Member for the consulting agency named Adacto People and being a Mentor for Unreasonable. When not spending quality time with her friends, Alexandra enjoys the company fo her dog.

Karolina is a Stockholm Resident

Though her love story did not have a happy ending on the show, Karolina has not let the experience stop her from enjoying life. Based in Stockholm, the reality TV star has been open about her experience on the show. She works as a Payroll Controller and is quite close to her friends and family, who have been openly supportive of Karolina’s reality TV debut.
Presently, it does not seem like she is in a relationship.

Isabelle is an MMA Practitioner

Let’s now talk about Isabelle Bergman, who has captured the hearts of many thanks to her performance on the show. The Stockholm resident presently works as an operating nurse, having obtained the position at Södersjukhuset in January 2022, before which she was an assistant nurse at the same institution. Additionally, the reality TV star works as a Personal Assistant for Annalunda. During her free time, she enjoys indulging in her love for mixed martial arts (MMA) and Muay Thai boxing. She is also quite passionate about women’s rights.

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