Love, Sex and 30 Candles Ending, Explained

Netflix’s ‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles’ is a South African comedydrama film that follows a close-knit friendship group of four women. Nearing their thirtieth birthdays, Dikeledi, Nolwazi, Sade, and Linda have been friends for over a decade and continue to support each other in their different walks of life. However, as they enter a new chapter, problems in their personal lives start to cause a drift between the women. Relationships, family, work, and an unforeseen pregnancy complicate everyone’s lives, threatening to put an end to their long-term companionship. If you’re curious to see how life plays out for these women and how they deal with their problems, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘Love, Sex and 30 Candles.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

Love, Sex, and 30 Candles Plot Synopsis

Dekiledi, Nolwazi, Sade, and Linda meet at university in their early 20s and remain close friends as their 30s approach. Dikeledi is a successful professor with a young kid and a complicated relationship with her ex Tebogo. Nolwazi, a fashion designer, seems to be doing well for herself until an unexpected and untimely pregnancy strikes. Meanwhile, commitment issues ridden Linda, with a sick mother, and Sade, who’s trying to be someone she’s not for her religious fiance Winston, deal with their own issues.

On Nolwazi’s birthday, she reveals her pregnancy to the group but keeps the father’s identity a secret. The next morning, her reasoning becomes known when she secretly meets up with Tebogo to tell him their drunken one-night stand resulted in an unplanned pregnancy. Tebogo, who keeps Dikeledi on the hook with their hot-and-cold relationship, wants Nolwazi to abort the pregnancy, but the latter stands her ground and decides to carry her baby to term. Since Tebogo wishes to be in Dikeledi and their daughter, Phemelo’s life again, he continues pursuing her.

Although Dikeledi is starting to develop feelings for a colleague, Professor Guideon, a published best-selling author, she carries a soft spot for Tebogo and continues to give him second chances. As a result, when Tebogo eventually proposes, Dekeledi accepts in the face of Phemelo’s immense joy. Likewise, the group’s other engaged member, Sade, tries to be happy in her relationship with Winston despite his manipulative and controlling behavior.

Eventually, everyone’s situation starts to worsen. Winston’s need to control Sade’s clothing and social circles begins to grate on the latter. Linda’s mother’s condition deteriorates, but she manages to find some comfort in her formerly absent father. Dikeledi’s relationship with Tebogo continues to be fraught since the latter refuses to act as a responsible parent, prioritizing his work above all else. Although Nolwazi’s pregnancy comes along well, she faces an artistic block in her career weeks before a momentous professional venture: The Africa Design Fashion Week.

As a result, things finally blow over on the day of Sade’s wedding, where she marries an abusive Winston, who prevents her from including her friends in her bridal party. After the ceremony, Dikeledi finally learns about Tebogo’s momentary affair with Nolwazi after the latter confesses to her child’s father’s identity. Worse yet, she figures out that Sade and Linda knew about the same but kept the news a secret from her. Feeling betrayed by her fiance and closest friends, Dikeledi decides to cut ties with the group and go her separate way.

Love, Sex, and 30 Candles Ending: Does The Group Break Up?

Throughout the film, Dikeledi, Nolwazi, Sade, and Linda are good friends, supporting and cheering each other on through their many personal and professional milestones. Since they have been friends for a decade, the women know everything about each other’s life and form an irreplaceable support system. Nevertheless, no relationship is ever perfect, not even friendships.

Although Nolwazi’s brief entanglement with Tebogo is the ultimate catalyst in the group’s downfall, other problems persist. Winston consistently tries to discourage Sade from hanging out with her friends by distancing her from them. The same is a part of his manipulative, abusive routine to ensure Sade becomes entirely dependent on him. As a result, he robs the group of a spot at Sade’s wedding party and appoints his church pastor’s wife.

Eventually, each individual starts dealing with their own problems, and the group scatters. Nonetheless, Nolwazi, despite her mistakes, remembers everything her best friend, Dikeledi, did for her. As such, she names her most significant accomplishment, the fashion week collection, after Dikeledi’s nickname, Kedi.

A month later, after Sade’s wedding and birthday, Dikeledi’s 30th arrives, and the other three women visit her house with cake, gifts, balloons, and apologies. Initially, Dikeledi turns them away, still too furious with Nolwazi for betraying her trust. Dikeledi has been bending over backward to protect and celebrate her friendship with the group. All she has ever wanted was to be surrounded by her loved ones, who well and truly care for her.

However, Gideon makes her realize that a tiny hiccup in a relationship does not have to mean the end. Since Dikeledi has been handing out numerous chances to Tebogo over the years, it’s clear she is forgiving. However, due to her tumultuous relationship in her love life, Dikeledi holds her friendships to a higher standard. Through Gideon’s help, she realizes even friendships can be imperfect. Furthermore, everyone deserves a second chance.

In the end, when Linda’s mother passes away, Dikeledi is the first to approach her and provide comfort. Likewise, when Nolwazi undergoes labor, the friends reunite, waiting outside her hospital room, Dikeledi is there. After the birth, Nolwazi decides to name her daughter after Linda’s mother, Siphokazi, and the group finally start mending the cracks in their relationship.

Does Seda Leave Winston?

Seda’s primary storyline revolves around her relationship with Winston. Although Winston poses as a good guy in the start, he shows his true colors as their relationship progresses. Winston uses his religion as a shield to excuse his manipulation, preaching about how a wife must be submissive to her husband. Winston starts controlling numerous aspects of Seda’s life, from clothing to dinner etiquette.

Worse yet, Winston consistently gaslights Seda into thinking everything he does is Seda’s fault. As such, even after Winston returns home drunk after his bachelor party and physically abuses Seda, she stays in her relationship with him.

Seda was a party girl in her youth, with numerous flings and random hookups. She always dreamed of becoming successful and settling down with a man who was hopelessly in love with her. In response, her parents were not pleased with her behavior and wanted her to be a tamer woman. Therefore, in their eyes, Winston is the best man for her since he is turning Seda into what they think is a “good Christian woman.”

Ultimately, a month after their marriage, Winston withholds sex and uses it as a tool to manipulate Seda further. Although sometimes Seda complies, she draws a line when Winston tries to get Seda to quit her job and stop seeing her friends. He hopes to acquire total control over Seda by isolating her and making her financially dependent on him.

Seda finally recognizes Winston’s evil after she reunites with her friend group, who have always told her she deserves better. As a result, she decides to break things off with Winston and packs her bags to leave in the dead of the night. However, while leaving, Seda overhears Winston cheating on her with the pastor’s wife. Whatever guilt she may have felt for leaving without a word fades, and she happily leaves the dark chapter of her life behind. In the end, Sade, Dikeledi, Nolwazi, Sade, and Linda continue to thrive as close friends.

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